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Management Tools and Help from Synergy Flagstaff


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New business tools for setting up managers for success. Following up on the blogs: find your team, get them on board with your goals, and show them how your business will work!

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Management Tools and Help from Synergy Flagstaff

  1. 1. Use these questions to form your team: 1) Who do you trust most?This is someone you can lean on, depend on, and will back you up. List 3 people you know in which this applies 2) What are your personal and company values?You've no doubt heard the saying "beware of the company you keep".There is substance to those words! List 3 peo- ple you know in which this applies 3)Who inspires you? Individuals whom you can bounce ideas off or act as your muse are an important part of business. List 3 people you know in which this ap- plies 4) What are your downfalls and successes in business?The people around you should complement your strengths and challenge your weaknesses. List 3 people you know in which this applies Which of the above names are listed in more than one place? If you don’t have enough names, it is time to start interviewing? ManagementTools: 1. Finding yourTeam
  2. 2. 2 Questions for Management to Complete 1) What are your top 3 needs? 2) Next to your top needs, who on your team excels at these roles? 2) What are the top 3 services or goods that bring in revenue? 3)Who on your team do you trust most to market these services or goods? Questions for your team to complete 1) What are your strengths in the workplace? 2) What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them? 3) How would you approach a coworker about conflict? 4) What motivates you? Use these questions to formulate the roles and assigning your team to the right positions.Think standard structured roles: Management, Sales, Marketing, Ad- min, Human Resources, etc. ManagementTools: 2. Finding the right Roles
  3. 3. 3 Where do you want to be in 5 years? On the beach in Hawaii? Growing your com- pany? Write out 2 specifics for what you want in 5 years. 1. 2. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Retired, only working 10 hours a week, teaching your child to take over your business? Write out 2 specific items you want in 10 years. 1. 2. How does this apply to your team? One of the mandatory pieces in management is a clear view of the future for you and your employees. Would you sail off with- out a map or navigation? Probably not, you wouldn't know where you'd end up! Does this mean that you're stuck with your goals? NO!This is just an exercise so that you can communicate your goals with your team. Based on the last 2 exercis- es, you should have your people around you.They are there to support you! Make your team aware of your goals. ManagementTools: 3. Mapping your Business