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21 Social Media Tips for Realtors and Builders


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Handout provide by Angela Connor while addressing the Triangle Sales and Marketing Council in Durham, NC at Brier Creek Country Club, October 21, 2009.

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21 Social Media Tips for Realtors and Builders

  1. 1. Making Social Media Work For You Angela Connor | October 21, 2009 919-374-0627
  2. 2. 21 Social Media Tips for Builders and Realtors By Angela Connor 1. Create an image gallery of every property! 2. Add the link to your email signature while you are showcasing the properties. 3. Update your LinkedIn status as often as possible. 4. Change the links on your LinkedIn profile from the standard “My Website, My Blog” to better headlines that grab attention 5. Create a YouTube channel to showcase inventory and client testimonials 6. If you don’t like YouTube, try Vimeo or 7. If you don’t have a mini flip cam to record the testimonials, buy one. You can find a good one for $100. 8. Upload tons of pictures to Flickr. 9. Learn to upload photos directly from your phone to your Flickr account to keep it fresh. 10.Join local online communities (like GOLO) that focus on your town. 11.Create a group on Facebook or GOLO (or both) relevant to your location 12.Use Social Bookmarking Tools to share news about the towns and municipalities relevant to your work. (another add for your email signature) 13.Share more than listings on your profile. Share industry-related content. 14.Think local. Facebook is global and has more reach but the housing market is also local. 15.Get involved with newcomers sites. 16.Comment on high-traffic blogs pertinent to your industry. Include a signature and title. (People can find you through Google) 17.Don’t always sell, sell, sell. Provide valuable information to gain trust. 18.Comment on blogs in your industry 19.If you use Facebook professionally, look into the realtor Listing Application by 20.Buy your own domain name, if you haven’t already. ( 21.Monitor your online reputation with Google Alerts, and Social Too Make time for social media. With a few minutes a day you can be very effective, broaden your reach grow your online equity.