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Cyprus dive center association presentation pdf

  1. 1. “REFORMING THE CYPRUS DIVING INDUSTRY” “Diving in Cyprus Today and Tomorrow” EILAT ISRAEL NOVEMBER 2012 www.dca-cy.comAndy Ioannou Varoshiotis – President CDCA DSAT, PADI, SSI, SDI,TDI, DAN, TEC REC Instructor Member International Nautical NOVEMBER 2012 Archaeology INA Member of Project Aware Foundation Cyprus Tourism Organization Ambassador of Tourism
  2. 2. Mission Statement• Cyprus Dive Center Association• Our environment, diver safety and regulation are the fundamentals of our operation.• Mission Statement CDCA intends to lead the Cyprus Diving Industry as an organized multi cultural body that offers support and assistance for both recreational and technical diving service providers and diving enthusiast from around the world.• Vision CDCA in cooperation with all Cyprus Government and Semi Government Organizations as well the private sector wishes to play a key role in Mediterranean Sea Marine Life Protection, by the creation of artificial reefs, for the increase of marine reserves by the creation of new dive sites and marine parks.• Philosophy• CDCA members as ambassadors of Tourism assigned by the Cyprus Tourism Organization, protect and preserve, and lead by example. CDCA supports programs such as project aware, wrecks for reefs, Greening Cyprus, participate in Shark protection programs, lead beach cleanups on Earth Day, and encourage members and their customers to do the same.• We ensure that our members and diving community understand and enjoy our magnificent marine environment and the importance of our Mediterranean Sea Ecosystems.
  3. 3. Objective DIVE YEAR ROUND CYPRUS Through research and exploration the Association pledges to protect our reefs and wrecks that have become part of our Long underwater heritage. We pledge to promote awareness and the importance of a Healthy Eco Systems which without them our Mediterranean island would be seriously jeopardized. Goals To monitor underwater sites and keep records of marine biological diversity and to protect existing wrecks from pilfering and illegal fishing. To create new reefs by placing shipwrecks and other man made objects in areas where breeding of fish would be encouraged. To lobby for legislation towards controlling of fishing on particular sites. To design and place artificial reefs for the purpose of recreational scuba diving. To cooperate and exchange expertise with the Israeli Diving Authority, the Israeli Diving federation, the Malta Diving Association and the Greek Underwater federation for the preservation, monitoring of artificial reef programs in the Eastern Med.
  5. 5. ZENOBIA WRECK RANKED TOP 5 WRLD Zenobia Lloyd’s registration number: 7806087 Built: 1979 by Kockums, Malmo Sweden. Length overall: 172,02 meter (560 feet). Beam: 23.04 meter (75 feet). Draught: 13.01 meter (43 feet). Gross tonnage: 12,000 tones. Maximum speed 21.5 knots. Swedish roll-on-roll-off ferry fully loaded with 108 trailers and trucks. Dive Site: Zenobia Wreck Location: 15 minutes from Larnaca Marina. Position: 34,53.5 N, 33,39.1 E (1.500 meters from the shore) Bearings: Dikelia Hospital 28 T, Larnaca harbour Entrance 343 T, Mount Stavrovouni 268 T Attitude: She is lying on her port side, Bows pointing south in 41 meters of water.
