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This is my reece form which shows the location I will be photographing in and why.

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  1. 1. Recce A Recce is a pre-filming or pre-photography visit to a location. The purpose of the visit is to decide upon the suitability of the location for shooting. You will need to comment upon the access to necessary facilities, assessment of potential lighting and or any potential issues with sound. You shoulddevise andcomplete atable similartothe one shown,ensuringthatyouinclude appropriate detail. Potential Locations - Description Photograph Is it suitable – how? Why?(Access, Lighting,Sound ) Additional Comments / Observations Nene Parkacademy - mediastudio Here I will photograph the model inthe designatedoutfitand suitable pose. The studiohas access to highquality camerasso the pictureswill turnout clear.The roomis also white,withgood lightingwhichagain increasesthe qualityof the pictures.