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Gay marriage and homosexuality psa


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Gay marriage and homosexuality psa

  1. 1. Gay Marriage and Homosexuality By Andy Huynh
  2. 2. Summary Through the past few decades gay marriage and homosexuality has become a topic sweeping the nation by storm. There are many issues involved with this topic such as civil rights and equality. Today, homosexuality is progressively becoming more acceptable in society with millions and millions of supporters. However, there are still many people who believe in tradition and vote against same sex marriage laws.
  3. 3. Facts Part 1 1. Same-sex marriages are illegal is 31 states Today only 19 states in the United states allow same sex marriages. There are many countries such as Belgium and Netherlands which allow same sex marriages. (CNN) 2. Civil Unions are not Marriages A civil union does not give the same privileges as marriage such as spousal support, medical decision-making privileges, access to a partner's insurance, and hospital visitation rights. (CNN)
  4. 4. Facts Part 2 3. Only one president has shown support for same sex marriages. President Obama was the first president to openly support same sex marriages. President Bush supported the constitutional ban on gay marriages. President Clinton signed the Defence of Marriage Act in 1996. (CNN) 4. Estimated 5% of USA Population is Homosexual Approximately 9 million Americans represent themselves as homosexual. However, this does not count for all the American gays who are not open about their sexuality.
  5. 5. Informed About Issue It is important that you homosexuality is not a choice. The topic is a nature versus nurture question that has been controversial since homosexuality became prominent in America. Where you born gay or did you choose to be gay? Many believe that homosexuals choose to like their same sex sometime throughout their life. However, those who believe that are wildly misinformed. It is hard for someone who is not a homosexual to understand one. Choosing to like the same sex is impossible because one does not choose what gender do they like. When did you choose to be heterosexual? Do you remember the choice of choosing the opposite sex over the same sex? When you look at it that perspective then it might just make you think. Many others believe that someone can change their mind through convincing or therapy. But can a heterosexual be convinced to be homosexual through therapy? Overall, what you should take out from this is that homosexuality is not a choice, and people are born with their sexuality just like you are born with your skin color and gender.
  6. 6. Images #1 and #2 Rainbow colored flag was the international symbol for homosexuality since 1976 Obama shares support for same sex marriage and homosexuality
  7. 7. Image #3 Over a million people gather in San Francisco to show pride and support for homosexuality
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