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BlogDash Link Building Plus Partner Program(1)


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BlogDash Link Building Plus Partner Program(1)

  1. 1. We know you’ve worked hard to earn your clients, and as the SEO landscape is shifting and changing is here to make sure you keep them. BlogDash has developed its cutting edge, white hat Link Building Plus Partner Program to help you increase the domain authority of your client sites in a way search engines appreciate. A steady supply of quality articles posted on high authority blogs and shared across bloggers’ social media networks helps you stay ahead of the game and keeps you in Google’s good books. The BLOGDASH ADVANTAGE At the core of the BlogDash Link Building Plus Partner Program is the recognition that high quality content development and social sharing have become critical components of good SEO strategy. BlogDash has a particular advantage in both of these respects. Our extensive bloggers database (more than 220,000 opt-in members and increasing daily) gives us access to a huge number of online influencers with strong domain authority and excellent social followings. This puts us in the position to be able to implement a domain authority boosting plan quickly and effectively. And you’ll never have to worry again about running out of a supply of quality content posts. 15 Reasons Why Your Competition Is Using Our Services 1. Unique domains per content blog 2. Personalized pitching – we connect with bloggers individually to get you the best results 3. One IP - one blog 4. 100% of pages in Google cache 5. Do-follow links, indexed by Google 6. Real, active websites w/ traffic and solid domain authority 7. All posts shared on social media to further signal the authority of links 8. 100% SEO friendly & natural for Google 9. The largest online collection of North American publishers (150K+) 10. Blogger campaign list stored indefinitely for reuse 11. Approve blogger selections* 12. 300-word minimum for content produced 13. Make on-the-fly editorial content changes 14. NOT blog comments or forum posts 15. Dedicated sales support and account management *blog selection must be approved prior to pitching all bloggers. Changes to bloggers lists may cause delays to posting and additional costs incurred Link Building Plus Partner Program Page 1, Jan, 2015
  2. 2. Benefits We take care of the content for your links; you focus on the big picture Unlimited supply of unique content monthly Scale campaigns without compromising quality All links remain for up to 1 year Social sharing of blog posts to amplify SEO benefits Engaged bloggers in any niche and the ability to scale across your diverse client roster Established, one-to-one relationships with key bloggers (no networks or link wheel garbage) Moz’s domain authority metric has arguably become the most important measure used in search engine optimization, proving to be a more consistent and authoritative indicator of how a site will be ranked by search engines than even Google PageRank. With this in mind, BlogDash’s Link Building Plus Partner Program is designed to help SEO agencies capitalize on the power of this metric, offering them a smart and efficient way of amplifying their clients’ domain authority scores. How does it work? BlogDash bloggers with relevant, high domain authority blogs write top quality, unique posts including a link to your clients’ sites. Posts are then shared across social media channels to amplify SEO benefits. A link to your client’s site from authoritative online sources provides the initial domain authority boosting opportunity. By then sharing this high quality content, which showcases the site link, across social media the bloggers are providing an additional signal that your client’s site is relevant and credible. Not to mention that sharing to social media increases the chances that the posts will be re-shared by the bloggers’ followers, providing an even clearer signal of the site’s importance. With BlogDash’s Link Building Plus Partner Program you can have new and unique articles published Unprecedented Control, Unprecedented Value  Page 2, Jan, 2015 on high authority blogs and linked to the sites of your choice produced as often as you need and you can approve of the blog sites before the bloggers start writing to make sure they are exactly what you’re looking for. Get an edge over your competition and put the BlogDash advantage to work for your clients with the Link Building Plus Partner Program.