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Apresentação Lovemarks em inglês. Por favor, revisem para mim antes de destinarmos à Suécia

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Presentation Lovemarks Mobitec-06-2012

  1. 1. P O E TM BT CL V M R S R JC O I E OE AK A walk that takes the customers heart
  2. 2. Created in 2004, by KevinRoberts, Lovemarksconcept that defines therelationship between thebrand and itsstakeholders should betreated the same way wetreat family and friends.
  3. 3. A Lovemark is one thattranscends the limits ofthe rational. These arebrands that have thecapability to be tattooedon their customers.
  4. 4. When they reach thatpoint, cease to becustomers to becomefans, so passionateextreme and eveninexplicable.
  5. 5. All brand or company can be loved. The secret is to make differently and deliver love.Actually comment on youtube:“When I visit my mother during my breaks from school, we go here once or twice a week, and I truly love it. Thats the exact ro
  6. 6. O r rj t a b sdo fe a pls u po c ws ae n iv m in ilr e a o L vm r . f oe aksPassion Inspiration Intimacy Respect Love
  7. 7. P sio as n MobitecMeOnly those love who have love to give.And to have love, you must have purpose. To taketo the streets our best feelings, we need to sow inour passion for brand teams. For this let us be clearwhere we want to reach and align the Organizationsgoals with each person.Through concatenated and continuous actions, willdevelop a sense of ownership among Employees ofall units MOBITEC.We will have integration activities andprofessional development, including awards asthe best, short trips to other units MOBITECthe work and leisure.
  8. 8. P sio as n • MobitecMe / Purposi • Execution: HR and Marketing Sectors It is not success that leads to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is what leads to success! But enthusiasm is the engine of the Purpose. Life purpose, objectives, is what moves us toward our goals. So ​ we need to "decode" principles and values of the company, so everyone can have a clear answer when questioned about it. Were talking about a single word, strong and meaningful for everyone. We will translate and publish the Purpose of each unit MOBITEC to be a "north" common to all. But there may be dissonant people of our goals, so we get the alignment of personal and professional goals of each employee, using a specific methodology. Those whose goals are distant or not aligning, advise looking for another activity.
  9. 9. P sio as n MobitecMe / Purposi Execution: Marketing Area
  10. 10. P sio as n MobitecMe / Ownership Execution: HR Area Defined and properly aligned goals, and then we will negotiate to establish performance indicators for each sector individually, but well take everyone to know the upstream and downstream. Knowing the work of our colleagues who feed industry, as well as those who depend on our work, will create a new atmosphere of responsibility with others, and help resolve conflicts. Annually premiaremos the top two from each branch with the Trophy Colleague Legal, chosen by managers and colleagues criteria dedication, results and collegiality. The winners will be short trips abroad (one week) for host cities MOBITEC units, which participate in training and know colleagues for two days, and enjoy rides and tours in the other.
  11. 11. I pa n n irt s ioMobitec AboardTo generate inspiration in our teams and clients, we create the caravan MOBITEC, a home team trained andprepared for a visit to the workshop-type customers, focused on technical, engineering and maintenance, whichwill offer lectures and motivational techniques, fun and information culminating with the offer of a typical anddelicious dinner. On occasion we offer also MOBITEC of memories, and will cover the event with footage,interviews and photos. The project Mobiotec Aboard includes a comprehensive service that includes post-salessatisfaction surveys.
  12. 12. I pa n n irt s io Mobitec Aboard Execution: Caravan Mobitec Support : Marketing Sector Support: Support teamFirst we will create the technical teams, who will speak or lend training in delegations on visits tocustomers. The themes to be developed as well as lists of customers to schedule, will be defined by ameeting between the teams.Concurrently, the Department of Marketing will hire an artistic attraction to join the caravan in the eventdates.Well still have a team of supporters who will take care to prepare and deliver dinner typical of the citybranch, setting menu and providing the ingredients, preparation and coverage table (mise en place).It is important to note that the meal should be prepared by the hands of colleagues, because we are justdelivering one of the most loving and warm friendship forms.
  13. 13. I pa nn irt s io Mobitec Aboard Execution: Caravan Mobitec Support : Marketing Sector Support: Support team
  14. 14. I im c n ay t MobiteXperienceWe will show a MOBITEC that customers can notimagine. But nothing work. We will encourage visits byspecially invited VIP guests to enjoy a day or two in thehost cities of MOBITEC units, where the surprise will notaddress anything about business. The way of sale andcustomer loyalty is to make friends, and that is whatserves MobiteXperience the program, now underway inthe unit MOBITEC Brazil, with great success andtestimonials excited.Also within this project, we will define formats andstrategies for off-shore activities, exhibitions, events andnew opportunities for external contact of the brand. Theadvertisement should be guided by this concept, wherethe end user happiness is the motto that our customerswill distinguish our brand from the competition.
  15. 15. I im c n ay t MobiteXperience Execution: Marketing SectorOnce a month we will invite and schedule a visit from a special customer, a lawyer for the brand or evena customer that we are needing to approach.On this visit we will resist the temptation to show the plant, processes, office and other annoyances thatnobody likes. We will first consult his secretary and colleagues to know the peculiarities of the customerand offer only a living experience, which may include sports, food and sightseeing, but ALWAYS IN OURCOMPANY.The secret is in the assembly of receptive specially designed according to customer profile.
  16. 16. I im cn ay tMobiteXperienceExecution: Marketing Sector Our customer Felipe Sobral to experience your first Paraglaider flight near Caxias do Sul, as he waved to the team MOBITEC which was at the launch pad.
