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The Croft Search Conference 2009

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Croft search master090705

  1. 1.  In the Croft we are looking towards the future and where we want to be We are discussing what to change and what to stay the same Some changes may take time and a lot of planning Some changes can happen quickly Everyone involved with the Croft can have a say We have also held a “Search” Conference for residents and co- workers
  2. 2. Looking towards the futureWe are Imagine thelearning all Croft in 5the time. We years timetried to look Whatat different changes can How we liveareas which we makewould be nowuseful todiscuss to get What do we What is ouran idea of need to do to work andhow we would look after our how might itlike the Croft community changeto be in 5 What willyears time happen as I get older
  3. 3. Who Contributed Co-Workers • Long term Co-workers and short term volunteers The Croft • Gawain House • Michael House Vision Process Residents • The Croft • Rowan and Search • Yew Tree/Beehive • Greengate Conference • Employees • Friends Group Stakeholders • LMC • Statutory Authorities • Families
  4. 4. What have Stakeholders said theyvalued about the CroftStakeholders opportunities skills supportive Helping hand Encouragementtold us whatthe Croft Caring Valuedmeant to community Flexibility normal life Friendships individualsthem. Wehad manyreplies – Integration into local amenities Human warmth Commitment Fulfilled and worthwhile life Christian valueshere aresome of thewords they Self esteem Everybody matters Outstanding provision Sheltered independence Stabilityused Rewarding Fulfils statutory working Dedication requirements Activities Choice environment
  5. 5. Suggestions for the FutureWe alsoasked for More local PR Extra care set-up Croft holidays Social Enterpriseideas on how activitiesthey could seethe Croft Partnerships with Selling the More informationdeveloping other Garden produce Plan for the future events organisationsand newinitiatives that Lovingwe might take. Care of the Co-worker relationships Croft NewslettersHere are elderly sabbaticals between individualssome of thethings they Regular meetingssaid of families co- Develop IT skills Retirement New LMC workers and planning members residents
  6. 6. 12th June 2009 The Croft Search Conference
  7. 7. Planning the ConferenceDifferent Groupsplanned for weeksto arrange theconference. Nikki,Dorothea, Tom andAndy arranged forsome other peopleto come and help. Frances tells Andy what Others tell Sandra how Its fun being togetherThese people were she likes doing great she isJacquie Spencerand George Perry.Kelly Matt andJackie at TheKingfisher Cafe,and Helen andElaine helped withthe food . Barry,Sayaka, Aiko, andTheresa and Narkisalso helpedprepare the daywith Andy andJacquie. William watches Jacquie
  8. 8. The Croft TimelineOn a long rollof paper wemarked outmoments andevents toremember Each person wrote We remembered We now have 7from the Crofts when they came to people who are no houses and newbeginning in the Croft longer here meeting rooms1976 all theway up to thepresent day. Itwas astimulating andsometimesmovingexperiencerememberingold friends So much has happened over the years
  9. 9. We get a chance to talk about ourselves andhear others positive thoughts about us
  10. 10. Mark DaveyWhat I said I work in the Kingfisher Café and I walk with local Ramblers most weekends. I am a member of Rowan House and live in Stable Cottage.What People said Knows where every football team plays.about me Fantastic memory He can walk for miles
  11. 11. Ian ClarksonWhat I said I live at Greengate. I go to Art Night class. I work in the Candle workshop & garden & Craft workshop. I have been on the gardening course and I like playing games in the evening.What People said Has a good memory He is funny with a goodabout me sense of humour Very sociable Inquisitive Good friend to everybody
  12. 12. Andrew Griff- PrestonWhat I said I came to the Croft in 1994 I like living in Greengate I helped with the Greengate renovation in 1998 I work 3 days a week in the Tofu factory and sometimes I work at the Market I like going to the GymWhat Good with animals He’s a great cook [Tofu burgers]People said Very friendly and funny andabout me cheerful He’s a hard worker and extremely caring He works in the café Very good looking and charming Hosts games evening My Mum likes Andrew’s cooking
