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Meetings Management For Executives, 4 Week Course


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Chair and Participate in professional meetings like an intelligent, educated, native-English speaking manager in a global organization in 4 weeks.

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Meetings Management For Executives, 4 Week Course

  1. 1. It’s nothing
  2. 2. ... co un nn til ec it’ t ed s
  3. 3. Meetings are connections
  4. 4. So what’s stopping you?
  5. 5. ... and I mean ALL of you!
  6. 6. What are you afraid of?
  7. 7. Meetings
  8. 8. Meetings Do they make YOU feel like this?
  9. 9. We’re offering you
  10. 10. We’re offering you Fluent interaction
  11. 11. The ability to connect like an intelligent
  12. 12. The ability to connect like an educated
  13. 13. The ability to connect like an native-speaking manager
  14. 14. Executive Meetings In 4 weeks
  15. 15. Programme: - Formal language for meetings - Chairperson: Opening meetings - Chairperson: Agenda-led discussion - Avoiding and stopping conflict - Interrupting - Questioning techniques - Asking for and giving opinions - Agreeing and disagreeing - Chairperson: Concluding meetings - Professional meeting practice role-plays
  16. 16. Number of Participants: 9 (Maximum) Price: 650 TL+KDV
  17. 17. e: w: t: 0216 467 5460 0533 810 1903
  18. 18. Andy Kovacs Education Director Facebook: Andy Kovacs Linkedin: Andy Kovacs Twitter: @Andy_Kovacs @ELCtr SlideShare: Andy_Kovacs
  19. 19. Andy Kovacs ELC Founder and Education Director Andy studied Philosophy of Language and Linguistics at University College London and graduated with an Honours degree. In 1997, while working in London for Westminster Council's flagship adult education service: WAES, Andy devised the idea of professional English communication consultancy. He frequently encountered many managers who, although they had a highly advanced knowledge of English, lacked the specific written and spoken communication skills as well as the correct formal style, tone and confidence to achieve total success in their jobs. Andy's response was to research and identify the specific communication needs of professionals in the modern business world and to create and develop fast, intensive and effective full day seminars to enable busy professionals to immediately gain the communication skills that they needed to do their jobs with the greatest degree of success. Since moving to Turkey in 2002, Andy has been employed by one of Istanbul's most famous, innovative and successful high schools to design and teach language courses to maximize the communication skills and performance of English learners. During this time he was able to fully develop his knowledge of Turkish speakers' strengths and weaknesses when learning English. This priceless knowledge was fully deployed in the development of all of English Language Consultants’ seminars as well as guiding our approach to professional English communication consultancy. Photo by b-learn on
  20. 20. 10 What is ELC Consultants? Turkey’s first professional English communication consultancy. We introduced the full day, topic based, tailor-made communication Second training seminar approach (we had over 20 topics at the last count) and we are the only company offering specific communication consultancy reinforced with expert coaching to organizations in Turkey. We work with international Turkish companies, multinationals, banks and financial sector companies, government ELC agencies, Turkish ivy league universities and companies located overseas. In a word, we’re communication artists commissioned by the very best. Who can take ELC Consultant’s training services? Managers, from trainee level to the CEO, who use English at work and who need to communicate fluently and with superstar shine. What can ELC Consultants offer you? The ability to use English an like intelligent, educated, native speaking executive for ALL of the communication functions and tasks required by your job in the fastest possible time - because we know you’re already busy enough being successful! Who founded ELC Consultats? Andy Kovacs set up ELC Consultants in September 2005. He has a degree in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language from London University and over 14,000 hours teaching experience spanning a 13-year career.