  17. 17. I im c n ay t MobiteXperience / Fairs and Events Execution: Marketing SectorThere aren’t few investments to participate in fairs and events, and as inmost cases mere passive participation with demonstration booths andwaiting for the tour participants, usually brings little results or merepromises of future contacts.The booths format external offer good showcase visibility of the product, but uninviting as it is apparently, aswe approach, we will be "attacked" by vendors. Already closed booths offer an aura of mystery and curiosity,and its interior can practice intimacy, offering privacy and what customers are looking for that is theRELATIONSHIP, not just more and more product information.Our participation in fairs and events, began to consider this reality, and we focus more on keeping thecustomer at our booth than simply showcase products and distribute business cards. We have made a firstforay in this direction and the results speak for themselves, as the next image.
  18. 18. I im cn ay tMobiteXperience / Fairs and EventsExecution: Marketing Sector
  19. 19. I im c n ay t MobiteXperience / Publicity Execution: Marketing SectorThe advertising of most technology companies, addresses the consumeras if it were a machine rationality. But not today we know that purchasingdecisions obey criteria sensuousness.Ads traditional with photos only products fill the pages of magazines which proclaim, uphold the samestandards of technology and what is left to the customer at the lack of perceived differences and chooseprices.In our ads we have followed a different path, more human and emotional, with striking visual approachesalongside increased readership and retention of messages and a well dosed pinch of good humor andfriendliness.We say what really goes on peoples minds, and thats how we got to his heart.
  20. 20. I im cn ay tMobiteXperience / PublicityExecution: Marketing Sector
  21. 21. R s et ep c EcoMobitecProgram dissemination of environmental concepts that includereverse logistics, with Recommerce and accountability in Blog,plus a series of actions aimed to raise awareness amongcolleagues of all units MOBITEC save energy, paper, water,planting native species, adoption squares, lectures at schools,etc.. We take all our experiences to customers on all continents,so they can enjoy and join our efforts and we will have pressrelations for the diffusion of actions in the communities. Lets dopreservationists and disseminate ideas.Ecology is also caring for the client, and therefore this projectwill develop the Flawsome, a range of approaches to problemsolving and satisfaction guarantee.
  22. 22. R s et ep c EcoMobitec / Reverse Engineering Execution: Marketing and Commercial SectorsAppeals environmentalists are gaining ever more eco as well as the actions ofconservationists industries. So theres a double meaning in this project, but three:preserve and gain notoriety and to expand the relationship and loyalty of ourcustomers.So we research, develop and establish a chain of collecting scrap MOBITECroutes, which will submit the recycling or proper disposal in accordance withenvironmental standards, even selling shares of scrap for recycling.But the client also wins, since the material collected will generate credits forreduction in future purchases. Your credit balance is always available on blogEcoMobitec, the same way as the other projects.In addition to the accountability of recycling to be sent annually to the press,accessions of our customers to the program and even the launch of the projectwill be a matter for press releases.
  23. 23. R s et ep c EcoMobitec / Ecodates Execution: Marketing SectorThere are several dates jubilee dedicated to the environment, and in them we willhave activities that are enjoyable for our employees. In March, for example, wehave a World Tree Day and World Water Day, which are very close. Then throughagreements with the forest garden and sanitation sector of the city hall, will makethe distribution of native seedlings to colleagues, to plant them. On World WaterDay, we will distribute custom cups to reduce the use of containers produced fromhydrocarbons.And so proceed with each special date, the World Environment Day, Day of ForestProtection, Air Quality Day, etc.The Department of Marketing will soon send scripts and follow up of eachschedule well in advance, so that each branch can set up and conduct theirevents.
  24. 24. R s et ep cEcoMobitec / EcodatesExecution: Marketing Sector
  25. 25. R s eo ep it• EcoMobitec / Flawsome• Execution: Commercial Sectors, Service and MarketingWe will prepare a study with a different approach from that applied in the ISOprogram, which will seek to understand not only functional satisfaction, but thelikelihood of the client to testify in state and favorably to other customers.Treatment of NC will provide a further step, after solving the problem, lets pull asmile from the client to the avoidance of grievances.Finally we will develop a program Recommerce, where the customer purchasesand research to achieve a certain score, generate points to be converted intobonuses or discounts on future purchases.
  26. 26. R s et ep c• EcoMobitec / Flawsome• Execution: Commercial Sectors, Service and Marketing
  27. 27. Lv oe Mobitec Red CarpetIt is important that our customers know how muchit is important to us.Once a year the best customer or prospect mosttargeted in each country will enjoy a week ofvacation at a tropical resort with their families,where at various times receive gifts, boat trips anddinners with affectionate messages of MOBITEC,occasion he will understand our esteem and itsimportance in the MOBITEC.
  28. 28. Lv oe• Mobitec Red Carpet• Execution: Commercial Sectors, Service and MarketingWho are our best customers? Set this using criteria ABC curve, more volumein the year of purchase, brand status of lawyer and shopping with a marginof an appropriate contribution.In addition to being subject to all other shares of the project Lovemarks,these customers should be remembered on special occasions only,as invitations to shows and events.Once a year, achieved the goals of general results, a rate to the net result isreversed in voucher for the customer enjoy with your family in the tropicalresort or ski closest to the branch. Ex: Bariloche, Porto de Galinhas, etc..It is up to the Department of Marketing and maintain contact sheets, costs,and the Commercial Sector definition of clients to be gifted.
  29. 29. Lv oe• Mobitec Red Carpet• Execution: Commercial Sectors, Service and Marketing