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Text Response essay feedback table

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Text Response essay feedback table

  1. 1. Text Response essay feedback table Demonstration Consistency Application Not Shown Shown Shown/used inconsistently Shown/used consistently Incorrectuse Sometimes correct use Correct use Whole piece structure Paragraphing Introduction Conclusion BodyParagraphs TEEL body paragraphing structure Topicsentences Use of evidence Explanationof evidence Coherent&effective sentence structure Accurate use of grammar, spelling& punctuation Linkingsentences Response tothe essaytopicor question Rephrasinganduse of keywords Clearcontention/interpretation Supportingarguments TextKnowledge Use of directquotes Paraphrasedevidence Main character name/s& profile Peripheral charactername/s&profile Settingreferences Idea,issuesand/ortheme references Contextreferences * N/A = Not applicable ornotrequired
  2. 2. AssessmentRubric Assessment Criteria VH (10-9) H (8-7) M (6-5) L (4-3) VL (2-1) NE 0 Demonstratesknowledge and understandingof the text Developsand presentsrelevantideas,themesand issues,as well as evidence exploredinthe text Usesappropriate structure (topicsentences,analysis,evidence and paragraphing) to presentinformation witha clear contention,whichis coherent Control ofthe mechanics oflanguage (metalanguage,vocabulary,spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence construction) /40 ______ % Grade: ______ A+ 100-90 A 89-85 B+ 84-80 B 79-75 C+ 74-70 C 69-65 D+ 64-60 D 59-55 E+ 54-50 E 49-45 Areas to focus on improving: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VCE