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Power One - Marco Monini, Lean six-Sigma path


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Presentazione effettuata in occasione del Meet Minitab 2013

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Power One - Marco Monini, Lean six-Sigma path

  1. 1. Confidential0Power –OneLean six-Sigma pathMarco Monini - May 9th 2013
  2. 2. Confidential1Company at a glance• Power-One Inc. Headquarters located in Camarillo, California• Over 3,700 employees world-wide, US$ 1.02 Billion turnover in 2012• Listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol PWER• Structured into two separate Strategic Business Units:– Renewable Energy Solutions Business Unit (74%)Design and manufacturing of inverters for photovoltaic and wind applications– Power Solutions Business Unit (26%)Design and manufacturing of power conversion products for computer and officeapplications, network and telecom solutions, industrial markets and customapplications• Sales offices, manufacturing and R&D operations in EMEA, APAC andthe Americas
  3. 3. Confidential2RE Areas of CoverageGermanySales & Service CenterFranceSales & Service CenterGreeceSales & Service CenterSpainSales & Service CenterUEASales & Service CenterIndiaSales & Service CenterAustraliaSales & Service CenterUSA - BostonSales & Service CenterUSA – San JoseSales & Service CenterCanadaRE ManufacturingSales & Service CenterUSA - PhoenixRE ManufacturingSales & Service CenterUSA - CamarilloHeadquarterUKSales & Service CenterChina - ShenzhenRE ManufacturingSales & Service CenterChina -Hong KongSales & Service CenterChina - ShanghaiSales & Service CenterItalyRE ManufacturingSales & Service CenterJapanSales & Service Center
  4. 4. Confidential3RE Product PortfolioSTRING< 30 kWCENTRAL50 kW – 1MWTURNKEY SOLUTIONS440 kW – 1320 kW
  5. 5. Confidential4RE Power One Business EvolutionHistorical Market ShareMaintainTech.LeadershipIncreaseServiceActivityStrengthenCustomersLoyaltyGAINMARKETSHAREYear MW Shipped WW Market Share WW Ranking2008 246 4% 92009 532 7% 42010 2560 12% 22011 3063 13% 22012 3670 15% 2Plans to growPASTPRESENT&FUTURE
  6. 6. Confidential5Arco SpA- VNO 30 people- Strategic location- Part of the ItalianIndustrial boom- ElectromechanicalPlessey-Arco- English Holding- VNO 650 people- Local supply chain- Diversification- Electromechanical- Semiconductors- Revenue 85Mil$/yPower-One- US Corporation- Renewable Division- VNO up to 604 heads- PV e Wind Inverters- VNO All functionspresent in the plant- Massive growth in allPV markets like Italy,Germany, Australia,Spain, France..- Leader into themarket- High developed Localsupply chain on RE- Revenue 730Mil$/y(2010)Magnetek- US Corporation- PEG, Dept. 1800heads- VNO up to 950 heads- Custom Power-Supply- High Tech Know-How- IT, automotive, TLC,home appliancelighting- Deep focused onenergy saving products- De-localization inHungary- Revenue 110Mil$/y1969 1972 1991 2006Power-One VNO: the history
  7. 7. Confidential6 Confidential6Lean Six-Sigma tools Integration
  8. 8. Confidential7 Confidential77Value streammapping andImplementation2009 - 2010Value streammapping andImplementation2009 - 2010ProcessimprovementTools2011ProcessimprovementTools2011PeopleInvolvement2011ContinuousprocessPeopleInvolvement2011ContinuousprocessManagementorientationImprovementfocusTechnical toolsshort/medium termresultsPeopledevelopmentfocusSingleprocessValuestreamPower-OneApril 2009LeanlearningorganizationLeanlearningorganizationShort/Mediumterm goalLong termgoalTPSToyota ProductionSystemRE Power-One Lean path
  9. 9. Confidential8 Confidential8Year Path Projects Certifications Status2009 Start-up Pilot project ( DPPM reduction) 1 Green Belt Closed2010Training/Metodologyextension7 trained people + 2 GB Projects(MRB reduction + SMT Area)- Closed2011 Skills grownBlack Belt training+ GB Project (RMA material recovery)1 Black Belt Closed2012Methodologyconsolidation7 Initiatives in Service dept. - Closed2012Methodologyextension2 GB Projects(FPY improvement + RMA alert efficiency)+ 2 Green Belt Closed2013Methodologyconsolidation1 BB + 1 GB Project(Infant Mortality + Accrual modeling)- Open2013Methodologyextension7 GB training + 7 projects + 7 Green Belt Open2013Methodologyextension9 trained people + 7 projects 9 Yellow Belt Open2014 FutureFuture GB certification for all QE and MEemployesRE Power-One Six-Sigma path