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Angel Kyler's My Mastery Timeline (Capstone Project)


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My Mastery Timeline

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Angel Kyler's My Mastery Timeline (Capstone Project)

  1. 1. ANGEL AMOR’S MASTERY JOURNEY TIMELINE Angel Kyler Full Sail University July 27th, 2016
  2. 2. Angel Amor is here • No it’s not signed, sealed, and delivered just yet. It’s just me…The Artist,The Filmmaker or whatever creative type of person you would call me. In all seriousness, I’m currently in my journey. I look at it as more of a mastery journey within my life.What are you going to do with your life Angel?What statement are you going to make in this world? My MasteryTimeline will guide with where I am, my goals that are set, my strategic path, and my future.Take a walk with me on my journey. • Life is a long, long walk. It's not a marathon.Certainly not a sprint.
  3. 3. 1. Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership • GOALS • After completing the Entertainment Business program, I want to be the Master of myself. I want to take the foundation that I have built to lead my way to success. I want to use the strategies that were given to me in the books that I have read and the masters who were featured in those books. They include all of my inspirations from: Robert Greene, Coltrane, Newton, and more. They all equally instilled a lot of philosophies that have stuck with me throughout my journey. Those philosophies are like proverbs to me. I will apply that wisdom to my life and career. My career in the Film, Television, and Entertainment industries will overall be benefited. • STRATEGIES • Continue to work in my field by applying the strategies that I have learned from Greene’s Mastery book (Mastery, 2012) and all the many other references that I’ve cited throughout the course. • Continue working on small projects to exercise my filmmaking skills and new knowledge of business. • Search for any internships and jobs in my field. Specifically look for any position where I can work my way up, such as: Production Assistant, Grip, etc. Watch the Filmmaking Forum: Conversations with Ashley Kennedy on Filmmaking Forum: Conversations with Ashley Kennedy
  4. 4. 2. Executive Leadership • GOALS • After completing this course, I want to continue with more of a business mindset.That includes with me taking my directing, producing, and writing skills into the broader business platform. My experience started me off early as a leader, but my mastery journey polishes those skills. • STRATEGIES • Shadow more producers in local film production companies • Continue leading small projects to get my name out there. • Pitching Projects and Products to Executives with Dane Howard and Richard Koci Hernandez via
  5. 5. 3. Project and Team Management • GOALS • After completing this course, I want to continue with more of a business mindset.That includes with me taking my directing, producing, and writing skills into the broader business platform. My experience started me off early as a leader, but my mastery journey polishes those skills. • STRATEGIES • Shadow more producers in local film production companies • Continue leading small projects to get my name out there. • Pitching Projects and Products to Executives with Dane Howard and Richard Koci Hernandez via
  6. 6. 4. Business Storytelling and Brand Development • GOALS • Understand the message I am trying to express through a business perspective. • Develop myself from the ground up by various social mediums. • STRATEGIES • First, you begin with a story. Storytelling for Business Video with Roger S.H. Schulman via • Secondly, you develop a brand. In modern society, social media is essential for successful branding for a business. Personal Branding on Social Media with Karen Leland via • Pitching Projects and Products to Executives with Dane Howard and Richard Koci Hernandez via
  7. 7. 5. Entertainment Business Finance • GOALS • After completing this course, I want to understand the financial aspect of developing budgets, quotes, and proposals for any kind of shoot, and transform those estimates into invoices. • STRATEGIES • Look at the script of the project and see what works and what doesn’t based off the budget that I have. • Edit what I have within the script to simplify it. • BudgetingVideo Projects with Richard Harrington via
  8. 8. 6. Negotiation and Deal-Making • GOALS • Knowing how to put the right deal on the table • Strategize how to utilize my mastery skill of communicating my supreme focus within the project. (Mastery, 2012) • STRATEGIES • Marietta Carter Narcisse teachesThe Art of the Deal: Negotiating aWin-WinContract in Film &TV via • Strategic Negotiation with Mike Figliuolo via • take a mock business plan and go over the pros and cons with an investor
  9. 9. 7. Product and Artist Management • GOALS • Understand how to properly manage oneself or another. • Find ways to avoid management issues by using various techniques that a filmmaker can use short term (a project base) and long term (career). • STRATEGIES • Practical Project Management for Creative Projects with Richard Harrington via • Shadow a local artist manager and get tips on managing a artist • Network with various managers on
  10. 10. 8. Advanced Entertainment Law • GOALS • Understand the black and white of entertainment contracts • Know the importance of protecting intellectual property and how to do it. • learn strategies through modern legal trends • STRATEGIES • Protecting yourself legally via • Study case studies in Entertainment Law • Network with entertainment lawyers on
