Unleashing the power of act act software


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Description of ACT Software and What's new in the 2012 Version

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Unleashing the power of act act software

  1. 1. Sage ACTAndy IrvineManaging Director,BoldfieldCambridge House, 91 High Street, Longstanton, Cambridge, CB24 3BSTelephone: +44(0)1954 789978 Fax: +44(0)1954 782878Email: enquiries@boldfield.com Web: www.boldfield.com
  2. 2. Sage ACT! Overview  Number one contact and customer management choice of small businesses and sales teams  Designed to help develop profitable relationships  An industry leader when it comes to ease of use  A powerful way to grow your business  Sage has expertise in understanding UK businesses
  3. 3. Demonstrated Leadership for over 22 Years Over 2.8 million registered users and 53,000 corporate customers Over 30,000 in UK
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  5. 5. Communications
  6. 6. Calendar
  7. 7. Dashboards
  8. 8. Email Marketing
  9. 9. Whats New in - Sage ACT! 2012 Virtual Notepad with Sage ACT! Scratchpad Faster, More Expansive Universal Search Seamless Interaction with Gmail™, Google® Contacts, and Google Calendar™ Accounts Integration
  10. 10. Ditch Your Pen/Paper To-do Lists• Sage ACT! Scratchpad: − Quickly capture notes, phone numbers, and personal reminders, with or without opening Sage ACT! − Prioritize and check off completed items, print the list to take it with you, or push updates into Sage ACT! with just a few clicks − Send items to Sage ACT! as activities, notes, and history—even assign them to contacts
  11. 11. Find What You Need…Faster Universal Search:  Quickly find that info you need in your contacts, groups, companies, opportuniti es, notes, history, and attachments  Filter your search criteria  View and search results displayed by relevance and double-click links to the document
  12. 12. Work Seamlessly with Google® Gmail™:  Send and receive emails from Gmail™ and Sage ACT! will keep a history of those emails for a complete view of your communications with that contact  Specify one of three default history types to record emails, including subject line, subject line and message, and email attachment
  13. 13. Work Seamlessly with Google® Google Contacts:  Create new Google Contacts from Sage ACT!  Create new Sage ACT! Contacts from Google  Sync all or just a subset of your Sage ACT! contacts with Google®
  14. 14. Work Seamlessly with Google® Google Calendar™:  Sync your Sage ACT! and Google calendars manually or automatically using pre- programmed intervals  Set conflict resolution  Choose the activity types that sync to Google  Specify if you want alarms displayed in Google, Sage ACT!, or both
  15. 15. ACT Connect Sage ACT! Connect:  Get to your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar from any computer with a web browser, including Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Google Chrome™—even Safari®  Access from popular tablets, like the iPad®  Sync with your  BlackBerry®  Windows Mobile®  Android™  Import Yahoo® and Google® Contacts  Link Facebook pictures
  16. 16. Integration with Sage 50 • Credit Control Information Sage ACT! Link • Quotes for Sage 50 & Instant • Invoices Accounts • Orders • Product & Price List Business benefits of having Accounts and Sage ACT! Efficiency and productivity through front and back office integration Joined up end to end process make the business more effective Get a more rounded view of business to drive growth 21
  17. 17. Your Business Centre Links to Office E Marketing Social Media Accounts
  18. 18. Version Differences - Summary Version Features Sage ACT! 2012  Sage ACT! Scratchpad, a convenient, virtual notepad  Universal search that looks in contacts, groups, companies, opportunities, notes, history, and attachments  Seamless interaction with Gmail™  Google® Contacts and Google Calendar™ sync  Access to Sage ACT! contacts and calendar from supported web browsers, popular tablets, like the iPad®, and mobile phones with Sage ACT! Connect  Confirmation message after you import from sources like Excel® and other Sage ACT! databases  Menu that displays exact install times and components required Works with Internet Explorer® 9 and Firefox® 4  Smart Tasks, which is like workflow, only easier Sage ACT! 2011  Leads with Sage Business Info Services for ACT! powered by Hoover’s™  Outlook contact and calendar sync  Direct import from Excel®, no .csv required  Mobile access to contact and calendar details from Android™ devices with Sage Mobile for ACT!  Works with Microsoft® Office 2010 and Windows® 7 ACT! by Sage 2010  View LinkedIn®, Facebook, and more from within Sage ACT!  Email marketing with Sage E-marketing for ACT!  Mobile access to contact and calendar details from BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® devices with Sage Mobile for ACT!  Reports view  Simplified navigation  Welcome page with feature tours, help, and news from Sage  Customisable opportunities ACT! by Sage 2009  Related contacts  Seamless interaction with Microsoft® Outlook® email ACT! by Sage 2008  Graphical dashboards  Duplicate checking by first and last name  Duplicate checking for groups and companies  Advanced Queries for groups and companies ACT! by Sage 2007  Last email field  Specify linked contact and company fields 1  Field-level security  En masse security for notes, history, and opportunities 2 ACT! by Sage 2006  Customisable opportunity field names and types  Citrix® and Terminal Services 3  Automatic database backup and sync ACT! by Sage 2005  Multi-select values  Customizable drop-downs  Rich text formatting  Attach documents to activities, notes, and history  Groups with dynamic group membership  Company records  Multiple calendar views  Opportunity list view  Instant quotes using supported versions of Microsoft® Excel® and Word  Sample sales processes  Graphical sales pipeline  Preformatted reports  Export to Excel 1 This feature is only available in Sage ACT! Premium. 2 This feature is only available in Sage ACT! Premium. 3 This feature is only available in Sage ACT! Premium.