How to keep your computer secure enough?


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How to keep your computer secure enough?

  1. 1. How to keep your computer safe enough?Nowadays, we use computers for everything from bankingand investing to shopping and communicating with othersthrough email or chat programs. Although you may notconsider your communications "top secret," you probablydo not want strangers reading your email, using yourcomputer to attack other systems, sending forged emailfrom your computer, or examining personal informationstored on your computer (such as financial statements).However, if your computer is infected with a virus, thenwhat will happen? It can not only mess up your system files,but also may enable cyber criminals to gain remote accessto the compromised PC system. Thus, if a user has limitedsecurity precaution, it is easier for them to get infected by acomputer virus.At the first beginning, users should know that computersecurity is the process of preventing and detectingunauthorized use of your computer. Prevention measureshelp you to stop unauthorized users (also known as"intruders") from accessing any part of your computersystem. If your computer is infected with a malware,
  2. 2. hackers can gain control of your computer so they can useit to launch attacks on other computer systems. Havingcontrol of your computer gives them the ability to hide theirtrue location as they launch attacks, often againsthigh-profile computer systems such as government orfinancial systems. Even if you have a computer connectedto the Internet only to play the latest games or to sendemail to friends and family, your computer may be a target.Intruders may be able to watch all your actions on thecomputer, or cause damage to your computer byreformatting your hard drive or changing your data. Thus, itis very important for you to learn how to prevent yourcomputer against viruses. In some cases, an improperlysecured computer can also result in the theft of personalinformation, such as credit card or bank account numbers.Having a secure computer is an important step that youcan take towards protecting your personal information.Firstly, you should install a reliable antivirus program toprotect your computer. Having virus protection is a veryuseful way to ensure that your computer is protectedagainst potential security issues. Many people do not havevirus protection because many programs cost from $20 to
  3. 3. $50 for basic levels of protection. However, there are alsomany free antivirus programs which can help to protectyour computer such as Microsoft Security Essentials,AVIRA AntiVir etc.Secondly, you should take control of your email. Avoidopening email attachment received unexpectedly unlessyou can believe it is from the trusted sources. Remembermost Trojans or Worms can be spread all over the email.You must make sure your email client isnt leaving youopen to infection. Keep an eye on your email and neveropen the malicious attachment.Thirdly, you have to keep your firewall on and make sure toupdate your antivirus programs regularly. If you haveantivirus software but don’t always make sure it’s alwaysupdated, you may as well just offer your computer’ssensitive data up to hackers. With new strains of malwarebeing produced every day, security software must beupdated just as often to best protect your computer.Fourthly, due to the large amount of information on theinternet, most computer users spend their time online.However, there are many malicious websites that are
  4. 4. designed to scam money from users. If a user has evervisited those sites, he or she can get viruses installedeasily. It is suggested users to make sure if a web site islegitimate or not before you go there.Last, user must have a good habit to back up dataregularly in case they get infected by viruses and loseeverything. Once back up, users can recover photos,music, movies, and personal information easily.Users should follow the tips above in order to secure yourcomputer and ensure computer can be running in a safenetwork environment. It can help all the computer users toprevent most of viruses and malware. However, virusesare created by criminal everyday, few of them still haveability to access your computer through systemsvulnerabilities and escape the detection from your antivirusprogram such as the most popular and notoriousRansomware called FBI Moneypak Greendot Virus.Once detect, users can search for Online Tech Support forhelp instead of taking the computer to the local repair shopwhich may cost more money and rather time consuming.
  5. 5. Anyway, it is a must for every PC users to keep thecomputer safe enough.