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Le Hive


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The Green Building In Paris Improve Efficiency And Promote Occupant Comfort

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Le Hive

  1. 1. Schneider Electric HQ Le HiveThe green building in ParisImprove efficiency and promote occupant comfort
  2. 2. Located 10 km west of Paris inRueil MalmaisonSchneider Electric 2
  3. 3. Building overview● Owned by private investor● Built by BNP Paribas real estate & Bouygues● Designed by famous architect JM Wilmotte● Project start: January 2006● Building open: November 2008● Total floor space: 35,000 m²; 7 floors● 1,800 employees● The 1st building in France with at the same time ● HQE operation & maintenance ● ISO 14001 (Environment) ● NF EN 16001 (Energy Management)Schneider Electric 3
  4. 4. EcoStruxure integrated architectureActive energy management architecture from Plant to Plug Services Supervision Energy Mgt. Services Enterprise portal Power management Process & Machines management Services IT / Server Room management Supervision Building management Security management Supervision Services Schneider Electric 4
  5. 5. The EcoStruxure Marketing message“You Deserve an Efficient Enterprise” You are concerned by your business continuity, user comfort, Metering equipment & people security, Power Power quality mitigation Local LV/MV protection & control while maintaining optimized management Intelligent power & motor control energy performance at your site Renewables energy conversion or at your enterprise level. Production Management Up to 30% savings Information Management Process & Process Automation on OpEx and CapEx Machines Advanced Process Control Machine Control management Remote Site Management High-Availability & Safety Network Connectivity Rack systems IT room Uninterruptible power supply Enterprise management Cooling control portal Surveillance ONE Supervision HVAC control Lighting control Building Outdoor lighting control management Sun blinds control Guest room control ONE ONE Video security Supervision Supervision Emergency lighting Security Intrusion detection management Access control Fire and life safety One certified point of contact ONE expert > Project simplicity & successSchneider Electric 5
  6. 6. Active Energy Management:The fastest way to save on energy, curb CO2 emissionsand reduce operation cost Energy audit 1 Find out what the challenge is… & metering Passive Energy Efficiency Active Energy Management 2 3 Optimise through 4 Monitor, Fix the basics automation & maintain, regulation improve Low consumption devices, Solutions in : Metering, monitoring and insulation material, power building management, consulting services, EM analysis factor correction power management, software motor control, lighting controlSchneider Electric 6
  7. 7. Both designed and builtfor Energy EfficiencyDesign & build processes ● Global design of all technical systems active EE ● Teamwork from initial design to implementation and setupTechnology ● Efficient building envelope *** passive EE ● Efficient equipment ●T5 dimmable lighting, Active chilled beams, Efficient chillers (COP =3),Low losses transformers ● Optimized architecture and control features for: ●HVAC, lighting, sun blinds ●Energy consumption monitoring active EEOperation process ● Energy dashboards ● Continuous improvement process ● Continuous commissioningSchneider Electric 7
  8. 8. The HIVE with EcoStruxure Green: Make the connection of renewable Renewable energies (in progress) energy sources easy, reliable and cost- effective Building Management System Efficient & productive: Lighting, HVAC & sun blinds control • Measure and control energy, automate, Energy monitoring & control provide relevant diagnosis • Manage processes Motor control for pumps and fans • Make all the utilities of the infrastructure more efficient IT Cabling Electrical distribution Safe: Security • Protect people and assets •Transform and distribute power safely Access controlSchneider Electric 8
  9. 9. Renewable energies: Photovoltaic50 kW - 90 m²Solar panels andEV chargersintegrated in theEcoStruxurearchitectureSchneider Electric 9
  10. 10. Improve energy performance in operation1.Building operation indicators ● Building usages only: HVAC & auxiliaries (pumps …), lighting, sanitary water ● without activity usages: power sockets,restaurant ● Indoor heated area ● ~60% of total energy consumption ● all energies (electricity , gas) ● ratio in kWh/m².year final energy2.Total energy consumption indicators ● all usages ● all areas ( incl parking) ● 100% of total energy consumption ● all energies (electricity , gas) ● value in kWh final energy3.Environmental indicators ● water consumption ● CO2 emission ● Waste treatment : hazardous and standard in tons ( ISO 14001)Schneider Electric 10
