Management Communication Master Class Series


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ELC Consultants proudly presents our new range on in-house, corporate management communication master class lectures.

If you or your employees speak English as a second language and need to boost your word power, spoken fluency, emailing skills and presentation performance, then this is the right choice for you.

If you dream about being able to show your ideas, intellect, knowledge and professional staus with the same skill and sophistication as a native English speaking manager then we can get you there in just 6 days!

Check it out and drop me a line if you're interested, my contact details are contained on the last 2 slides.

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Management Communication Master Class Series

  1. 1. Did you wake up today ...
  2. 2. Dreamingabout the beach?
  3. 3. Then youremembered
  4. 4. Yourbeachbelly ...
  5. 5. So whichof these 2optionswould youprefer?
  6. 6. Taking severaltrips to the gym?
  7. 7. Or having the perfectbeach belly NOW?
  8. 8. Let’s compare this scenario to more important choices ...
  9. 9. ... The training choicesyou make for your career
  10. 10. ... For yourprofessionalEnglishdevelopment
  11. 11. So you canshow yourknowledge,intellect, andprofessionalstatus
  12. 12. Ever feelyourprofessionalEnglishcould bebetter?
  13. 13. When you’re choosing the right words ...
  14. 14. When you speak
  15. 15. When managing the 100’sof emails you get everyday
  16. 16. When presenting your ideas to an audience
  17. 17. Ever wish you couldlook THIS good?
  18. 18. ButmasteringEnglish isjust sodifficult,right?
  19. 19. Your Englishhas alreadybeen trained
  20. 20. Your English has already been highly trained
  21. 21. During all those years of study
  22. 22. ... And allthose tests
  23. 23. You’realmostat thefinish line
  24. 24. You just needconfidence
  25. 25. Sometime- saving tools
  26. 26. The correctprofessional style
  27. 27. Andcommunication tactics which will NEVER fail you
  28. 28. And youwill beable tocommunicatein Englishin your joblike atruemaster!
  29. 29. Proudly presents our new in-house corporate training service
  30. 30. mun icate U ca n comS o YO e Eng lish ke a n ativ li man ager spea ki n g
  31. 31. Total Word Power Master ClassA One-Day Management Communication Lecture
  32. 32. Spoken Fluency Master ClassA One-Day Management Communication Lecture
  33. 33. Executive Emailing Master ClassA Two-Day Management Communication Lecture from
  34. 34. Professional Presentation Skills SeminarA Two-Day Management Communication Lecture from
  35. 35. Andy Kovacs Education Director and ELC FounderAndy studied Philosophy of Language and Linguistics at University College London and graduated with an Honours degree. In1997, while working in London for Westminster Council’s flagship adult education service: Westminster Adult Education Serviceas a Senior Lecture focusing on Management Skills Training, Andy devised the idea of management communication consultancyafter frequently encountering many second-language speaking executives who, although possessing highly advanced knowledge ofEnglish, lacked the specific written and spoken communication skills as well as the correct professional style and confidence to beable to display their intellect, education level, knowledge and professional status so that the could achieve total success in theirjobs.Andy’s response was to research and identify the specific communication needs of professionals in the dynamic modern businessworld and to create and develop fast, intensive and effective full day seminars to enable busy professionals to immediately gainthe communication skills that they needed to do their jobs with the greatest degree of success.Then Andy met Ebru and came to live in Istanbul in spring 2002 on a mission of love.6 years ago, they set up ELC: Essential Leadership Communication Consultants to serve corporations and executives for whommanagement skill and communicative excellence are a priority. Since then, ELC Consultants has exploded and it is now providing avast variety of training and consultancy to a huge array of multinational company’s and Turkish conglomerates. Through this vastexperience, the ELC Consultants Team has developed a complete understanding of Turkish speakers’ strengths and weaknesseswhen communicating in English and performing the managerial functions of their jobs; especially when this involves partners,contacts, colleagues, customers and suppliers from different cultures. This priceless knowledge is fully deployed in all of ELCConsultants training programmes as well as guiding our approach to professional communication consultancy.
  36. 36. Andy KovacsLinkedin:www.linkedin.comAndy
  37. 37. Andy Kovacse: 0216 467 5460 0533 810 1903