Students’ favourite books


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Students’ favourite books

  1. 1. STUDENTS’ FAVOURITE BOOKS All Hallows School
  2. 2. GRADE PREP Henry – Built for speed cars Ariyana – Shirley Barber’s fairtales for the Young Thomas – The pear in the pear tree Lily – The very hungry caterpillar Liam – The Lego book Martin – Fruit for thoughts
  3. 3. GRADE PREP Sarah – The star book Tom – Cars Kate – Dewey the library cat Caleb – I-spy Matthew – I-spy Isabella – Mr McGee at the zoo Micayla – The star book; I’ve lost my kisses
  4. 4. GRADE 1/2 Isabella – Pilot and Huxley Yaya – Team troubles; Rascal’s big day Tracy – Squish Sarina – The very itchy bear Adam – Star Wars (The clone war) Jennifer – The wild, wild, west Ken – Garfield series Jasmine L. – Rascal and little Flora
  5. 5. GRADE 1/2 Ciara – My best friend is a vampire Elena – The naughty girl in the school Ashton – Garfield series Victoria – Dancing queen Mia – Rainbow Magic Nicholas – Finding Nemo Maliana – Charlie and chocolate factory Ariel – Ladybird; Do pirates take baths? Jasmine Z. – Where’s Wally in Hollywood?
  6. 6. GRADE 3/4 Joshua – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Lydia – Smarty-cat Alexander – Ghost file; Harry Potter series, Garfield series Lawrence – Pilot and Huxley Sam – Star Wars; Super diaper baby Katherine – Harry Potter series Marcus – Star War Episode 1; Garfield series Amy – Just Disgusting; The bad book
  7. 7. GRADE 3/4 Karen – Harry Potter series; Diary of a wimpy kid series Timothy – Garfield series, Captain underpants series Seline – Diary of a wimpy kid series Jacqueline – Royal diaries series Gregory – Harry Potter series Emily – Aussie jungle bells
  8. 8. GRADE 5/6 Sophie – diary of a wimpy kid; Just crazy, Just stupid; Holes Leeann – Just crazy; Diary of a wimpy kid series, Guinness World Record, Revenge of Rapunzel Christopher – Tintin series; Garfield large and in charge; Diary of a wimpy kid series Isabella – Guinness World Record 2010; Diary of a wimpy kid series; Just disgusting; Cooking books Martin- Garfield series; all Paul Jennings books Matthew – Don’t call me Ishmael; Ishmael return of the dugong; Funniest stories
  9. 9. GRADE 5/6 Jaimee – Holes; Diary of a wimpy kids series Madison - Diary of a wimpy kids series: Dog days; Just shocking Michael – Garfield series; Paul Jennings’ books Elise – Garfield series; How to draw books; Joke books Laura-Jane – Percy Jackson series Kate – Justy crazy; Just stupid; Diary of a wimpy kids series Natalie - Diary of a wimpy kids series; dork diary; Where’s Wally series