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This is my Learning Object on, a Web 2.0 tool. I created this for my master's class DL5013: The Digital Learner with American College of Education.

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Prezi tool

  1. 1. A WEB 2.0 TOOLA WEB 2.0 TOOL Prezi is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas through a more cinematic and appealing experience.
  2. 2. Getting Started… Sign Up!
  3. 3. Sign Up First, choose a Prezi License Sign up for Free to explore Prezi and to allow students to use in the classroom, or sign up to pay per month (either Enjoy or Pro) for more features. Fill in your personal information to begin…
  4. 4. This is your new HOME PAGE… Click on “New Prezi” to begin
  5. 5. Narrow your search by selecting a category Search through the many pre-made templates and choose your favorite… or start a blank Prezi.
  6. 6. Once you click you will be ready to begin.
  7. 7. Start with your Title… Click and Insert To move on to your first main idea,
  8. 8. Insert Main Idea & Supporting Details by clicking on the boxes. Choose the layout for your information by selecting…
  9. 9. Example of Text Example of Landscape Example of Portrait Example of New Frame
  10. 10. Move from Frame to Frame by using the Navigation Bar - Insert a number of additional features using the Insert Tab at the top of your screen
  11. 11. Here is an example of: how to insert a YouTube Video or how to replace a picture
  12. 12. Another Option is to Insert Frames and Arrows
  13. 13. Choose a Color Theme for your Overall Project
  14. 14. If you are still a little loss, watch the video tutorial to help.
  15. 15. When your Prezi is complete… watch it in presentation view.
  16. 16. If you like what you see… Save then Exit
  17. 17. This will bring you to your online Prezi… you’re ALMOST done! Title your Prezi by clicking the pencil to Edit
  18. 18. Save the Title Add a Description:
  19. 19. Below is a link to my Example PreziExample Prezi Use the arrows to navigate through… then EXPLORE some other Prezis