  11. 11. 9. Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution • GOALS • To understand my the media market and where to publish and distribute my films to. • Explore ways of protecting and monetizing their creative content and will utilize traditional as well as new distribution models to develop. • Develop a publishing and distribution plan for film production company. • STRATEGIES • Research trends related to modern media trends. • Develop a concise publishing and distribution plan • Research issues within the industry such as piracy, social media and digital rights on EBSCOhost
  12. 12. 10. Digital Marketing • GOALS • Create digital entertainment through the web by using marketing plans • STRATEGIES • Create an engaging and professional online presence • Develop a digital marketing plan • Research digital marketing strategies on EBSCOhost
  13. 13. 11. Business Plan Development • GOALS • Make a business plan that will solidify my goals and aspirations in the Entertainment Industry • STRATEGIES • Create a concise business plan • Work with industry leaders to create a successful business plan • Research successful businesses in the entertainment industry
  14. 14. 12. Final Project: Business Plan • GOALS • Work close to my professors and mentors to complete and execute a solid business plan • STRATEGIES • schedule meetings with my professors and mentors • look over my business plan once it’s finalized to make sure I believe in what I’m pitching. • Practice presenting my business plan
  15. 15. Entertainment Business Industry Leaders 1. David Sloan Production Manager at Wide Angle Media. 2. Brandan “Bmike” Odums Founder and Director of 2-Cent Entertainment LLC, a mentor, award-winning filmmaker, artist and innovator. 3. Doreen Spicer-Dannelly screenwriter, director, and producer. 4. MK Asante Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Rapper, and Professor 5. Issae Rae Web series, creator, director, writer, producer Twitter: @IssaeRae 6. Keith Mehlinger Producer, director, writer
  16. 16. Innovative Companies to Follow • 1 – 40 Acres and a Mule • 2 - Pretty Bird • 3- Lucas Film
  17. 17. 6 Characteristics of a Mentor • 1) Enthusiasm- Making me want to feel as if my job has meaning and potential. • 2) Guidance- Someone who can identify my current strengths and weaknesses to mold me into a success • 3) Challenging – Someone who will provide me with challenges that will foster professional development and a feeling of accomplishment • 4) Role Model – Someone who sets a good example by showing me personal habits that are reflected by personal/professional goals and overall personal success. • 5) Seasoned- Someone who has been around in the industry. A person that has a long list of credentials.The qualifications that can mold me with experience. • 6)Teach – Give me the tools I need to be successful in the film business.
  18. 18. Full Sail University Communit y 1) The Crew provides students an outlet to explore filmmaking with different genres and level of expertise. Our goal is to give our members general experience in the field, while also giving them opportunities to build their professional portfolio. The Crew is a collaboration of Full Sail Students of all degrees, with a main focus on creating visual works of art outside of the Full Sail Curriculum. • President - Amanda Bovea Email - • Club Advisor- Nikki Willson Email - 2) In The Film Scene you'll get the hottest information, tips, and web meetings to boost your skills in the craft of films people will pay big money to see. Other members will see your posts, questions, and will be able to offer answers through brainstorming sessions. • President - MJ Brewer Email - • Vice-President - Jason Roper Email - • Club Advisor - Joshua Begley Email - 3) Entertainment Networking Society provides Full Sail students with the skills to cultivate personal and business relation ships in an effort to enhance their careers. Members conduct and participate in fun and high-impact workshops on a monthly basis to build their networking skills. • President - Joshua Borne Email - • Vice-President - Shawn Brewer Email - • Club Advisor - Kris Nichols Email -
  19. 19. Clubs & Organizations in my city: Baltimore • 1) The Baltimore ScreenWriter's Coffee Club is a club where local professional and aspiring screenwriters can meet for moral support, inspiration, and just to connect with like-minded people. Find inspiration and encouragement amongst the company of other writers.The club gathers to network, for special events such as guest speakers, screenplay readings with local actors, and field trips to local film oriented events. It's always fun and makes you want to WRITE!!! • 2) The Film Circle's mission is to offer a casual, weekly forum for people to view and discuss indie, foreign and classic films and meet others who share this interest. • 3) Charm City DSLR Filmmakers are professionals shooting with a BlackMagic, RED, Canon 7D, 5D Mark II,T2i, or the Panasonic AF100, Sony, or Nikon DSLR cameras and or video, we invite you to join us.The objective is to meet throughout the Baltimore Area to share ideas, learning and do some plain old socializing and networking. Filming, short films, commercials, creating and outstanding photography is our focus.
  20. 20. Timeline Goals Graduate from Full Sail University Have my own production company Pitch projects that I create in my company to distributers and marketers. Scene 3 Explore various mediums by networking with professors, mentors, and film industry professionals. Pitch my ideas and get help with perfecting my business proposal. Scene 2 Develop my skills as a producer by learning everything about the Entertainment Business and creating my business portfolio Scene 1
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