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  1. 1. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazine Leonel Andres Messi “La pulga” En exclusiva para La revista teen’s interenst
  2. 2. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazinePresentation Hello my name is Angel Y don’t have a Nick name Y am 14 years old Y from Medellín My likes is the food and deports My dislikes is the jeans and soups Y have a pet she is a dog your name is Sasha, she is a furri, friendly, spoiled and energeticThe famous He is Leonel Andres Messi His Nick name is “la pulga” Messi is 25 years old Messi is from Rosario – Santa fe Messi like social causes and dislike racism Messi have a dog he is a small is not furry, is energetic, is spoiled and friendly
  3. 3. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazineMessi Wath is your name?My name is Leonel Andres Messi Do you have a Nick name?My Nick name is “la pulga” How old are you?I am 25 years old Where are do you live?I living in Barcelona España Do you have a pet?Yes my pet is a dog he is not a furry, is energetic, isspoiled and friendly Do you have crus on some body?Yes I am have crus o ¡n some body she is AntonellaRoccuzzo What do you free time?I play in my free time How do you get alone with family?Very good because are family together What do you tink about socials causes?I tinhk are very important by all people
  4. 4. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazine Magazine Gold ball thrice The best of the best Player of Barcelona f.c. He is call playerd of play station
  5. 5. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazinePersonas que ayuden a los demás What is your name?My name is Duvan Do you have a Nick name?Yes my Nick name is “el gordo” How old are you?I am 14 years old Where do you live?I living in Belen Do you have a pet?Yes my pet is a dog he is a furry and spoiled Do you have a crus on somebody?No, i don’t What do you free time?I search street animals How get alone with you family?Very good because are family together What do you tink about street animals?I think that not are bat schould
  6. 6. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazine What do you do every day to help others??I help care tree girls of ICBF, they have not family.I like that live whit the my family, I feel very veryhappy and they feel that love. Do you know anybody who Works to help others?Yes, he is Duvan What does he do?He search street animals How can you help your community?I help the people in all hav Talk about your coposition, use: but, also and soI help the people in my spare time, i can not do allthe time, i do it and so i am happy with my self. Idon not only with people in my neighborhood, also, ihelp other people, but, there will always by peoplewho to no accept help
  7. 7. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazineWANTEDIs RitaShe is furry, chuby, shy cat. It is big andspoiled.Call 987-25-64 if you find
  8. 8. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazineName of animal Gigant armadilionApearance They measured between 75 and 100 cm They shell is dark brown, and they body is pink They have short legs They have long tail they are small and heavyHabitat They live in they live in eastern of south america They live in tropical forests They live near the waterPopulation its population is very low its population is between 5.77 and 6.28 per 100 km2Food Their food consists mainly of ants and termiteAbilities They are very flexible they have very long nails to dig WarrensSpecial characteristics They have a tail to protect it from predators They are very agileReason why it is in They have low reproductivedanger capacity Man has destroyed their habitat to them have been captured for the illegal sale With these amimales shells were built musical instruments
  9. 9. Teen’s interenstThe best variety magazineLikesMusic: rock, pop, urbanTechnology: facebookEntertaiment: tv,play stationClothing: comfortable clothingParents: together, confidenceSiblings:together, confidenceLove: illusionMy physical appearance: my hairDIslikesMusic: guascaTechnology: MessengerEntertaiment: comercialClothing: tight clothingParents: disagreementsSiblings: fightsLove: disappointmentMy physical appearance: freckles