The Law Offices of                                                              Macey, Aleman & Searns              PARTNE...
RETAINER AGREEMENTI.    Parties and Purposes: This Agreement for legal services is entered into on the date shown below be...
IV. Term: The term of this Agreement shall commence on the effective date and continue until the negotiated resolution of ...
VII. Law Firm’s Obligations: In consideration for Client’s obligations as stated in Section VI, TMLG agrees to use its bes...
g) Client may be sued by the servicer and foreclosure actions may proceed. While TMLG will negotiate with the       servic...
In addition to mortgage modification, mortgage workouts may include short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys...
EXHIBIT A                                           Disclosure and Election of ServicesTMLG is a full service mortgage rel...
EXHIBIT B                                                      Payment ScheduleUpon execution of this Agreement, or on the...
Stage II services consist of the following:  a.   Completion of required federal forms and lender forms;  b.   Compilation...
PARTNERS:             MAIN OFFICE                                                                ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE    ...
The Law Offices of                                               Macey, Aleman & Searns                          233 S. WW...
06711014100                                                            The Law Offices of                                 ...
®                                                                                      Sign-Up AgreementAuthorization for ...
®                                                                                  Sign-Up AgreementCUSTOMER ACCOUNT SERVI...
13205 US Hwy 1, Suite 302 Juno Beach, FL 33408 Phone:                        721-7300                                     ...
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Maria addison

  1. 1. The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman & Searns PARTNERS MAIN OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE Mark Osterman (AK)Katrina Washington (AL) 233 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 5150 13205 US Hwy 1, Suite 302 Steve Westerfield (AR) Chicago, IL 60606 Juno Beach, FL 33408 Cynthia Starkey (AZ) Phone: (312) 753-7535 Phone: (561) 721-8272 Adam Gerard (CA) Fax: (877) 216-2088 Fax: (561) 370-6190 Mark Hofgard (CO) Jason Searns (CO) Dear Client, Dan Ruggiero (CT) Tamara McDowell (DC) Thank you for entrusting your home to The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman & Searns. We are a full service Matthew Carucci (DE) law firm that focuses on resolving all mortgage related issues. We are hopeful to find a mortgage workout Gary Singer (FL) which will fit not only your current financial situation but allow you financial security in the future as well. Anne Edwards (GA) Everett Walton (HI) We know this is a stressful time for you and our goal is to help alleviate as much as that stress as Thomas Sundvold (IA) possible. Collection activity on your account will likely continue while you are in the foreclosure Thomas Humphrey (ID) process even if you are working with your lender on a resolution. Our goal is to slow down the Colin Banyon (IL) foreclosure process and make the banks prove up their case to allow you the maximum amount of Jeffrey Aleman (IL) time to achieve your goals with respect to the property (i.e., entering into a loan modification, working Thomas Macey (IL) Kelly Sibert (IL) out a short sale, repayment plan, forbearance plan, deed–in-lieu of foreclosure, consent judgment, etc.) Eric Jackson (IN) To make this process successful, you must read the following pages carefully. However, the Matt Durgin (KS) requirements below are critical to the success of your modification; we cannot help you if you do Joseph Blandford (KY) not comply with them. Donald Hodge (LA) Dan Ruggiero (MA) 1) COOPERATE WITH YOUR ATTORNEY AND THE ATTORNEY’S STAFF. It is imperative Sheron Barton (MD) that you comply with our requests and actively participate in this process. Your responsibilities Jeremey Miller (ME) do not end as soon as you hand in your initial paperwork. You must stay actively involved in Jeff Cojocar (MI) the process so that we may contact you immediately, should we require additional information. Daniel Reiff (MN) You must also keep us informed of ANY changes in your circumstances and send us all Stephen Coffin (MO) John Windsor (MS) documents you receive from your mortgage lender, loan servicer, or the court. Mark Anderson (MT) 2) RETURN ALL CALLS AND EMAIL IMMEDIATELY. You MUST check your email and voicemail Harry Marsh (NC) at least two time per day and return any communication from us immediately and in no Keith Trader (ND) circumstance more than 48 hours from when we attempt to contact you. Thomas Sundvold (NE) Jeremey Miller (NH) 3) SUBMIT ALL DOCUMENTS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF OUR REQUEST. You must submit all David Knapp (NJ) requested documents to us within 48 hours of our request and all documents must be complete Denise Snyder (NM) and accurate. Michael Terry (NV) Dan Ruggiero (NY) We want your resolution and/or modification to be successful and completed as quickly as possible. Robert Raper (OH) To do this, we need your help. Please remember that if you fail to meet any of the above requirements, Ron Brown (OK) you are in breach of your responsibilities and you are sole responsible for any negative actions your Alex Golubitsky (OR) mortgage lender or loan servicer may take due to your failure to comply with these requirements. Ronald Rojas (PA) Alberto De Diego (PR) If you have any questions, please contact us immediately so that we may continue working together Burton Kliman (RI) to solve your mortgage problem. We look forward to helping you on your way to financial stability. Phil Murdock (SC) Dwight Moore (TN) Sincerely, Chris Miglilaccio (TX) Justin Rammell (UT) Edith Gray (VA) Tim King (VT) Macey, Aleman and Searns Chris Mercado (WA) The Mortgage Law Group, LLP Greg Straub (WI) Managing Attorney Justin Rammell (WY) Jason Searns
  2. 2. RETAINER AGREEMENTI. Parties and Purposes: This Agreement for legal services is entered into on the date shown below between The Mortgage Law Group, LLP, also known as the law firm of Macey, Aleman & Searns (hereinafter referred to as TMLG), and MARIA ADDISON ________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as Client). Client has engaged TMLG to provide foreclosure defense services in connection with Client’s real estate and related contract, mortgage(s) or similarly secured documents. Such litigation defense will include all services as outlined in Section III Scope below, as well as, where appropriate, negotiations for mortgage workout solutions including, but not limited to, loan modification, forbearance, repayment, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys, consent foreclosure, sale or short sale, resolution of issues involving junior liens or judgments attached to the property, and securing the Client the time required to be properly considered for the aforementioned options with respect to the subject property, including an appropriate exit from the property if in the best interests of the Client (collectively referred to as Mortgage Relief Services herein). In addition, the Client will receive, at no additional cost, law-related services including budget counseling, financial coaching and identity monitoring. This contract is solely between TMLG, any assigns, or related entities that may be formed in the future and not any individual, partner, member, or employee of TMLG.II. Condition of Effectiveness: This Agreement does not take effect, and TMLG has no obligation to provide any services, until both the Client and TMLG have executed a copy of this Agreement and delivered such copy to the other party.III. Scope: TMLG will provide appropriate defense of a foreclosure action commenced by parties holding a secured interest in Client’s real estate which is defined and limited as follows: a) Review of all complaints or pleadings in regard to the foreclosure of any mortgage or similar secured interest in regard to the Client’s real estate located at (Location of Real Estate). Upon timely receipt of the foreclosure Summons and Complaint or related document from Client, TMLG will attempt to resolve the litigation prior to formally responding to the lawsuit with a court pleading. 1. In order for receipt to be considered “timely,” Client must deliver to TMLG, at its designated office for receipt of such matters, a copy of the Summons and Complaint or similar document served upon Client immediately upon receipt, but in no event any later than fifteen (15) days prior to a response being due. b) Filing a responsive pleading to any complaint, pleading or secured interest document litigation, including attendance at required court hearings, if TMLG is unable to reach a satisfactory settlement with the appropriate creditor. c) Any and all required court filing fees and costs to respond to the Complaint served upon Client are the responsibility of the Client. (See attached Terms, Conditions and Disclosures for further information regarding court costs). d) TMLG and Client agree that TMLG, as a part of its defense of any foreclosure action, will attempt to enter into a mortgage workout solution with Client’s mortgage servicer(s). Client agrees that TMLG is retained to perform the following services in connection with the matter: evaluation of client financial data in relation to client’s mortgage(s); review and evaluation of Client’s current loan terms; Client counseling of mortgage workout options and corresponding likelihood of success; communicating and negotiating with the servicer of the note and/or its assignees (including but not limited to investors and trustees) to effectuate a workout solution for the Property; review, assessment, and explanation of workout details of documents memorializing workout terms. e) Client agrees that TMLG is not retained to perform the following services: 1. Tax, financial planning or accounting advice; 2. Modification, collection or improvement of Client’s credit reports or scores; 3. Any bankruptcy advice, except as specifically provided for below; 4. Performance of other debt resolution services such as debt settlement; or 5. Elimination of harassment or collection calls from collectors. TMLG will discuss specific debt related issues with Client and, if appropriate, offer additional legal services or consultations with regard to bankruptcy or other debt resolution services for Client’s consideration. Client Initials _________
  3. 3. IV. Term: The term of this Agreement shall commence on the effective date and continue until the negotiated resolution of a successful mortgage workout disclosed by Client in Exhibit A of this Agreement or until termination of this Agreement as provided in Paragraph XII.V. Subcontracting Specific Law-Related Tasks: TMLG may subcontract certain law-related tasks including negotiations with mortgage loan servicers and certain customer support responsibilities to third parties with comparable or greater aptitude in these law-related services. TMLG and other legally trained, licensed personnel will supervise all negotiations and customer support. These law-related services outlined below are all included in the flat fees paid by the client for legal services. The implementation, management, maintenance, and supervision of a mortgage workout solution shall be performed under the direct supervision of TMLG attorneys by Attorney Processing Solutions (hereinafter referred to as APS). TMLG has a non-exclusive reciprocal referral agreement with APS to provide these services directly and through their agents under TMLG’s direct supervision. These are services required for mortgage workout solutions but are not legal services. There is no attorney-client relationship between Client and APS in regard to these services and any specific communications between Client and APS are not protected by attorney-client privilege. APS cannot and will not provide any legal advice to the Client other than as communicated through APS by TMLG and under TMLG’s supervision. The implementation, management, maintenance, and supervision of budget counseling, financial coaching and identity monitoring shall be performed under the direct supervision of TMLG attorneys by Consolidated Legal Services (hereinafter referred to as CLC). There is no attorney-client relationship between Client and CLC in regard to these services and any specific communications between Client and CLC are not protected by attorney-client privilege. CLC cannot and will not provide any legal advice to the Client other than as communicated through CLC by TMLG and under TMLG’s supervision.VI. Client Obligations: The Client will perform the following obligations: a) As an ongoing obligation and within the time frames set forth by TMLG, Client will provide TMLG with all information and documents, as requested by TMLG, with respect to the mortgage(s) subject to foreclosure action; b) Where Client seeks mortgage modification in resolution of any pending or anticipated foreclosure action, Client must submit all lender required documentation to TMLG within 14 calendar days of signing this Attorney Retainer Agreement. Client’s Expected Local Attorney Review Date will follow within 7-10 business days, provided Client’s documentation meets lender and investor specifications. TMLG will not submit Client’s request for mortgage modification to Client’s mortgage loan lender or servicer without first having received ALL lender required documentation and shall not be responsible for any failure on Client’s part to deliver said documentation to TMLG; c) All information provided by Client must be complete, truthful, and accurate; d) Client will respond to all other requests for communication or documentation from TMLG or its representatives within 72 hours and will promptly provide TMLG with any change of address or other contact information; e) Client will forward all correspondence from lenders, servicers, government entities, courts and public trustees, including collection letters, demands, complaints, Notices of Default or Acceleration, and Notices of Sale. TMLG is under no obligation to verify information supplied by Client; f) If a servicer contacts Client, Client will not engage in negotiation or workout discussions. Rather, Client will inform servicer that Client is represented by TMLG, provide the servicer with TMLG’s contact information, and advise servicer that all future communications shall be directed through TMLG. If a servicer engages in harassing or abusive conduct, the Client will promptly notify TMLG and provide complete and accurate information regarding such contacts; g) Subsequent to the execution of this Agreement, Client shall pay a flat fee in accordance with the total mortgage balance(s) as set forth in the attached payment schedule (Payment Schedule), hereby included in Exhibit B of this Agreement and incorporated by this reference; and h) Client agrees to timely and fully pay all debt modification negotiated by TMLG and approved by Client. Client Initials _________
  4. 4. VII. Law Firm’s Obligations: In consideration for Client’s obligations as stated in Section VI, TMLG agrees to use its best efforts to defend the foreclosure action and, where appropriate, obtain a successful mortgage workout solution for Client by providing basic legal services on an efficient and cost-effective basis. CLIENT EXPRESSLY AGREES THAT TMLG MAKES NO SPECIFIC GUARANTEE REGARDING THE OUTCOME OF ANY FORECLOSURE ACTION, MORTGAGE MODIFICATION OR OTHER NEGOTIATTION FOR A MORTGAGE WORKOUT SOLUTION CONSISTENT WITH THE OBJECTIVES OF THE CLIENT. In the event that Client’s objective is obtaining a mortgage loan modification, a trial period may be required before the lender offers a permanent workout solution. In the event a trial period is achieved by TMLG and accepted by Client, such trial period will be deemed a successful mortgage workout. TMLG offers its advice based on the information as disclosed by Client and Client agrees that TMLG is not responsible and assumes no liability for changes in the law, changes in Client’s financial situation, and/or facts revealed after TMLG’s review of Client’s documentation that could affect in any way the advice TMLG provides Client. TMLG and its staff will timely respond to all Client inquiries and keep the Client informed as to developments in negotiations and all offers of mortgage workouts. TMLG’s obligation to negotiate shall only apply to the Property and corresponding mortgage(s) as disclosed by the Client. The details of such obligation are included in Schedule A of this Agreement.VIII. Fees and Costs: In consideration for all services to be rendered, Client agrees upon execution of this Agreement to pay TMLG a Flat Fee retainer, which includes a monthly recurring component, as set forth in the Payment Schedule attached as Exhibit B to this Agreement. Client acknowledges that this Agreement is based on a Flat Fee earned, not billed by the hour. However, for accounting of earned and unearned fees only, fees are calculated in six minute intervals, with six minutes being the minimum time billed for any one project as provided for in the attached Payment Schedule. Client also agrees that if the Client’s initial payment fails for any reason, TMLG is under no obligation to provide any legal or law-related services under this Agreement until such time the client successfully recompenses TMLG.IX. Electronic Payment Authorizations: By signing this Agreement, and completing the attached Electronic Funds Transfer authorization, Client authorizes TMLG and its designated third-party payment processor to deduct all legal fees and costs via electronic payment authorizations from Client’s authorized checking, savings or other account. Client shall pay TMLG a one-time administrative fee of one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125) for all electronic, ACH, wire transfer and related administrative services. TMLG requires a minimum of five (5) business days to change any scheduled Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”) from Client’s authorized bank account. It is also understood that Client shall not make or request more than one payment date alteration during the contract. Client will be charged an additional service fee of forty dollars ($40) for any payment date alteration. Any payment returned as non-sufficient funds “NSF” will be charged a thirty-five dollar ($35) returned check fee that will be due with the payment replacing the NSF payment.X. Client Acknowledgement: Client acknowledges and agrees that: a) TMLG is authorized to work on Client’s behalf in defense of the disclosed foreclosure action against Client’s property and to secure a mortgage workout solution where applicable; b) TMLG shall provide such Mortgage Relief Services on a best efforts basis; c) The outcome of any foreclosure action and TMLG’s negotiation of any mortgage workout solution is uncertain. Each case is unique and results may vary; d) Client’s mortgage workout solution may be limited to a Forbearance Plan, Repayment Plan, Short Sale, Deed-in-Lieu or Cash for Keys program. TMLG will consult with Client as to the most effective strategy based on the Client’s circumstances and all variables that cannot be predicted in advance; e) TMLG’s mortgage workout negotiations may not prevent servicer’s harassment, nor prevent phone calls from servicer’s various departments to Client; f) Collection activity by the servicer will continue during the mortgage workout negotiations up to and including receiving Notices of Default and Notices of Sale; Client Initials _________
  5. 5. g) Client may be sued by the servicer and foreclosure actions may proceed. While TMLG will negotiate with the servicer to stop or postpone the sale date while the mortgage workout is under review, TMLG cannot guarantee that such postponement will occur; h) The discharge of indebtedness may be considered a taxable event and Client should consult a tax professional for any such advice or services; and i) TMLG will not agree to provide the services under this Agreement absent Client’s full understanding and acceptance of the basis for the work to be performed.XI. Impact on Credit Rating: Client acknowledges that nonpayment, late payments, and mortgage workout options may result in derogatory credit information transmitted to the major credit reporting agencies. TMLG takes no responsibility or such derogatory credit reporting. TMLG does not provide debt consolidation services, nor credit repair services, and Client acknowledges herein that it received proper notice regarding possible consequences to the Client’s credit rating.XII. Termination and Severability: Client agrees that both parties may sever the relationship at any time. The party choosing to terminate the Agreement will document the decision by sending written notice to the other party. The termination will occur upon receipt of such notice. If such termination occurs and within 30 days of the date of said termination, the Client will be provided with an accounting of fees earned. Client shall only be responsible for fees incurred through the date of cancellation and in accordance with the Payment Schedule listed in Exhibit B. TMLG may cancel this Agreement if the Client fails to make payments as previously agreed upon or for any violation of the Client Obligations listed in section VI. If any legal action is brought regarding this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to legal fees and court costs.XIII. Authorizations: The Client authorizes TMLG as follows: a) Client authorizes TMLG to disclose information regarding Client’s financial condition or status to servicers holding Client’s mortgage(s) in regard to any income and expenses and/or any debt settlement programs or bankruptcies that the Client may be or have been involved in. Further, TMLG may obtain information concerning Client from such