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Ux vertical analysis


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This presentation is an analysis of what defines successful web user experience design

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Ux vertical analysis

  1. 1. This is a “Don’t Make Me Think” career search journey
  2. 2. First look for the following simple rules for good UX design• Clear visual hierarchy on each page• Use conventions (headlines) because they insight familiarity• Break pages up into clearly defined areas• Minimal noise• Identify which areas are for what• Nest/Group things so that you can tell what is part of what• Relate elements in a visually logical way
  3. 3. Vertical Analysis of•
  4. 4. And
  5. 5. Where am I? Where should I begin? Why did they call it that? What’s important on this page? Where did they put __? Why did they call it that?
  6. 6. Vertical Analysis of
  7. 7. Final Thoughts Consider Relationships 1. Between content and shapes 2. Between content and fonts 3. Between content and colors Paul Rand Quotes“The design is the product of your thinking”“Design is the relationship between form and content”“The process of designing is from complexity to simplicity”