  6. 6. CRICKET WRECK LARNACA. Dive Site: “HMS Cricket” Wreck Dive Location: Larnaca Coast Depth: 33m Visibility: 10m to 25m
  7. 7. ALEXANDROS WRECK Paphos. Dive Site: “Alexandros” Wreck Dive Location: Paphos Coast Depth: 23m Visibility: 10m to 25m
  8. 8. LIBERTY WRECK PROTARAS. Dive Site: “LIBERTY Wreck Dive Location: PROTARAS East Coast Depth: 26m Visibility: 15m to 25m
  9. 9. VERA K WRECK PAPHOS. Dive Site: “VERA K Wreck Dive Location: PAPHOS West Coast Depth: 11m Visibility: 10m to 20m
  10. 10. CURRENT PROJECTS 2010-2013 1. FOUR NEW ARTIFICIAL REEFS (June 2013) Approx.. 12 Sq. NM Area a. Limassol b. Protaras c. Ayia Napa d. Paphos Co-Funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union: Total budget 2011-2013(Euro 1.5 Million) 2. FOUR NEW WRECKS (June 2013) Co-Funded CDCA,CTO, Municipalities a. Lady Thetis – Limassol Reef b. Constantis – Limassol Reef c. Nemesis III – Protaras Liberty Reef d. Laboe – Paphos Reef Co-Funded by CDCA, Municipalities and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation 3. LEGAL FRAMEWORK (Completion 2012) a. Preparation – Discussion – Conclusion b. Submission to Parliament for Legislation (2013)
  11. 11. CURRENT PROJECTS 2010-20134. ADAPTING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY STANDARDS5. CREATION OF CDCASAR (CYPRUS DIVE CENTER ASSOCIATION SEARCH ANDRESCUE UNIT) 2012 -2013a. Multiple benefits for protecting the new reefs and wreck areas.b. Stop Illegal Fishing.c. Act in emergency search & rescue island wide in cooperation with relevant authorities.d. Evacuate injured or troubled divers.e. Patrolling all areas.f. Gain individual members and get them involved.g. Utilise resources, i.e. equipment, technical gear, vehicles, boats that CDCA members have.h. Assist in any other civil catastrophe that may be called on.i. Pancyprian Help line and coordination.j. Emergency Evacuation & Search and Rescue.k. Chamber Assistance.l. Insurance Assistance.
  12. 12. Artificial Reefs Creation of Artificial Reefs an Alternative Fisheries Management Tool Definition of AFs: AF΄s are constructions placed on the sea bed aiming at providing space for refuge, feeding, reproduction and growth in size and abundance for marine life.
  13. 13. Artificial Reefs
  14. 14. Artificial Reef Design
  15. 15. Artificial Reef Design
  16. 16. Artificial Reef Design
  17. 17. Artificial Reef Design
  18. 18. Artificial ReefsARs are placed :1. in suitable sites to enhance increase of fish stocks and to create new dive sites.2. in coastal areas that extend from coastline down to -35-40 meters isobaths.3. Close to harbors in order to facilitate accessibility, safety and inspection / control,
  19. 19. Artificial Reefs Stages towards the creation of ARs•Formulation and follow-up of a respective strategy,•Actions to safeguard vessels (DFMR, CDCA, CTO),• Implementation of EIS and spatial planning of ARs in the MPA,•Identify human activities within the designated MPA and possible impacts,• Consultation with stakeholders to agree on boundaries of MPA,• Select materials and modules,•Design of AR.
  20. 20. Artificial Reefs Other Goals of ARs-Protection of marine environment,-Encourage the public to use the entire MPA (snorkelers, divers,schoolchildren, students, other organized groups),-Raise public awareness,-Environmental education,-Monitoring of ARs and application of scientific work,
  21. 21. New Wrecks for ReefsNEMESSIS III – PROTARAS REEF
  22. 22. New Wrecks for Reefs 2012-2013 LADY THETIS – LIMASSOL REEF
  23. 23. New Wrecks for Reefs 2012-2013 CONSTANTIS – LIMASSOL REEF
  24. 24. New Wrecks for Reefs 2012-2013 LABOE – PAPHOS REEF
  25. 25. Monitoring
  26. 26. Med Marine Life
  27. 27. Med Marine Life
  28. 28. Med Marine Life
  29. 29. Med Marine Life
  30. 30. Med Marine Life
  31. 31. CDCA Member Recognition Thank you for your attention See You in Cyprus!
  32. 32. Contact UsCyprus Dive Centre Association38, Grivas Dhigenis Ave. & 3, Deligiorgis Str.,P.O.Box 214551509 NicosiaEmail:, +357 22889800Fax: +357 22669048Web: