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Analysis & Reporting Without Limits


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Take a trip around the Sawmill ‘world’ below to see how Sawmill can help you in every area of your business. Sawmill puts readable and actionable up-tothe-
minute data in your hands, empowering your business knowledge. You can host Sawmill wherever is most convenient for you:

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Analysis & Reporting Without Limits

  1. 1. Analysis & Reporting Without Limits Web | Security | Email | Proxy | Media | Compliance | Data Logging | Authentication | VPN | FTPSAWMILL The Enterprise Wise Analytics Server Take a trip around the Sawmill ‘world’ below to see how Sawmill can help you in every area of your business. Sawmill puts readable and actionable up-to- the-minute data in your hands, empowering your business knowledge. You can host Sawmill wherever is most convenient for you: on a PC or a company COMPLIANCE server. Its agent-less architecture making deployment easy, while its optional page tagging server (Sawmill CCS) makes self-managed page tagging a risk Database Powered Authentication + User Control Every version of Sawmill uses a database SECURITY COMPLIANCE Authentication and Role Based (privilege) to generate its uniquely live and drillable Access Management is now available in reports. The database choice is yours: Sawmill Enterprise, allowing unlimited Sawmill’s integrated database, or an users and unlimited roles to be , defined external industry standard database such and assigned uniquely to each user as Oracle, SQL-Server or MySQL SAWMILL WEB C EMAIL Live Data Reports ANALYTICS Real Time Analytics Sawmill reports are always live and up to Your business moves fast and you need up | date containing data that can be drilled to the minute data in business time. In and filtered on the fly for analysis, real time mode Sawmill Enterprise will investigation and research. Only Sawmill provide you with updated reports with MEDIA offers the flexibility of live reports or static every new line of log data, it can’t be any MEDIA SYSLOG html reports to meet every possible more ’real time’ than that. If your requirement. business moves fast then you need Sawmill Enterprise c 2009 SAWMILL ANALYTICS age Tagging) cs (P Web Visitor Engagement lyti A na Monitor website visitor engagement with the e | add-on Sawmill CCS server. Not just hits and d -S i page views but monitor how a visitor Client interacts with individual items on a page, and how that modifies his behaviour. The Sawmill EMAIL CCS is a self-managed in-house page tagging server for click-by-click tracking using the latest javascript tagging technology Multi-Platform Support | SECURITY Customization Visitor Demographics Customize the Sawmill user interface to suite your corporate style or the requirements of your project. Configure special reports and dashboards with your unique user interface. Sawmill fits in with the way you work Multi-Processor / Cluster / High Availability Tackle the largest analytics project with Sawmill’s multi-processor support and cluster support to handle the very largest log files, with high | availability configurations via the deployment of a load balancer Technical Support WEB Sawmill software is backed by first class technical support worldwide. SAWMILL ANALYTICS offers a full range of support and consultancy services, including: Standard Support, Premium Care support, Plug-ins for special log formats, Profile development for customized reports, plus remote and on-site installation support Software Licensing to suit your needs Server based single-fee perpetual licenses based on the number of report profiles only. No hidden fees or mysterious charges. Sawmill Universal Analytics C SAWMILL ANALYTICS c 2009 SAWMILL ANALYTICS
  2. 2. Principal Product Differentiators Sawmill Enterprise Sawmill Professional Sawmill Lite Database: Oracle, SQL-Server, MySQL, Internal Sawmill internal database Sawmill internal database Profiles: 1,5,10,25,50,100,500,1000 Unlimited Profiles: 1,5,10,25,50,100,500,1000 1 Profile / 1 log source Unlimited User Types, with RBAC Fully configurable Minimal configurability Multi-Processor Support & Cluster Support Two user types max. Two users types max. Real Time Reporting & Alerting Single Processor support Single Processor support Extensive UI customisation Moderate UI customisation Minimal UI customisationSawmill Report examples (Sawmill Professional Edition) Traffic Distribution by Day Stream Name Traffic Distribution by Hour Search Phrases by Referrer 30 day free download Typical System Requirements The examples below are for guidance only. Many factors affect system sizing and performance, not least the pattern of usage and complexity of the log file formats. Use of external SQL databases, load balanced clusters, and HA configurations have not been considered in these guidelines, but are available Small Analysis Project Sawmill Demonstration Dedicated PC/ small server | Sawmill Professional | Uncompressed Log File Size ~10GB | Core 2 Duo processor | 2.0+ GHZ clock | 32 bit o/s | 2GB Memory | SATA 300 HDD http://V8 Medium Analysis Project Dedicated server | Sawmill Professional or Enterprise | Uncompressed Log File Size ~100GB | Single Quad Core | 2.6+ GHZ clock | 64 bit o/s | 2GB Memory/ core (min) | Large Analysis Project Dedicated server/ cluster | Sawmill Enterprise | Uncompressed Log File Size ~1000GB | Multi Quad Core | 3.2+ GHZ clock | 64 bit o/s | 2GB Memory/ core (min) | RAID 10 HDD ‘Uncompressed Log File Size’ is the aggregated size of the raw log file data. It represents the product of the daily logs and the number of days the log data is to be kept ‘live’ and available to Sawmill for processing SAWMILL ANALYTICS C WEB | SECURITY | EMAIL | COMPLIANCE Mulberry House, Swindon, UK SN4 9LZ, tel: +44 (0) 845 250 4470,,