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EdgeConf - Page Load Performance Opening Talk

  1. Page Load Performance #EdgeConf 3, Mar 2014
  2. I’m frustrated…
  3. The web is too slow
  4. The web is too slow
  5. Too may sites are too slow
  6. - Minimise Latency! ! - Minimise Round Trips! ! - Minimise Blocking We know how to make sites fast!
  7. Maximise value from first round trip Guardian divide page load into! ! - Content! ! - Enhancements! ! - Leftovers
  8. Browsers are doing a great job
  9. HTTP/2
  10. But we keep adding more and more to our pages
  11. and including more render blocking requests
  12. We can automate optimisation
  13. We’ve got some great tools
  14. We can measure in the visitor’s browser - Page level timings! ! - Resource level timings! ! - User defined timing points
  15. We need to move beyond ‘which pages are slow?’
  16. To why are they slow?
  17. To how do we fix them?
  18. Performance is a facet of User Experience
  19. We need to design for it
  20. It’s just another constraint
  21. We’ve come a long way… …but we’ve still a way to go