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Delusions of grandeur and the reality of agency project management


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Presented at EEConf 2019 ( )

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Delusions of grandeur and the reality of agency project management

  1. 1. Delusions of Grandeur and The Reality of Agency Project Management Andy McCormick | EEHarbor
  2. 2. What is Digital Project Management?
  3. 3. What is Digital Project Management? “Digital project management is the leading, planning, organizing, motivating and delivery of web-enabled projects which use the internet and delivered through screens or connected devices – often within digital agencies, studios, or internal web teams.” -
  4. 4. What is Digital Project Management at an Agency? ● Making big ideas come to light ● Capacity and Resource Management among multiple projects ● Managing external (client) issues and changes ● Keeper of all budgets and timelines ● Cross-team functionality and engagement. ● Keeper of the relationship with the client / Customer Service ● QA Lead ● Note taker and keeper of documentation ● Business development ● Scoping
  5. 5. What Makes a Good PM at a Digital Agency? ● Personable ● Detail Oriented ● Able to Communicate
  6. 6. What are Delusions of Grandeur?
  7. 7. What are Delusions of Grandeur? “A delusion of grandeur is a false belief in one's importance or greatness.”
  8. 8. What are Delusions of Grandeur in Agency Project Management? A false belief that everything is going well and that none of your problems are related to your lack of project management.
  9. 9. Everyone is Delusional
  10. 10. Owners ~ Think the issue is not enough sales or lazy workers.
  11. 11. Teams ~ Think they have all the time in the world and deadlines are pointless.
  12. 12. Clients ~ Think they know what needs to be done and they are never the reason for delays.
  13. 13. 70% Out of 1,471 IT projects the average overrun was 27% 1 out of every 6 had a schedule overrun of 70%
  14. 14. 200% Out of 1,471 IT projects the average overrun was 27% 1 out of every 6 had a budget overrun of 200%
  15. 15. 12 Agency Delusions
  16. 16. You think that adding more team members to an already late project will help you finish on time... Reality... It actually takes more time due to overhead communication, bringing new people up to speed, and possible bugs introduced by new team members.
  17. 17. Our team is full of experts who don’t need a babysitter... Reality... Without a vision your team will parish.
  18. 18. Our company will scale fine without project management... Reality... Without project and capacity management, you will never know how much your team can handle.
  19. 19. Everyone knows their role in the project ... Reality... Assumptions destroy everything.
  20. 20. Team members happiness has nothing to do with project delays ... Reality... Team members are tired of projects dragging out, late hours, and unhappy clients.
  21. 21. Everyone should be able to communicate with your clients... Reality... Clients will try to take every inch you give + Your team doesn’t want to upset you or your client ==================================== Scope creep and undocumented changes
  22. 22. You think your bad client relationships are because of bad clients ... Reality... 99% of the time, it’s your fault.
  23. 23. Tools and/or methodologies are the answer ... Reality... No one tool or project management methodology will fix your project issues.
  24. 24. You’ve done a great job educating your clients on everything for the project... Reality... The reality is that they just looked at your price. Even if they heard 90% of what you said, they didn’t listen to the 10% that was most important to help the project succeed
  25. 25. Sales has nothing to do with Project Management ... Reality... Without project data, education, and proper estimates, your projects are doom to fail.
  26. 26. You think clients are actually testing everything before going live... Reality... Clients always find more problems post-launch and you will not be able to merge the fixes into “phase-2”
  27. 27. You depend on cash flow from “phase-2”... Reality... Phase 2 is an enigma that almost never happens or gets rolled into Phase 1 as scope creep
  28. 28. “I'm out of it for a little while, and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.”