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Behavioral interviewing help agents for bookbuilder


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Behavioral interviewing help agents for bookbuilder

  1. 1. Book builder help agents Based on Marzano strategies By Rita Leets
  2. 2. Behavioral interviewing:  Developed in the 1970’s by industrial psychologists  Past performance best predictor of future performance  Used by the majority of organizations
  3. 3. Professional adults looking for middle to upper management positions Target Audience
  4. 4. Puzzled LifelineMore
  5. 5. Set Objectives Early  Set clear objectives  State achievable goals  Method to achieve desired results Job Offer
  6. 6. Differences & Similarities Behavioral vs Traditional  Show differences  Show similarities  Link to a table
  7. 7. Use book builder helpers to:  Clarify learning goal for specific portion  Go over main points in lesson  Link to related sites
  8. 8. Use helpers to reinforce knowledge by  Linking to behavioral interview videos  Link to question banks  Link worked examples of behavioral questions
  9. 9.  Check points within the book project  Check for understanding  Audible and visible recognition for correct answer  If incorrect encourage to try again
  10. 10.  Helpers link to success stories in behavioral interviewing  Link to common mistakes to avoid  Different strategies used by others
  11. 11.  Link to a diagram of the thought process  Different types of diagrams for different levels  Progression of the 3 step answer required
  12. 12.  Provide Scenario  Stop  Ask user to predict what will happen next  Provide answer  Ask user to compare  Repeat
  13. 13. State Scenario Stop Predict Compare Repeat if Necessary
  14. 14.  Links for further personal growth  More information about the subject  Encourage practice after finishing book  Prepare before every interview  Practice behavioral questions  Read book again if necessary