  13. 13. Alison HallWhat I said I work at Greengate with Clare and I make dishcloths at the Weavery I go to Art Class with Jane Sometimes I cook in the Croft Jane is my best friendWhat People said Alison is a good singer – she is very musicalabout me She likes playing games like dominoes She likes dancing
  14. 14. Andrew TurnerWhat I said This year I celebrate my 70th Anniversary I work in the Café on Wednesday and Friday mornings I go to the over 60’s clubWhat Andrew travels on the moors buses he has a free bus pass.People said He likes going for a cup ofabout me coffee Andrew lives in Yew Tree Cottage He’s very nice to talk to He does the progress report for the LMC
  15. 15. Anna HirstWhat I said I used to deliver newspapers with my Dad I live in Rowan House On Friday I do dressage in Leeds I work in the Kingfisher Café – I do the dishwasher and make salads I work with Barry in the Craft WorkshopWhat People Very nice and friendly Chats to mesaid about me She helps me with spelling Very happy Always says good night to me Good worker in the garden Anna is a lovely person
  16. 16. Ben PikeWhat I said I live in Michael House with Gareth, Charlotte, George, Nikki & Aiko and Kay I work in the Café preparing meals I am going to the Gym to lose weight I can play the Lyre and I am an uncleWhat People Ben’s a good pool player Ben is a charmersaid about me Ben’s Dad played goal keeper for Nottingham Forest He is very friendly He likes eurythmy
  17. 17. Carolyn ChinneryWhat I said I empty the dishwasher and do the vegetables. I worked in the Café at Botton I live in Yew Tree CottageWhat People Good worker in the Weaverysaid about me Very good singer Very good artist Likes to listen to classic F.M Likes to watch “Spring Watch” on T.V, Likes to listen to CD’s and story tapes with Andrew
  18. 18. Charlotte CollinsonWhat I said I like singing. Cooking with Helen Working with Barry on my pattern book Walking with my Auntie Working in the Café in the afternoons Going shopping with Gareth Living and working in Michael HouseWhat People Helps John to get to the Café for his lunchsaid about me Has a lovely voice Very loving and caring Very good looking Happy person
  19. 19. Fiona WoodWhat I said I have lived here for about 12 years I live in Stable Cottage I work in the Craft workshop, the gardens and play the piano for Eurythmy I like embroidery and listening to classical music. I go to Art class and paint landscapes/What She’s a good friend and pool playerPeople said She’s an excellent piano playerabout me She goes to Cawood She goes to town with me She is hardworking and likes doing things for others She went to the Lake District
  20. 20. Gareth BealeWhat I said I live in Michael House Work in the Craft workshop with Barry and in the Weavery Work with Helen helping in the kitchen doing vegetables Clean at Gawain house At the weekend I write stories about my friends I work in the garden on Friday afternoons I am an Arsenal fanWhat Good pool player and pool coach Good LookingPeople said A film buff – knows a lot aboutabout me films Went to the Milton Keynes Conference
  21. 21. Chris TaylorWhat I said I like Disco I am 47 I went to Iceland with Andy and I read and write Icelandic I work in the garden and the Weavery Go to the Café for coffee I go to the pubWhat Comes from LiverpoolPeople said Supports Liverpool and Barcelonaabout me Very good weaver Good with words Likes playing games at Greengate
  22. 22. Maria Isabella HawkinsWhat I said I like to be in the Croft in Malton I have got very nice friends I work in the Craft Workshop, Café, and gardens I do Spanish class and Art class I Like Dr Who and TorchwoodWhat Croft pool champion Very happy, friendly, kind andPeople said helpfulabout me Sporty Likes travelling Very pretty Good Artist Fashionable
  23. 23. Mike PlewesWhat I said I work in the garden and cut the grass I help in the Croft and do breakfasts I come from Scarborough I like being outdoorsWhat Likes going to Café Very helpful to othersPeople said Makes gardening funabout me Likes female company Likes going to the pub on Friday Plays pool Very fit
  24. 24. Mike SalmonWhat I said I live at Gawain House Work at Café on Saturday Go to the Cinema with Anna Work in the Garden on Wednesday Go to Craft Workshop Listen to music I like watching films and walkingWhat Best housemate Likes playing UNO and PoolPeople said Art Classabout me Cawood Disco
  25. 25. Nicky JonesWhat I I am 41 and came to The Croft in 1988.said I live in Greengate House I am a vey well organised person I work in the garden and the Café I like all sorts of music and I go to the Art classWhat Nicky is a charmer and beautiful. He’s a great friend and playsPeople draughts with mesaid Brilliant actor “Prince Charming”about me Extremely polite and very well spoken Kind, considerate, caring and chatty Good snooker player Clown who tells jokes Helpful with doing breakfast He’s a Leeds supporter
  26. 26. Paul BrettWhat I I like doing lots of thingssaid I’m a theatre person – I like singing and George Benson I am in the Pantomime I clean at Rowan and cook at the CroftWhat Good performerPeople Happy and friendlysaidabout me He gives out the Disco prizes Likes his hair short and is very stylish
  27. 27. John SenneckWhat I I work in Michael House with Aiko and Kay and I work in the Café withsaid Kelly I like listening to bagpipes and watching Dr Who On Mondays I lay the table I come from SheffieldWhat John likes hovering and brushing upPeople John likes Alisonsaidabout me John goes to the Gym with Ben He is a very good worker He plays the piano with Aiko
  28. 28. Frances RobsonWhat I I’ve lived in the Croft for a long timesaid I like Norwich City and I like bird watching I used to set the tables in the CroftWhat She gives people big hugsPeople She goes to the Methodist Churchsaid with her Mother and Fatherabout me Frances likes to sit next to the Aga in Greengate She goes to the Weavery
  29. 29. Katie ParkerWhat I I live in the Croft, work in the Cafésaid I work in Rowan and Gawain, I do ironing I clean the toilets in the Café I am a fan of Dr Who I go to nigh classes where I write a diaryWhat Makes tea for us all Likes doing crosswordsPeople Likes David Tennantsaid Takes good pictures of birthdayabout me cakes Good at spelling
  30. 30. Richard HowarthWhat I I work in the gardens and in the Candle Workshopsaid I live in Rowan House and work in the Weavery I do Art at night class, I clean the green busWhat He is a very good artistPeople He’s good at music and likes thesaid Hokey Cokeyabout me Richard is a very good friend if I am upset he is a good listener
  31. 31. Rosie EarwakerWhat I I live in Rowan House and come from Sheffieldsaid I have a personal trainer at the Gym I work in Barry’s Workshop and in the garden and the Weavery and do useful things. I have been a Ryedale representative for the Partnership Board and travelled around.What Rosie is funny and has a good sense of humourPeople She does jigsaws, writes letters andsaid shopping listsabout me She likes to be with good friends Rosie is a good cook and likes making cakes and buns
  32. 32. Virginia KellyWhat I I live in Yew Tree Cottagesaid I like cats and pink things I have lived here since the Croft startedWhat Virginia is semi-retiredPeople She goes to visit friends on asaid Wednesday nightabout me She has met the Queen in 2003 People like her cheese scones She goes to the over 60’s club
  33. 33. Sandra ThomasWhat I I work in the café and in the Weaverysaid I listen to pop music My sister lives in France and I visit her I go to Art classWhat Very FriendlyPeople Likes being cheeky to Nicky Jonessaidabout me Works hard in the café
  34. 34. William YoungWhat I I live in Michael House I work in the garden and do choir,said bell ringing and eurythmy and I iron and I clean windows I like sport and woodwork and metalwork I go for my holidays to Derbyshire sometimesWhat William likes changing light bulbs He is precise and likes things to bePeople perfectsaid He is happy and works hardabout me He likes walking and will join the ramblers He would like to do gymnastics He’s a good singer and likes playing the piano
  35. 35. Larry MobleyWhat I said I live in Gawain House and help to make breakfast every 3 weeks I work in the Weavery, Café and Greengate Office I like listening to music and watching DVD’s like Doc Martin At week-ends I go train travelling and like going to cinemaWhat Good worker in the WeaveryPeople said Likes walkingabout me Good room mate Good actor & singer
  36. 36. Joseph GolbergWhat I said I am doing a City & Guilds course in Maths I sew strips in the weavery I work in the Kingfisher Café and make rolls, bread and fruit bread I sweep paths and listen to classic FM and go to Scarborough on the bus and go to Art Galleries & sculpture parksWhat He’s a very good baker Knows lots of classical composersPeople said Very sociableabout me Fond of cats and dogs Likes concerts Went to Iceland Takes Photos Good singer not descant or falsetto
  37. 37. Jamie KenyonWhat I I support Liverpool I go to night class to do Artsaid I live in Gawain House and do Eurythmy on Tuesday I listen to football and watch football with Andy I like all the musicals with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gilbert & SullivanWhat Jamie has a good sense of humourPeople Sings wellsaid about Went to Icelandme Jamie is friendly and helpful He knows a lot about football Jamie went to school with Richard
