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  1. 1. - machine learning for machine data TL;DL - Build predictive models on data streams automatically - Generate actionable predictions in real time - Integrates into your application infrastructure: JSON in, JSON out - Looking for early adopters in finance, operations, monitoring
  2. 2. (C) 2013 Analytics today “Analytics” eg Data warehouse OLAP cubes Dashboards ? Action Event streams
  3. 3. (C) 2013 Analytics today “Analytics” eg Data warehouse OLAP cubes Dashboards ? Action Event streams Problems: - Queries defined in advance - you have to know what you’re looking for - Difficult to integrate into application infrastructure - humans watching dashboards Solution: - Computers are good at spotting patterns - give the humans a hand - Mine for patterns automatically
  4. 4. (C) 2013 Event streams Real-time actions Featurestream stream mining engine Streaming machine learning, incremental model building Enriched events Predictions Anomalies ...
  5. 5. (C) 2013 Real-time actions { id:10, time:1022391, type:SIGV, value:92.1 } { id:10, time:1022391, type: {actual:SIGV, expected:SIGV, confidence:0.93}, value: {actual:92.1, expected:108.2, confidence:0.82} } Enriched events Predictions Anomalies ... Event streams Featurestream stream mining engine
  6. 6. (C) 2013 Event streams Data warehouse OLAP cubes Dashboards Enriched events Predictions Anomalies ... Real-time actions Packaged into a complete stream analytics solution Featurestream stream mining engine
  7. 7. (C) 2013 Example: infrastructure monitoring • Monitor metrics of web service • Featurestream learns typical behaviours • A disk has mechanical failure • Featurestream alerts you that • Latency of response has increased • The disk has higher response times • You can quickly identify the fault
  8. 8. (C) 2013 Use cases • Finance: • Predicting prices/movements from prior prices and public news feeds (e.g. Reuters, BBC news, social media) • Finding anomalous events in trading data • Operations/monitoring: extracting signals from syslog/splunk/click data • Smart metering: real-time signals from smart meter data • Marketing: real-time features from social media/news streams
  9. 9. (C) 2013 Next steps • Get an access key at and try it (hosted service) • Talk to us about adding streaming machine learning into your application infrastructure