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Smartphones in Class


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This is my two minute pitch at the Telenor Youth Forum 2015:
The talk was about how smartphones can accelerate students in Hungary to learn the skill of quick search and knowledge integration.

Published in: Education
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Smartphones in Class

  1. 1. Smartphones in Class How smartphones accelerate students to learn the skill of tomorrow in classroom learning? Anett Sóti
  2. 2. Preparation training for the FIRST Lego League (FLL) robotics competition Anett Soti, Hungary Telenor Youth Forum 2015 tablets laptops laptops Smart phones Photo credit: For Technology Education Foundation, Hungary
  3. 3. Key challenges • Most information can be accessed online • Smartphones are forbidden in class • Schools teach instead of training students to apply and analyze information Anett Soti, Hungary Telenor Youth Forum 2015
  4. 4. Solutions Anett Soti, Hungary Telenor Youth Forum 2015 • Smartphone’s integration into classrooms • Shift in thinking of students to clients for testing and shaping their education • Training of Teachers
  5. 5. Goals Anett Soti, Hungary Telenor Youth Forum 2015 • Add use of smartphones to the teaching repertoire • Improvement in critical thinking • Boosting open book exam and open source digital note-taking culture • Preparation of smartphone use for the future working experience
  6. 6. Anett Soti, Hungary Telenor Youth Forum 2015 Kempelen Farkas High School classroom, Budapest 22th District Dedicated classroom with smartphones