creditors; b) Client authorizes TMLG to disclose to servicers, investors, and any assignees that TMLG and its representatives, or subcontractors, are authorized to negotiate mortgage workout options on behalf of the Client; and c) Client authorizes TMLG to negotiate mortgage workout solutions as a part of the overall defense of a foreclosure action.XIV. Confidentiality: TMLG agrees that any information provided by Client will be kept confidential and used only in the defense of a foreclosure action and the provision of other Mortgage Relief Services described in this Agreement.XV. Disclosures and Disclaimers: Client acknowledges and understands that: a) TMLG is not a government agency or associated with the government; TMLG’s services have not been approved by the government or Client’s lender; b) Client’s lender may not agree to change the terms of Client’s loan; c) Client’s failure to make scheduled mortgage payments could cause Client to lose their home and damage Client’s credit rating; d) TMLG cannot and does not make any guarantee of any kind regarding the outcome of any foreclosure case or the success of any negotiation for a mortgage workout; e) Client may accept or decline any mortgage workout solution achieved by TMLG; f) It is not necessary to pay a third party to arrange for a loan modification or other form of forbearance from your mortgage lender or servicer. You may call your lender directly to ask for a change in your loan terms. Nonprofit housing counseling agencies also offer these and other forms of borrower assistance free of charge. A list of nonprofit housing counseling agencies approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is available from your local HUD office or by visiting Client Initials _________
  6. 6. In addition to mortgage modification, mortgage workouts may include short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys, and bankruptcy. Mortgage modification may decrease a mortgage’s interest rate, extend the terms of the mortgage, and possibly forbear some of the principle owing on the mortgage. A mortgage modification will most likely impact a Client’s credit rating less than a short sale and deed-in-lieu may impact Client’s credit rating. A short sale and deed-in-lieu may impact less on the Client’s credit rating than a foreclosure and bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may discharge the majority of Client’s debts; however, Client has requested TMLG to pursue other alternatives at this time to avoid bankruptcy. TMLG will discuss and advise Client as to the bankruptcy option, including fees and costs, at any time that Client’s circumstances change or Client requests such consultation. There are no additional fees or costs required from Client for such consultation and advice regarding bankruptcy. (See Exhibit A of this Agreement for further information about these alternate remedies).XVI. Arbitration and Waiver of Class Action Arbitration: Client and TMLG agree that in the event of any claim or dispute between Client and TMLG related to this Agreement or the performance of any services hereunder, the parties expressly agree such claim or dispute shall be submitted to binding arbitration upon the request of either party upon the service of that request. The parties expressly acknowledge and agree that the relationship created by this Agreement and the services rendered pursuant to it are unique to Client’s individual circumstances. As such, the arbitration shall proceed solely on an individual basis without the right for any claims to be arbitrated on a class action basis or on bases involving claims brought in a purported representative capacity on behalf of others. The arbitrator’s authority to resolve and make written awards is limited to claims between Client and TMLG alone. Claims may not be joined or consolidated unless agreed to in writing by all parties. No arbitration award or decision will have any preclusive effect as to issues or claims in any dispute with anyone who is not a named party to the arbitration. The parties shall initially agree on a single arbitrator to resolve the dispute. The matter may be arbitrated either by the Judicial Arbitration Mediation Service or American Arbitration Association, as mutually agreed upon by the parties or selected by the party filing the claim. The arbitration shall be conducted in either the county in which Client resides, or the closest metropolitan county. Any decision of the arbitrator shall be final and may be entered into any judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. The conduct of the arbitration shall be subject to the then current rules of the arbitration service. The costs of arbitration, excluding legal fees, will be split equally or be borne by the losing party, as determined by the arbitrator. The parties shall bear their own legal fees.XVII. Integration: This Agreement and all schedules are the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement of the parties and supersede any proposal, prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communication related to this matter.XVIII. Enforceability: In the event that any portion of this Agreement is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, the determination will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement, all of which shall remain in full force and effect. The parties agree to insert another provision that will be valid to come in closest to the original intent of the Agreement.XIX. Amendment: This Agreement may be modified by a subsequent agreement by the parties only by an instrument in writing, signed by both TMLG and Client and no waiver of any provision or condition of this Agreement shall be effective or binding unless such waiver be in writing and signed by the party claiming to have given such waiver. Witness Our hands and seal on ________________________ ____________________________________________ MARIA ADDISON ______________________________________________ The Mortgage Law Group, LLP Client Name By: Jason E. Searns, Esq. ______________________________________________ Managing Partner Client Signature
  7. 7. EXHIBIT A Disclosure and Election of ServicesTMLG is a full service mortgage relief law firm that provides debt negotiation and restructuring, bankruptcy services and,where appropriate, referral to consumer credit counseling agencies and/or government programs such as HUD. The followingprovides information as to all these approaches to mortgage relief services for your review. Clients should fully understand theadvantages and disadvantages of each to make an informed decision.Mortgage Workouts often offer distressed homeowners alternatives to foreclosure. Workouts may consist of one or more ofthe following solutions: loan modification, forbearance, repayment plans, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or cash for keys.Some loan modification programs are offered by the government while other programs are offered by servicers. Modificationsmay be temporary or permanent and may consist of temporarily or permanently lowering the interest rate on a mortgage,changing an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage, extending the amortization term of a loan, and/or forbearing aportion of the unpaid principle balance until the end of the loan. A servicer may also allow a homeowner to make interest onlypayments until their financial