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Cyprus oil & gas association clng


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Cyprus oil & gas association clng

  1. 1. CYPRUS OIL & GAS ASSOCIATION UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE CYPRUS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY CYPRUS ENERGY HUB Cluster LNG Special Purpose Vehicles Investment Projects Private & Confidential Prepared by Andy Varoshiotis September 2013
  2. 2. New Frontiers for Cyprus Cluster LNG
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  6. 6. Source Nobel Energy: Industry Development
  7. 7. Investment Process 1 Fund Formation 2 • Private Placement 3 • Initial Public Offering
  8. 8. Special Purpose Investment Funds · The global financial crisis and the expectation of the implementation of the European Commission’s regulatory and supervisory frameworks for the Alternative Investment Funds, can stimulate migration for Funds operating outside the EU. Cyprus is excellently positioned to serve such Funds as a very attractive relocation destination, but also as a Centre for the provision of EUwide professional and financial services, related to the new regulations. · Cypriot organizations provide services for International Collective Investment Schemes (ICIS) as well as offering first class international Asset Management and Private Banking services to international clients
  9. 9. Supervision of ICIS Funds “The Central Bank of Cyprus shall not be liable by virtue of its recognition of the ICIS or by reason of its exercise of the functions conferred on it by the International Collective Investment Schemes Law. Recognition of the ICIS does not constitute a warranty by the Bank as to the creditworthiness or financial standing of the various parties to the ICIS”. In accordance with section 3 of the Law, the Central Bank of Cyprus is the regulatory and supervisory authority in the Republic of Cyprus for ICIS, their managers and trustees.
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Cyprus Oil & Gas Association Member Services & Inquiries CCCI Head office Deligiorgi 8, & Griva Digeni Nicosia Cyprus E-Mail Address: E-Mail Address: Dept. of Services and Trade Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Direct Line: +357 22 889706 -99689961 E-Mail Address: