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Drupal Developer Days Keynote


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Debunking myths to Drupal 8 adoption

Published in: Technology
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Drupal Developer Days Keynote

  1. 1. D e b u n k i n g M y t h s t o D r u p a l 8 A d o p t i o n Angie “webchick” Byron
  2. 2. T H A N K S !
  3. 3. Who the heck are you?
  4. 4. Agenda • Recap of Drupal 8 from release until now • Barriers to adoption • Myths: Debunked • What next?
  5. 5. November 19, 2015:
 Drupal 8.0.0 ships
  6. 6. Over 3,300 contributors (now almost 4,000)
  7. 7. Hundreds of release parties worldwide!
  8. 8. Lots of great new features
  9. 9. …and new ones every 6 months! Drupal 8.1.0
 (April 20, 2016) Drupal 8.2.0
 (October 10, 2016) •BigPipe module •UI for migrations •Better Composer support •JavaScript Testing •Content Moderation •Improved admin UI
 (SettingsTray+Place Block) •Improved REST API Drupal 8.3.0
 (April 5, 2017) •Field Layout module •Redesigned status page •WYSIWYG improvements •Drag and drop images (QuickEdit) 8.1.x supported release May 2016 June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr 8.2.x supported release 8.3.x supported release May June July Aug Sep Oct RC RC RC Beta βα α β Development Development Development
  10. 10. Core innovation++
  11. 11. advisory-opt-in Contrib innovation++
  12. 12. What’s not to love?
  13. 13. And yet… Drupal 8.0.0
  14. 14. Barriers to adoption • Drupal is for more “ambitious” projects; 30,000+ cat blogs are now on Tumblr; affects “quantity” (not “quality”) in graph. • Several top contributed modules not yet ready (or not “seen” as ready) • Drupal 8 now object-oriented, modern PHP; requires upgrade of skills for D7 developers • Upgrade of skills required to port modules is blocked on customers asking for D8, which is blocked on unavailability of modules (chicken/ egg). • Migration path from D7 => D8 still incomplete (D6 => D8 is better), also largely blocked on customers asking for D8.
  15. 15. Myth #1: “No one” is using Drupal 8 yet
  17. 17. Myth #2: Drupal 8 is too hard to learn …and hundreds of others There are lots of resources (many of them free) to show you the Drupal 8 way!
  18. 18. NEW Drupal 8 User Guide (en Español, too!)
  19. 19. IMPROVED
  20. 20. Partial Myth #3:
 Contrib isn’t ready yet. * including a few D8-only modules that are either alternatives to obsolete D7 modules or newly required. ~40%
  21. 21. How “insiders” evaluate a module’s readiness 1. 1. Well-known maintainer? 2. Recent commit activity? 3. Good issue queue activity? 4. Did I try it and did it work on my site? 5. Does Berdir use it in production? ;) 6. … 2. 3.
  22. 22. How literally everyone else evaluates module readiness 1. Does this module have a stable release? 1.
  23. 23. Why? • Alpha/Beta/RC not deemed as “production ready” due to experience in literally all other software. :P • Core leads the way here: goes very out of its way to explain alpha is unstable, beta is “hopefully” stable, etc. and not recommended for production. • Stable releases not only denote “production ready” but also grant security team coverage. This is really important!
  24. 24. Which top 50 D7 modules are outstanding? Of particular importance: • “API” modules that block other modules from being stable (e.g. CTools) • “Ecosystem” modules that others rely on (e.g. Rules, Media, Panels) • Client-facing “Utility” modules in frequent use (e.g. SEO modules such as Redirect, Views Bulk Operations)
  25. 25. But wait, there’s more! Other important “ecosystem” modules not yet stable: • Drupal Commerce • Search API • OG/Group • Mapping • …
  26. 26. However, D8 is still surprisingly ready! Distributions can help shortcut your D8 journey
  27. 27. If you own a D8 contrib module, and it’s working fine for you… …consider giving it the Shield of Awesomeness!
  28. 28. Not quite perfect? Take a cue from core: There’s always the next release for future polishing!
  29. 29. If it still needs work… tell us how to help!
  30. 30. Help fund development
  31. 31. Test the migration path! If it’s not working, help with
 (verifying) bug reports/patches
  32. 32. Let’s get that “Development” number down by Baltimore!