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Portfolio 10.25.10

  1. 1. portfolio ANDY KENNEDY
  2. 2. This collection will help you understand my skillset. A detailed manager with creative talents. A thinker and a doer. A unique blend of skills that separate me from the pack.
  3. 3. Unity Marketing In the Spring of 2009, a college friend and I co-founded a marketing consulting agency, Unity Marketing. While experiencing many failures, we persisted, pitched countless local businesses, and landed four paying clients in six months. unity marketing u n i t y m a r k e t i n g andy kennedy director of opportunity 765.748.8791 unitywins@gmail.com voice wow click heartfelt branding creative strategy promotions business card logo reversefront
  4. 4. Tocquigny Actively updating content on our agency site where I’ve gained an expertise in tracking and SEO. Managing two elements of the Teradata homepage. In the coming months, I’m managing the Tocquigny.com redesign and assuming more project work on the Teradata account.
  5. 5. The American Chevy Huntin’ Truck, driven around the streets of Muncie with various messages on the bed’s billboard. Billboard in the bed of the hunting truck created street buzz on a very personal level. HUNT TRUCKTHE FOR Do not text and drive. *see dealer for more information YOU spotted the American Chevrolet Huntin’ Truck. Text HUNT’ to WMDH at 62582 to win a $50 Dick’s Gift Card ‘ AMERICAN CHEVY TRUCK MONTH American ChevroletThe American Chevrolet Hunt for the Truck offered a fresh, viral, perspective on dealership sales promotions. It won an Addy Award and propelled the dealership to second place in statewide truck sales.
  6. 6. Direct mail targeted outdoorsmen within a 25 mile radius of the dealership to promote Truck Month’s compelling offer. HUNT TRUCKTHE FOR AMERICAN CHEVY TRUCK MONTH see dealer for details* total cash backon ‘09 Silverado’s in stock the longest* 6000$ Billboard in the bed of the American Chevy Huntin’ Truck created buzz for Chevy’s compelling offer.
  7. 7. FARM THE growing athletes The Farm’s logo needed to be simple, timeless, and applicable to both baseball and softball. I incorporated an F letterform, many shapes from a ball diamand, repetitive lines and gave it a nice active stance. Choosing a type to match such a bold logo was a lot of fun. Seen here, Newtown bold italic was the type of choice. It’s strong, yet has nice curved lines which fit perfectly with the logo. It also communicates a balance of tough and caring. The FarmThe Farm is a $5 million baseball and softball complex with 12 outdoor and 2 indoor diamonds. Headed up by the lead scout of the Chicago White Sox, Mike Shirley, the complex was in need of an identity. Below you will see some elements of their new look.
  8. 8. FARM THE growing athletes Because of the dynamic nature of the word farm, it was important to have a descriptive tagline. We did extensive research and determined The Farm is in the business of growing athletes; both on the field and off. Logo with tagline. The F in Farm fits nicely within the floating piece on the logo. Also, notice how the eye moves from the bottom through the negative white space in the logo and towards the right.
  9. 9. FARM THE FARM THE FARM THE With multiple revenue streams and a dynamic target, we considered an intricate brand structure to differentiate functions. However, for the sake of consistency, we used a single logo, typeface, and color palette. To distinguish elements, growing athletes is substituted. FARM THE The primary palette is dynamic and timeless. A strong, deep, and classic green nicely communicates durability and growth. It’s complimented by clean and neutral shades of black and grey to strike a balance. 422 EC 7483 PC
  10. 10. Certificate of Participation This prestigious award, which everyone gets, recognizes your participation in the Cream Puff Baseball League. You were lazy, afraid to slide, picked dandelions in left field, and struck out 43 times. But we’re still proud of you. Everyone is a winner here. Through such participation you have learned the qualities of entitlement, dishonesty, and being a cream puff... just the kind of kids we love! Thanks Tommy presented to Cream Puff Baseball Tommy Bruckinski This is the front of a two page magazine insert. The paper will be weighted and imperfect.The Farm’sinstructorsareallabouthard work and earning respect. This spot juxtaposes their position and thus describes everything The Farm is not. Reverse side of magazine spot.
  11. 11. Asics MuncianaAsics Munciana, America’s first and most recognizable volleyball club, recently completed a 50,000 sq. ft. sports complex. In need of sponsors, my partner and I formulated a pricing strategy, created an investor booklet, and scheduled meetings with local businesses. The result? $22,000 raised in less than two months. 1














 I found that Warner had the lowest tuition among its main competitors. The only two lower were an online school and a community college. As part of the new position, plans were made to hike tuition by 15% each year during the 5 year plan. Warner University While developing a strategic plan at Warner University, I was primarily responsible for the situation analysis. I also assumed the responsibility to coordinate the purchase and installation of a $20,000 aesthetics improvement to the school’s entrance. While at JDA I was repsonsible for the situation analysis for Answers in Genesis’ new attraction; the world’s first lifesize biblical Ark. The research I explored dealt primarily with traveler trends, and demographics to provide insight for a future marketing plan. The Ark 380
 This map is part of the situational analysis for Answers in Genesis. I found research indicating there were distinct travel patterns dependent upon the distance being traveled; this map provides a visual. I found research indicating there were distinct travel patterns dependent upon the distance being traveled; this map provides a visual.
  12. 12. Rando This is not a phone. Its a 6th sense. A new way to experience the world around you.
  13. 13. “Smart and discerning, Andy Kennedy is a young man with a very bright future ahead of him. He is unique in that he is thoughtful and compassionate, while strategic and precise. He’s a thinker. And he’s a doer. A very rare combination. More than anything, Andy loves life and the people in his. Combined with his intense desire to participate in great brand development, he is worth investing in. You’ll never have to worry about Andy competing. He’s a winner at heart and an exceptional team player. Andy is going to be an excellent ad exec.” “In late 2009 Andy Kennedy, co-founder of Unity Marketing, approached me with several well thought out ideas on how to improve my dealerships identity in the market and to sell more vehicles. Upon giving them further direction, Andy and Chance created a new promotion and proffessionally presented it to our management staff in two weeks. The idea tied hunting season to a truck sales promotion and used text messaging to measure the effectiveness. The promotion was a success. We outsold every other dealer in the region that month. Andy and Chance made the promotion fun and creative and worked well with my staff. If I were asked to do business with Unity Marketing again, I would do so without reservation.” Brad Benbow, CEO, Joseph David Advertising Steve De Anda, Owner, American Chevrolet Cadillac “Andy Kennedy has worked for me in a number of different capacities. Most recently, Andy formed a marketing company with a fellow peer at Anderson University. Our volleyball club employed their firm to sell sponsorships on a commision basis. Even though we gave minimal direction, their results far exceeded our expectations. They prepared the sales materials, identified the prospects, made their own appointments, closed the sales and worked with the graphics vendor to create the banners and court logos. I have seen a lot of Andy Kennedy in his young life to know he’s going places. Just point him in the right direction, give him an incentive, and get out of his way.” Tim Kuzma, Financial Advisor, Raymond James, Owner, Munciana Volleyball Club “Andy is an original. He has that rare combination of creative talent and management capability. I have no doubt that whatever career choices Andy makes in his life, he will approach them with zeal and determination and he will not quit until he is the very best. Andy is a very likable person with natural leadership qualities. In short, Andy is the real deal.” Deidra Colvin, Brand Strategist and Director of Marketing, Anderson University What people are saying about Andy Kennedy