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Facebook 101: A How-To For Beginners


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Learn how to use Facebooke efficiently from creating an account to taking ownership of a Facebook page. Make Facebook useful for you.

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Facebook 101: A How-To For Beginners

  1. 1. How to Efficiently Use Facebook
  2. 2. How to set up a Facebook account!
  3. 3. Facebook Marketing Case Study No. 1
  4. 4. Facebook Marketing Case Study No. 2
  5. 5. Facebook Marketing Case Study No. 3
  6. 6. Facebook Marketing Case Study No. 4
  7. 7. Facebook Marketing Case Study No. 5
  8. 8. How to use Facebook
  9. 9. Your Turn: Create and Account
  10. 10. How to Manage Your Facebook Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day
  11. 11. Successful Facebook Marketing Relies On Three Things:  Interesting content  Consistency  3—Engaged audience
  12. 12. Consistency  Use a content calendar can help for many people. Ex. Monday – topic Tuesday – topic  What to post: Do you have an event coming up? What interesting tidbits do you have to share about the upcoming event? If you have a video, you can share that one day. Another day, you can share about the # of people coming to your event with a link to the registration.  Break your event down into multiple posts, each a little different but they get the point across.
  13. 13. Plan for 30 minutes a day Monday  Draft 7-10 ideas of interesting tidbits to share. What are the top 10 questions people always ask you about your product/service? Ex. If you’re a web designer, you ensure your clients get a great looking and well-performing website that has the features they want such as newsletter sign up or blog.
  14. 14. Plan for 30 minutes a day Tuesday  What pictures do you have to illustrate some of your points from Monday? Can you share screenshots for examples? What about pictures of your office or grab some stock photos. Ex. People love pictures and they take up 4X the room in the newsfeed than a simple text update so people are likely to see them.
  15. 15. Plan for 30 minutes a day Wednesday  Schedule your posts using a tool like Hootsuite or Facebook’s scheduling tool. Try out different times of day. Schedule some in the morning, some in the afternoon and some at night depending on your audience. Ex. If you’re looking to reach stay at home moms, between 9-11 a.m. and p.m. can be good times. In the morning they’ve dropped the little ones at pre-school and at night, they’re unwinding before bedtime.
  16. 16. Plan for 30 minutes a day Thursday  Have you “liked” other Pages? Find some and like them now. They can be friend’s business pages and people who could be possible alliances. Start looking at social media marketing as a way to connect with people and build on your in person marketing efforts it really takes off. Ex. “Like” those other Pages, comment on and “like” their posts. Join Groups on Facebook. Many towns have an active local business group page, if you’re a member of the Chamber or other networking groups connect with them. Lots of referrals can come your way if you show up.
  17. 17. Plan for 30 minutes a day Friday  Spend 30 minutes brainstorming and creating interesting posts for the next week or month. Expand that content calendar and look at what’s coming up in your business. Are you launching a new service or product? Do you have an event coming up? What are your alliances doing? Can you show your staff working? Ex. Do you want to put up a silly cat picture and say “TGIF”? Facebook is a place where people come to relax. Make your content useful and entertaining when appropriate. Make it about your visitor and not about you.
  18. 18. Build your engagement and your audience  Figure out how to post to your Facebook Page via your phone. That makes it far easier to post on the fly.  When it comes down to it, you need a plan. Take the time to plan your strategy. Review your content on your website and figure out what you can break into Facebook posts. You can knock this out in an hour or two or you may need to break it into those 30 minute segments.
  19. 19. Efficient Uses of Facebook
  20. 20. Thank you