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Location3 Media Releases Web Analytics White Paper


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Location3 Media Releases Web Analytics White Paper

  1. 1. DENVER, CO – October 10, 2011— Location3 Media, the 31st company in the world to benamed both a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) and Google Website OptimizerCertified, is sharing their analytical expertise with a new white paper entitled, “Beyond the Stats:Optimizing Web Performance with Analytics.”The web analytics paper aims to help companies answer tough questions regarding onlineperformance by turning complex data into actionable insights. Location3 provides tools andstrategies to help companies answer questions regarding landing page optimization,offline/online relationships and attribution. At a time when digital is a major performance driver,proper web analytics can make a substantial difference in a company’s return on investment.”There are so many situations where companies encounter basic questions about onlineperformance, but don’t know where or how to begin finding the answers,” says SamanthaBedford (@SamanthaBedford), senior VP of digital media. “Having a proper web analyticsgame plan can answer these vital questions, and lead to a better understanding of their returnon investment. We developed this white paper to provide the foundation for that game plan.”The Location3 team devised this white paper to help businesses of all sizes get the most out oftheir online presence. The paper provides tools to help companies get a better understanding ofhow users are interacting with their website. The white paper also addresses the complex butcritical question of: “How is our offline campaign affecting our online traffic?” This informationcan give valuable insights into the effectiveness of campaigns. Location3 also touches upon theimportance of attribution, and helps find answers to the age-old question of: “How can I allocatemy marketing resources more efficiently?” Finally, the team provides some best-practices whenusing web analytics.Location3 Media is a leader in not only Denver’s online marketing industry, but also in theworld’s web analytics field. In March of 2011, Google named Location3 Media a GoogleAnalytics Certified Partner, making Location3 the 31st agency in the world, the 13th in theUnited States and first in Colorado to be both Google Website Optimizer Certified and a GACP.To download the free white paper, visit more information on Location3 Media, please contact Angie | 720.881.8528 | @angiepascale.About Location3 MediaLocation3 is a digital marketing partner built to improve the findability and performance of consumer and multi-unitretail brands through enterprise-level and local digital marketing solutions. Founded in 1999 and located in the heartof Denver, Location3 has a staff of 65 full-time employees who service global, national and local brands. More thanhalf of Location3’s client base has worked with the agency for at least three years, as Location3 improves thefindability and performance of every client they partner with.