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My Explanation resume


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This is a description of my job duties and how they may relate to other companies.

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My Explanation resume

  1. 1. Hello, My name is Angel. I am currently looking for new job opportunities. I have been working in the drycleaning industry for sixteen years. In this presentation I will briefly attempt to explain how the skills I have acquired can be applied to many oganizations.
  2. 2. Logistics: The handling the details of an operation Drycleaning is a Consumer Service. Clients enter with soiled garments and expect them to return clean, in a timely fashion. Now, as with all things, this of course is a process.
  3. 3. Your Name Address 2 Shirts 2 Pants 2 Blouses 2 Skirts Total $$$ Due Date All customer garments must be itemized at the front desk. Data Entry must be performed. Types of garment, colors, label names, and any special instructions from the client must be listed. This is done by a software called Compass Max. It is a CRM tool used by many cleaners. Compass Max records all of the client’s transaction history. It also is used for inventory control.
  4. 4. After Data Entry is complete, the garment are sent through a process known as tagging. Using Compass Max, tags with the clients name and piece description are generated. Each item will have its own unique barcode number along with the number of items on the invoice. Any special instructions wil be followed or individually attached to the garment. Newly tagged items are sent either directly to cleaning, or to the Stain Technicians, for spot removal.
  5. 5. Stains are designated by type. Tannin stains are from plants. Protein stains are from bodily fluids. Both of those designations are considered “Wetside”, meaning they should dissovle in water. Inks, Paints, and Adhesives are considered “Dryside” stains, meaning they are solvent soluble and should dissolve in the drycleaning process, some stains will be hybrids of both. Then there is the issue of extremely soiled items, which will require heavy detailing. All these factors must be taken into account, along with composition of the garment. Some garments will need to be recleaned.
  6. 6. Quality Control: The activity of checking goods as they are produced to make sure that the final products are good. After removal process items are sent to Inspection. Clean clothes are sent to pressing. Rejected items are sent back for removal.
  7. 7. Quality Control is continued after being pressed. A different inspector checks the clothes for cleanliness. The clothes are also checked for proper pressing technique and if any minor repairs are needed. Approved items are the scanned using Compass Max. The barcodes attached at the time of the tagging process are scanned and invoices are compiled for the client. Completed invoices are packaged and marked as ready.
  8. 8. Now that the orders are marked to “ready”, they can now be picked up by clients, or sent for delivery. During the after hours, orders for delivery must be assembled. Customers are assigned routes according to address, and each route has its own driver. The Route Coordinators are present to insure items are deilvered on time. Using the Web Calender, the coordinator must check the listing to see that all orders deemed “specials” are ready and completed. Calendar Management is key for good customer relations. When the driver are ready go, orders are are once again scanned using Compass Max., and driver manifests are created.
  9. 9. Before the drivers leave, each route is checked individually to ensure all orders are ready. At the end of each day all orders on the routes must be “cleared” from the system. Phone Support is also key in the delivery process. Clients often call in for pickups and to ask for “specials”, expedited orders set to be delivered before their usual due date. “Specials” must be entered into the Web Calendar. Any same day call-ins must be dispatched to the drivers.
  10. 10. I made this presentation to illustrate how the skills I have acquired could be used at other organizations. As I have delved deeper into the job search process, I feel that some companies have become to reliant on assesments and lazy labels and are not willing to put the resources into training good canidates. I am not college educated, but I can do whatever I set my mind to do, and strive to do it well. I probably should have left some of that out, but that is how I honestly feel. For any body reading this, this will give you a clue to my personality.
  11. 11. Angel S. Humphrey Thanks to PowerPoint Mobile and my LG V10