  11. 11. Action plans to improve energyperformance in operation● Change AHU regulation: adaptable threshold of external temperature, non linear control● Set dynamic controls of air pressure set points and adapt air flow through VSDs frequency control● Fine tune temperature set points (change the value, adapt by zone)● Fine tune time scheduling for AHU● Adapt lighting control modes (for instance allowing occupants to manually shut off during occupation mode)● Favour ECO friendly behaviour : switch off , ECO mode for PC , stop water taps, reduce temperature setpoint in occupation mode , stop task lightingSchneider Electric 11
  12. 12. Office zone control for optimum balancebetween energy consumption & comfort● Design principles ● zoning with a 2 x 1,35m grid (13m²) ; enables enhanced flexibility& scalabilty for future room reconfiguration ● shared sensors and control panels between applications ; reduced CAPEX ● mixed centralized (BMS) & occupant control : continuous optimum balance between EE and comfort Shared control panel Zoning : Shared sensors Mixed centralized (BEMS) and 2x1,35m facade grid occupant control 4,70m depthSchneider Electric 12
  13. 13. Office zone plan Zone 1.35 1.35 1.35 luminaire (group 1) luminaire Wall control panel multi-sensor multi- multi-sensor multi- Chilled beam luminaire (group 2) Chilled beam luminaire (group 1) Chilled beam luminaire sunblind / shutter sunblind / shutter sunblind / shutter Luminaire multi-sensor multi- sunblind / shutter Wall control panel Remote control Chilled beamSchneider Electric 13
  14. 14. Continued…● Lighting features ● a presence+light sensor in each zone ● manual switch on and automatic switch off ( 20mn in individual office, after hours in open space) ● automatic constant lux level with adaptable setting ( eg 330lux)● HVAC features ● a presence+light sensor in each zone ● automatic ventilation & temperature control by zone ● manual switch on and automatic swich off ( 20mn in individual office, after hours in open space) ● occupant can change temperature setting in a +/- 1,5°C range on central( BMS) setting ● manual on/of for the 2 scenarios : comfort/presence – reduced/absence ● automatic(BMS) switch on for the reduced/absence scenario after hours● Sunblinds features ● occupants control up/down in individual offices and open space● Occupants control ● In open space , meeting rooms and individual offices : wall mounted multifunctional panel for lighting control, temperature settings &sunlbinds control; + comfort/presence and reduced/absence scenarios ● remote control in individual office for light, sunblinds and temperature settings● Air quality control ● combined hygrometry-external-interal temperature sensors linked to automatic air flow controlSchneider Electric 14
  15. 15. Energy consumption is under control bya comprehensive energy monitoring● Energy metering ● by zone ● by usage in each zone ● by energy● 12 heat and cold meters on hair handling units , heat water production, heated floor● 140 electrical energy meters● Automatic data collection and storage● Reporting for Facility manager● Energy awareness for Visitors and employees on display in the showroomSchneider Electric 15
  16. 16. … to monitor and improve energyconsumptionSchneider Electric 16
  17. 17. Increase employee awarenesswith the Hive booklet● Objective: to ensure employees best possible comfort and working conditions.● Required by French Labor code● Covering Safety, Security, Energy Efficiency & Environment● Regular newsletters to increase employees awarenessSchneider Electric 17
  18. 18. The Hive booklet● Increase employee Energy efficiency awareness to contribute to the savingsSchneider Electric 18
  19. 19. Newsletters to increase employeesawareness● Feedback to employees to keep them updated on the HIVE Energy efficiency program● Contests to make employees proactiveSchneider Electric 19
  20. 20. The Hive - Green Building Dashboard Energy consumptions* kWh/m²/year 320 150 110 80 2008 2009 2010 2011Divide our consumptions by 4 in 3 years, by : Using Solutions sold by Schneider Electric Applying the 3 certifications: EN16001, HQE and ISO14001 (1st building in Europe) Reviewing the measures of the air quality (Hygrometry, Temperatures, Microbiology,..) with the CHSCT Increase employee Energy Efficiency awarenessSchneider Electric * Final energy – 2005 RT Perimeter 20
  21. 21. Q&A Make the most of your energy Email: jacques.bollecker@schneider-electric.comSchneider Electric 21
  22. 22. Thank you for your participation !Schneider Electric 22