hardship has passed. A forbearance occurs when a homeowner is allowed to make decreasedpayments for a pre-determined period of time while a repayment plan merely capitalizes the arrears and allows the homeownerto pay the arrears over time to become current. Short sales occur when a servicer allows a homeowner to sell their home forless than the unpaid principle balance because the home’s fair market value is less than the amount the homeowner owes.A deed-in-lieu consists of a homeowner merely handing the keys to their home to the servicer rather than going through aforeclosure. It is possible for a homeowner to obtain “cash for keys” when doing a deed-in-lieu. “Cash for keys” is a programwhich pays the homeowner cash to help offset the cost of moving from the home.Credit Counseling offers services that will allow you to work with a certified credit counselor to devise a plan that is tailored toyour specific needs and goals. Credit counseling agencies often provide services for free and will help to educate you abouthow to avoid financial problems in the future by offering debt management classes or seminars. They do not erase your debt.Instead they work with you to budget money so that you can pay off the debt often times by debt consolidation. Collections byyour creditors may continue while using a credit counselor and most plans require you to pay your entire debt balance over thelife of the plan. Consumer credit counseling agencies are required to advise you that they are compensated by the creditorsbased on the amount of debt they are able to have you pay.Bankruptcy will usually discharge your unsecure debt and your creditors are not permitted to contact you once you have filedwith the court. There are two kinds of bankruptcy; Chapter 13 bankruptcy where you are generally able to keep property that ismortgaged such as your house or car and are expected to repay debts in three to five years and Chapter 7 bankruptcy whereyou must give up all non-exempt property and assets that you own in exchange for a discharge of most debt. Bankruptcy maybe appropriate if you have pending foreclosures, collection litigation or wage garnishments, however, you will generally beunable to establish credit for up to ten years.In 2005, the bankruptcy law was changed to make it more difficult for some consumers to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy based ona financial means test and credit counseling requirements that may require a repayment of some of your debt.Debt Negotiation is a process where the law firm, based on your specific circumstances, develops a plan to manage your debtresolution with your creditors. In general terms, it is a process of negotiating with your creditors for a lower balance/forgivenessof debt, a reduced interest rate, a reduced monthly payment or other restructuring alternatives. To be successful in debtnegotiation, you need to have sufficient cash flow to meet your living expenses each month and provide some funds towardsresolution of your debt.TMLG will contact all your mortgage lenders in writing that you are represented by the law firm and that we are advising youas to all alternatives for debt resolution. As you have indicated in your compliance review, you prefer TMLG to attempt debtnegotiation as an alternative to bankruptcy. However, if your financial circumstances change, we will advise you as to otherdebt resolution alternatives outlined above, so you can make an informed decision based on our advice.If you have any questions regarding the above options, please contact us for further explanation. If you are ready to proceed,sign below your acknowledgement that you have reviewed all possible debt resolution options and have determined that debtnegotiation by TMLG is your preference, subject to your ability to request a different alternative if your circumstances changein the future. Please review Section XV of this Agreement prior to executing your informed consent below. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Client Signature Date
  8. 8. EXHIBIT B Payment ScheduleUpon execution of this Agreement, or on the dates otherwise agreed to by Client and TMLG, the Client shall pay TMLG anInitial Flat Fee Retainer Fee as calculated below. Work on Client’s file may not commence until such initial retainer is paid.Processing Flat Fee $1,625.00This amount includes Client’s one-time administrative fee of one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125) for all electronic, ACH,wire transfer and related administrative services as provided for in Section IX of this Agreement.Mitigation Flat Fee 1560 $____________This amount is equal to one (1) of the Client’s pre-modified monthly mortgage payments, including all applicable taxes andinsurance, or a minimum of one thousand, two hundred, and ninety-five dollars ($1,295.00), whichever is greater. 3,185.00Initial Flat Fee Retainer $____________Thereafter, Client shall pay TMLG a monthly recurring flat fee retainer equal to one-half of the Client’s pre-modified monthly 700.00 26.00mortgage payment, in the amount of $_________, on the ______ day of each month, so long as TMLG continues Mortgage ReliefServices on Client’s behalf as described herein. Client agrees to pre-authorize payment of the initial and monthly recurringfees pursuant to via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or other payment method as agreed to by the parties.The foreclosure defense legal services provided by TMLG in Section I of this Agreement are included in the flat fee structure asoutlined above. In the event that TMLG’s provision of Mortgage Relief Services includes negotiating for modification of Client’smortgage loan terms, Client’s Initial Flat Fee Retainer will be held in TMLG’s client trust account and shall be disbursed tocover appropriate fees to TMLG and costs incurred by TMLG based upon completion of the following:$1,195.00 upon completion of Stage I $995.00$____________ upon completion of Stage II $995.00$____________ upon completion of Stage IIIStage I services consist of the following: a. Completion of financial statement questionnaire and consultation; b. Review and analysis of Client’s financial statement questionnaire to evaluate Client’s difficulty to pay existing contracted loan payment and the likelihood of repaying a modified loan payment; c. Evaluation of the “hardship” affecting Client’s ability to handle financial obligations including your mortgage loan payments; d. Analysis of preliminary financial data and mortgage loan terms as provided by Client including, but not limited to: income, P&L statements, tax returns, principal loan balance, monthly payment amount, payment history, escrowed items, loan documents, interest rate, rate adjustments, and equity; e. Analysis of Client’s existing loan terms and equity and comparison to relevant market conditions; f. Determination and application of all potential underwriting criteria to Client’s case file based on Client’s lender guidelines as understood by TMLG (Note: Our experience informs us that lender guidelines may change without prior notice); g. TMLG staff Attorney analysis of preliminary underwriting results; h. Communication with Client regarding analysis of preliminary assessment of information specified above; i. Document preparation including but not limited to the Attorney Retainer Agreement, Third Party Authorization, Hardship Letter, Financial Worksheet, and document requests and mailing of the Client Welcome Package; j. Documentation requests from Client as deemed necessary, based on TMLG’s preliminary evaluation and our current understanding of lender guidelines which vary from lender to lender; k. Development of Financial Summary; l. Assistance with Hardship Affidavit; and m. Confirmation of lender submission requirements. Client Initials _________