  38. 38. Jane DawsonWhat I I live at Greengate I love doing colouring bookssaid with Barry I support Newcastle I love my jewellery I am going on holiday to Di’s on 25th JulyWhat She’s so pretty with her jewellery and we call her thePeople Queen of Maltonsaid aboutme She’s been at the Croft for 18 years. She likes washing up Jane likes sending postcards She likes cooking
  39. 39. George WardroperWhat I said I live in Michael House and work in the garden. I am 22 and I lived for 5 years in Pennine. I play pool and listen to football – I am a Chelsea fan I’m also a big music fan.What Nice friendly guy Good pool playerPeople said Good gardenerabout me Likes films Cheerful voice Good sense of humour Very helpful
  40. 40. The Day of the ConferenceJacquie Spencer (left) from the Camphill Social Work Team has experience in workingwith groups. She helped us discuss what we valued about the Croft how we enjoyedbeing together and how we wanted to move into the future
  41. 41. The Value of CommunityWe split intodifferentgroups anddiscussedwhat we felt What is special What do we value? What do wewas special about our community? appreciate?about theCroftCommunity -and how couldwe make iteven morespecial Using pictures and words to describe our ideas
  42. 42. Some of our DreamsWe talked Rooms painted Present Top Manageabout the Go to America brighter Gear Liverpool Go to Canada coloursfuture andhow people Go see Mum Be a singer Air hostess Play for Do gymnasticshave dreams. ChelseaWe talked Be a movie Famousabout some of star Be a skier dressage rider Get married Collect old junkour dreamsand wrotethem down on Work in Change a lot Flower Become a Be a famous Morrisons of light bulbs arranger dancer painterlargeflipcharts Have a house Be a vet on the Isles of Give to charity Make a bigger Be a famous Scilly cafe cook
  43. 43. Ways to go forwardWe split intogroups anddiscussed whatwe would liketo keep aboutthe Croft,things wewished to dropand creativenew ideas Keep Drop Create.Then weprioritisedthese into 6areas that wewish todevelop soon.
  44. 44. KEEPGroups talked about what it was about the Croft they wished to keep
  45. 45. DropWere there things we wished to drop?
  46. 46. CreateWhat ides did we have about developments for the Croft
  47. 47. Areas we want to work on soonGroups to Woodwork Computers Marketing Keep-Fit Films Tripshelp with
  48. 48. Woodwork Group Barry Making things: chairs, stools, tables, cup holders, plant holders, plant Chris boxes, bar Who needs to think about this? – Jamie, Making things Gareth, Mike, to sell William, Chris, Gareth Barry, Tom Jamie Where could Tools and we work machines Tom Might need extra training William
  49. 49. Computers Kay Learn Computer Skills Maria Regular tuition in the Library We think the Croft should Mike Salmon buy some computers and keep them in the Library Some of us think each Nikki house should have a computer for all to use Some of us would like to Richard have our own computers
  50. 50. Ways to target and sell our products Fiona Approach other shops (gift shops), Gabi Camphill communities Take part in fairs (country fairs, craft fairs etc) Have a stall on the Saturday market/ Farmer’s market Ian Display in empty shop windows Leaflet or little catalogue Joseph Josh
  51. 51. The Keep Fit Group Ben Clare Gymnastics and stretching Yoga (breathing Aerobics and relaxation) Linda and pilates Mark Weights Swimming Folk dancing Sayaka Rambling (circle and contemporary dance) Sandra
  52. 52. The Film Group Anna Carolyn Small group - Aiko, Carolyn, George, Suggestion box Katie, Narkis, Paul Alison Bring ideas for films Katie to house meetings each week and tell any member of the Offer to meet on Sundays to discuss film group Paul Get a book to remember which films we’ve watched Review membership and which films every 3 months people have asked Aiko for Andy
  53. 53. Trips out and learning to travel alone Alison Andrew T Community organised coach Learning how to Charlotte trips (where no use public public transport) transport at weekends Dorothea Howard Organised through Cultural Croft Library as Larry group and information Neighbourhood centre meeting Jane Rosie
  54. 54. Moving ForwardEven theweather waskind to usIt was aspecial day Celia Nikki Dorothea John Sayakaand helped us Carolynsee what wevalue aboutthe CroftCommunityWe aremovingforward Coffee break Gabi Chris