  9. 9. Stage II services consist of the following: a. Completion of required federal forms and lender forms; b. Compilation of financial documents in compliance with lender requirements; c. Preparation of file and review of all financial documents by TMLG Underwriter; d. Underwriting of file to support maximized loan terms favorable to the borrower and in consideration of both federal and investor guided options as applicable; e. Underwriting analysis, creation and completion of loan modification submission package by TMLG Staff Attorneys; f. Final underwriting analysis and review of completed loan modification package by TMLG Local Partner/Attorney for lender submission; g. Transmission of Third Party Authorization or Power of Attorney to lender; and h. Transmission of loan modification package to lender.**To ensure timely receipt of submission package by lender, TMLG may in its discretion and according to each individual filesubmit the Client’s loan modification package, although Client has failed to render all necessary documents as requested.The submission of each loan modification request package is a time sensitive matter.Stage III services consist of the following: a. Verification of receipt of Client’s submission package by lender; b. Continued monitoring of loan modification package review process with lender; c. Assisting Client in providing lender required documents; and d. Proposal of alternative loan solution where deemed necessary.If this Agreement is terminated by Client, appropriate refund of fees shall be calculate based on work performed at an hourlyrate. Such fee calculation shall be billed at the following hourly rates: Legal assistants/caseworkers, $50.00/hr.; paralegals/underwriters/negotiators, $90.00/hr.; Managing paralegals/underwriters/negotiators, $150.00 hr.; Attorneys, $300.00/hr.All fees described herein are subject to applicable state laws, statutes, rules, and regulations. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Client Signature Date
  10. 10. PARTNERS: MAIN OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE Mark Osterman (AK) Mark Osterman (AK) Willis Tower 13205 US Hwy 1, Suite 302 Todd Hoyle (AL) Todd Hoyle (AL) Steve Westerfield (AR) Steve Westerfield (AR) 233 S Wacker Dr., Suite 5150 Juno Beach, FL 33408 Cynthia Starkey (AZ) Chicago, IL 60606 Phone: 561-721-7300 Jonathan Levine (AZ) Adam Gerard (CA) Adam Gerard (CA) Mark Hofgard (CO) Phone: (888) 595-2818 Fax: (800)391-2178 Ira Turner (CT) Mark Hofgard (CO) Sheron Barton (DC) Ira Turner (CT) Matthew Carucci (DE) POWER OF ATTORNEY Sheron Barton (DC) Gary Singer (FL) MatthewEdwards (DE) Anne Carucci (GA) Everett Walton (HI) TO: VERICREST FINANCIAL Loan Number: 9800823016 Thomas Sundvold(FL) Gary Singer (IA) (LENDER/SERVICING COMPANY) Thomas Humphrey(GA) Anne Edwards (ID) Colin Banyon (IL) Borrower Information: Everett Walton (HI) Ed Castaldo (IN) Thomas Sundvold (KS) Matt Durgin (IA) Name: MARIA ADDISON DOB: 04/28/1956 SSN: 616-01-0430 Joseph Blandford (KY) Thomas Humphrey (ID) Donald Hodge (LA) Colin Banyon (IL) Burton Kliman (MA) Co-Borrower Information (if applicable): Dan Ruggiero (MA) Ed Castaldo (IN) Sheron Barton (MD) Matt Durgin (KS) Name: DOB: SSN: Jeremey Miller (ME) Joseph Blandford (KY) Nick Chapie (MI) Julianne Emerson (MN) Donald Hodge (LA) Real Property Address: 718 IDYLLWILD AVE, Rialto, CA 92376 Stephen Coffin (MO) Burton Windsor(MA) John Kliman (MS) Mark Anderson(MD) Sheron Barton (MT) Information to be released to: The Mortgage Law Group, LLP and all employees, associates, Harry Marsh (NC) Jeremey Miller (ME) affiliates, assignees, and/or agents associated therewith. Thomas Sundvold (NE) Information to be released: Any and all account information, verbal or written, that The Mortgage Jeremey Chapie (NH) Nick Miller (MI) Law Group, LLP may request. David Knapp (NJ) Julianne Emerson (MN) Denise Snyder (NM) Communications Directive: This serves as formal notice of representation. As such, all future Stephen Coffin (MO) Michael Terry (NV) communications shall be directed to my attorney(s) at the above Dan Ruggiero(MS) John Windsor (NY) stated firm. Any subsequent attempts to communicate with me MarkJim Moran(MT) Anderson (NY) directly, be it intentional or unintentional, will be deemed a violation of Robert Raper (OH) Harry Brown (NC) Ron Marsh (OK) applicable state laws and/or the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act Alex Golubitsky (OR) Thomas Sundvold (NE) (FDCPA), 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692 et seq. Ronald Rojas (PA) Borrower Authorization & Rights:“I hereby authorize you to release the requested information to the Jeremey Miller (NH) Alberto De Diego (PR) above stated entity as my legal representative. Further, I provide the above stated entity authority to Burton Kliman(NJ) David Knapp (RI) negotiate terms and/or conditionally accept modified terms of the mortgage associated with the above DeniseMurdock (SC) Phil Snyder (NM) stated loan on my behalf. I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time and I must do so Chris Miglilaccio (TX) Justin Rammell(NV) Michael Terry (UT) in writing. I understand that the revocation does not apply to information already released in response to Edith Gray (VA) Jim Moran (NY) this authorization. I further understand that once the above information is disclosed, it may be re- Tim King (VT) Robert Raper (OH) disclosed by the recipient and the information may not be protected by federal privacy laws or Chris Mercado (WA) GregBrown (OK) Ron Straub (WI) regulations. THIS AUTHORIZATION REMAINS IN AFFECT UNTIL REVOKED IN WRITING.” Justin Rammell (WY) Alex Golubitsky (OR) “I MARIA ADDISON herby release VERICREST FINANCIAL its affiliates, employees, Ronald Rojas (PA) (Name(s)) (Lender/Servicer) Alberto De Diego (PR) officers, agents and directors from any claim that might arise in connection with this authorization.” Burton Kliman (RI) MARIA ADDISON SIGNATURE: _________________ Printed Name: ____________________ Date: ___________ Phil Murdock (SC) Tim Hogan (SD) SIGNATURE: _________________ Printed Name: ____________________ Date: ___________Christopher Miglilaccio (TX) Justin Rammell (UT) On this ___ day of ________, 201__, in ___________________county, in the state of Todd Hoyle (VA) ____________________, I certify _______________________________ is the person(s) who signed on the Tim King (VT) preceding or attached document in my presence. Christopher Mercado (WA) Greg Straub (WI) [SEAL] _________________________ Justin Rammell (WY) Notary Public My Commission Expires:___________
  11. 11. The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman & Searns 233 S. WWacker Dr., Suite 5150 • Chicago, IL 60606 • Ph: 888.595.2818 AuthorizAtion ForMThis form will serve to acknowledge that the captioned mortgagor has authorized The Mortgage Law Group, LLP, andKen Lewis, Marla Pica, Caitland Harper, Dee Montgomery, Davina Dallsingh, Esther Gilles, Frank DeSanti, Gina Sullivan,Kym Irving, Lesley Green, Lidiana Suarez, Mercedez Galindo, Monique L’Italien, Natalie Camareno, Nicole Carlos,Irma Reynoso, Stacey Mcnesky, Stevie Beine, Sherice Hamilton,Tom McCabe, and Toni DeSanti, to act in their behalf tocommunicate with their Mortgage lender/servicer concerning their hardship, in an attempt to resolve their mortgage problems.(This is in accordance with Title 24 of the CFR 203.500 HUD).Loan #:__________________________________________________________________________________ 9800823016MortgAgor / Borrower/s (hoMeowner) MARIA ADDISONBorrower Name:____________________________________________________________________________________Co-Borrower Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ 718 IDYLLWILD AVE, Rialto, CA 92376Property Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________________ 616-01-0430Borrower Social Security #: __________________________________________________________________________Co-Borrower Social Security #: ________________________________________________________________________MortgAgee / Lender (BAnk)Lender: __________________________________________________________________________________________ VERICREST FINANCIALStreet Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ , ________________________________________________________________________________________________City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________________Loan #: ________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________ 9800823016 *the AuthorizAtion is vALid untiL revoked By the Borrower.MortgAgor’s signAtureBorrower Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: ______________Co-Borrower Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ______________
  12. 12. 06711014100 The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman & Searns 233 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 5150 • Chicago, IL 60606 • Ph: 888.595.2818 W AUTOMATIC BILL PAYMENT ENROLLMENT FORM & FEDERAL TRUTH-IN-LENDING DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (THIS IS NEITHER A CONTRACT NOR A COMMITMENT TO LEND) MARIA ADDISON______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Name (as shown on your account)718 IDYLLWILD AVE Rialto CA 92376______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address (as shown on your account) City State ZipCHASE BANK______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Name of Financial Institution Branch CA______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address of Financial Institution City State Zip (909) 714-1497______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Email PhonePLEASE DEDUCT MY AUTOMATIC BILL PAYMENT FROM MY ACCOUNT: I Personal/Business Checking I Savings 322271627 4414228802______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bank Routing Number Account NumberI / We hereby authorize TMLG, its designees, and the financial institution above to process an electronic funds transfer(s)(EFT) from my bank account. Futhermore, I / we authorize TMLG and its designees to process or change future electronicfunds transfers without written authorization and upon verbal, telephonic authorization. This authority will remain in in effectuntil my / our attorney’s fees are paid in full. I / We understand this is not a loan commitment.NOTE: DEBIT AUTHORIZATIONS MUST PROVIDE THAT THE RECEIVER MAY REVOKE THE AUTHORIZATION ONLY BYNOTIFYING THE ORIGINATOR IN THE MANNER SPECIFIED IN THE AUTORIZATION. THIS AUTHORIZATION MAY ONLYBE MODIFIED OR CANCELLED BY CONTACTING THE MORTGAGE LAW GROUP 561.721.7335 OR 13205 US HWY 1,#302, JUNO BEACH, FL 33408, NO LESS THAN 5 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DEDUCTION DATE.Should remittance be returned by a financial institution as non-negotiable for any reason, I agree to be obligated to payimmediately an additional service fee to The Mortgage Law Group the sum of $35.00.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Signature Date ANNUAL FINANCE CHARGE AMOUNT FINANCED TOTAL OF PAYMENTS PERCENTAGE RATE The dollar amount the The amount of your attorney fee The total amount you will The cost of your credit credit will cost you have paid after making all as a yearly rate % payments as scheduled 0% $0.00 $________ $________This is not a loan transaction. Disclosure is made pursuant to federal law because I/we may authorize installments of greater then4 payments to pay off my/our attorney fee. There is no demand feature or variable rate feature in this transaction. This transactiondoes not grant any security interest in any property, and does not contain any provision for credit, life, flood, or disability insurance.Payments are not subject to a late fee. There is no early payment penalty. My/our attorney encourages me/us to pay the fees as quicklyas possible so that the attorney representation can be completed as quickly as possible. This authorization for payment and theunderlying attorney contract is not assignable or transferable. There are no filing or recording fees associated with this transaction. PAYMENT SCHEDULEPAYMENT # AMOUNT DATE PAYMENT # AMOUNT DATE1 $1,195.00 8/26/2011 4 2 $995.00 9/26/2011 TOTAL FEE 3,185.00 3 $995.00 10/26/2011 Recurring: 700.00 Beginning: 11/26/2011 Angel Serna ANGEL SERNA Modification 1st Mtg ChicagoConsultant Name: _______________________________________Service: _____________________________________________
  13. 13. ® Sign-Up AgreementAuthorization for Services. I hereby authorize NoteWorld to receive payments from me, hold my money, disburse payments, and provide mewith account and transaction information (collectively, “Services”) as these Services relate to my agreement with ______________________ The Mortgage Law Group_____________________(”Payment Recipient”). I understand and specifically acknowledge that NoteWorld is providing these Services to meas an independent third-party and is not an employee, partner, joint venturer or agent of Payment Recipient.NoteWorld Fees. I acknowledge that NoteWorld charges fees for its Services that are separate from the fees I may have agreed to pay PaymentRecipient. I agree to pay fees to NoteWorld in accordance with the fee schedule set forth below. I understand that NoteWorld may changethese fees at any time either with or without advance notice to me. Standard Fees Account Set Up FREE Annual Trust Management Fee $23.00 per year (if applicable) Payment Processing Fee Electronic Payments $12.50 per payment Non-Electronic Payments $25.00 per payment Settlement Disbursements FREE Other Fees That May Apply Wire Transfer Fee $15.00 per wire (incoming/outgoing) Account Changes/Modifications FREE Stop Payment Fee FREE Returned Item Fee FREEPayments. I understand that NoteWorld accepts electronic payments (ACH, Pay-By-Web, Pay-By-Phone) and non-electronic payments (moneyorders, personal checks) and that I will be charged a processing fee based on the payment method I choose. If I change my method of makingpayments to NoteWorld, I understand that my payment processing fee will be adjusted accordingly. I understand that NoteWorld does not acceptpost-dated checks. If I remit a post-dated check and it is processed, I understand that NoteWorld takes no responsibility for any fees that I may incurrelated thereto.Disbursements. I authorize NoteWorld to disburse money on my behalf according to the terms of my agreement with Payment Recipient. I alsoauthorize NoteWorld to disburse fees to Payment Recipient.Trust Account. I understand and agree that my payments will be deposited to, held in, and disbursed from a NoteWorld Client Trust Account. Iacknowledge and agree that the NoteWorld Client Trust Account is non-interest bearing, which means no interest will accrue on the funds being heldon my behalf and I will not be entitled to any interest on those funds. I understand that my funds being held by NoteWorld belong to me and thatthey are separately insured by the FDIC up to the maximum amount.Account Information. I understand and agree that Payment Recipient will be given access to view my NoteWorld account information and thatNoteWorld may communicate with Payment Recipient about my NoteWorld account information.Cancellation. I understand that, if I want to cancel this Sign-Up Agreement and close my NoteWorld account, I can contact NoteWorld via: PHONE:1-800-535-9192; E-MAIL:; MAIL: NoteWorld, PO Box 2236, Tacoma WA 98401; or FAX: 1-877-830-3177. I understand that allcancellations will be completed within five (5) days of such request and that NoteWorld will not charge me a fee for cancellation.Refunds. If I cancel my NoteWorld account or otherwise make a request for a refund, NoteWorld will return to me all funds in NoteWorld’spossession, if any, as of the date my notice is received by NoteWorld. I acknowledge and agree that my refund will not include amounts alreadydisbursed under the terms of my agreement with Payment Recipient, fees already disbursed to Payment Recipient and fees already received byNoteWorld. I understand that refunds will be processed within five (5) days of any request and that NoteWorld will not charge me a fee for therefund. I agree that NoteWorld shall remit any refunds due to me via ACH credit to my designated bank account of record unless otherwiseinstructed by me in writing.Indemnity and Release. I agree to indemnify and hold NoteWorld, its officers, managers, members and employees harmless from any and all claims,damages, demands, liabilities, suits, losses, other legal actions and proceedings, and expenses of any kind or nature, including, but not limited to,reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, arising out of or in any way related to the provision of Services to me, unless such claims, damages, demands,liabilities, suits, losses, other legal actions and proceedings, and expenses arise out of NoteWorld’s failure to exercise ordinary care in providingServices to me. I agree to pay NoteWorld upon demand for said items. I further agree to release NoteWorld and its officers, members, managers,agents and employees from any and all claims, damages, demands, lawsuits, liabilities, losses and any other legal actions or proceedings arising outof a dispute between me and Payment Recipient.I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE INFORMATION.Customer Initials: Customer 1 Customer 2 NoteWorld Servicing Center, PO Box 2236, Tacoma, WA 98401, (800)535-9192, FAX (877) 830-3177 1 of 2 Rev. 3.04.2011
  14. 14. ® Sign-Up AgreementCUSTOMER ACCOUNT SERVICES INFORMATION (PLEASE PRINT)Customer 1MARIA ADDISON 616-01-0430 04/28/1956Account Holder Name Social Security Number* Date of Birth*718 IDYLLWILD AVEStreet Address Phone NumberRialto CA 92376City State Zip E-mail addressPayment Recipient (Individual or Company Name) Payment Recipient Account ID Number (if applicable)Customer 2Last Name First Name M.I. Social Security Number* Date of Birth**Required by the Bank Secrecy Act and corresponding federal and state Anti-Money Laundering laws. RECURRING ACH DEBIT AUTHORIZATIONDESIGNATED BANK ACCOUNT (PLEASE PRINT) CHASE BANK 4414228802 322271627Bank Name Bank Account Number Bank Routing Number CABank Street Address Bank City, State, Zip $1,195.00 According to ContractFirst Payment Amount ($000.00) Recurring Payment Amount ($000.00) 8/26/2011 According to ContractStart Date for Recurring Payments (MM/DD/YYYY) Recurring Payment Date (DD)Account Type Savings CheckingI authorize NoteWorld to initiate recurring Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits from, and credits to, my designated bank accountidentified above and I authorize the depository financial institution named above to process said entries. I understand that debits willbe withdrawn on the payment dates noted above unless otherwise instructed by me, and that sufficient funds must be available in mydesignated bank account at least two (2) business days prior to the payment due date. If the payment date falls on a weekend orholiday, funds will be withdrawn the following business day. I may make changes to my payment amount or payment date bycontacting NoteWorld at least five (5) days prior to the desired change. If the recurring payment amount and/or date noted above varyfrom what has been pre-authorized, NoteWorld will give me ten (10) days’ notice of the new payment amount and/or date. Thisauthorization is to remain in force until the schedule of debits is completed or until NoteWorld has received notification of a change orcancellation allowing no fewer than five (5) days for NoteWorld to act. NoteWorld is not liable to me or any other person for notcompleting a transaction as a result of any limit on my designated bank account, if my financial institution fails to honor any debit frommy designated account or for my failure to provide my Social Security Number and Date of Birth when required. I authorize NoteWorldto recover funds via an ACH debit from my bank account in the event of an error or in the event that a debit is returned for any reason,including non-sufficient funds. I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions through NoteWorld to my bank account mustcomply with the provisions of U.S. law.I acknowledge that the information above is true and correct and that recurring ACH debits are authorized by me.Customer 1 Signature Date Customer 2 Signature Date 06711014100 2 of 2 Rev. 03.04.2011
  15. 15. 13205 US Hwy 1, Suite 302 Juno Beach, FL 33408 Phone: 721-7300 | Fax: Loan D n Do ument t Client Name: _______________________________________ MARIA ADDISON Email: _______________________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________________ (909) 714-1497 Address: ____________________________________________ 718 IDYLLWILD AVE ____________________________________________ Rialto, CA 92376 ***Please read the following carefully as some documents require signatures. *** th Welcome r – 4 page must be signed and dated 4506T and 4506T-EZ – Both forms completed, signed and dated Last 2 months Income Docume n W t Loss Statement YTD (if applicable – Self-Employed or 1099 Employee) Last 3 months of Bank Statements (all pages even if blank) nd 2 Years of Federal Tax Returns – 2 page must be signed and dated. Include all schedules and W-2’s. Home A rdable D n Program (HAMP) Request for D n and A advit (RMA) L r of Financial Hardship st nd rd Recent Mortgage Statement (All Mortgages 1 ______ 2 ______ 3 ______ ) Recent U y Bill (Needed to show proof of residence) Notarized Power of rney Signed Financial Statement Dodd-Frank Cer c n – Completed and signed. Lender Speci c Documents (If applicable) Other: __________________________________________________________Client Signature _____________________________________________ Date: _____________________________ (PLEASE INCLUDE THIS SHEET WHEN SENDING YOUR DOCUMENTS)