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Brand Workshop - What is a Brand Workshop and how can it benefit you and your organisation?


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What is a Brand Workshop and how can it benefit you and your organisation?

We're familiar with the terms of Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty and Brand Image. But a more central question we need to be asking is; What is your Brand?

Is your organisation using its Brand fully to drive your business forward?

BRAND is a leadership word. Your brand is what you stand for, what you have come to represent in the world. When we reduce brand to a marketing term (or worse a logo), we strip it of its power to influence.

BRAND LEADERSHIP is about articulating a clear vision for the future of your organisation, and making sure all decisions and actions are aligned to its core values and purpose in order to fulfil that vision.

WHAT I DO is help leaders and their teams to define and articulate a clear vision for the future of their organisation, by running and facilitating 'BRAND WORKSHOPS'. My role as a facilitator is to help you find your own unique voice, and to help you think through how your brand can become a meaningful presence in the world.

A clearly understood Brand can;

- connect with your customers on a deeper, emotional level
- develop a strong culture, unifying your team around a single vision
- create a loyal and passionate community around your organisation
- give investors confidence that you know what you're doing
- give the press a lens through which to report your actions
- and much more

I am based in the UK, Derby born and bred. I enjoy sports, play tennis, follow Derby County, I'm a Christian, and always enjoy meeting new and interesting people with big dreams!

Check out my website at or connect with me on LinkedIn - Andy Cogdon Brand Consultant

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Brand Workshop - What is a Brand Workshop and how can it benefit you and your organisation?

  1. 1. #brand workshops1 / 11
  2. 2. “tome,marketingisaboutvalues. Thisisaverycomplicatedworld, it’saverynoisyworld,andwe’re notgoingtogetachancetoget peopletoremembermuchabout us...nocompanyis.Sowehaveto bereallyclearonwhatwewant themtoknowaboutus.” SteveJobs, co-Founder,apple
  3. 3. Askyourself... -Whydowedowhatwedo? -Whatisourpurposebeyondprofitability? -Whatmakesusdifferentfromeveryoneelse? -Howdoweaddvaluetopeople’slives? -Whatarewetryingtoachieveintheworld? -Iswhatwedostillrelevanttoday? -Ifwestartedover,isthishowwe’ddoit?
  4. 4. Tooofteninbusiness,themost importantquestionsdon’tgetasked. wearesobusywiththeday-to-dayrequirementsof runningacompanythatweneverstoptothinkabout whetherwhatwearedoingstilladdsup.Bythetime thesequestionsareforceduponus,it’slikelytoolate.
  5. 5. “It’snotwhoyousayyouare, it’swhotheysayyouare.” MartyNeumeier-ThebrandGap abrandisnotalogo,alogoismerelyarepresentation ofabrand.Yourbrandiswhatyourorganisation standsforinthemindsofpeople,it’swhatyou’vecome torepresent,it’sagutfeelingpeoplehavetowards yourcompany...
  6. 6. Youcannotcontrolit,butyoucaninfluenceit! Whichbegsthequestion... -whatdoyouwantpeopletoknowaboutyou? -andwhatareyoudoingaboutit?
  7. 7. TheresponsibilityofBrandLeadershipistoarticulate aclearvisionforthefutureofyourorganisation,and makingsurealldecisionsandactionsarealignedtoits corevaluesandpurpose,inordertofulfilthatvision.
  8. 8. It’snotjustWhatarewedoinG? it’swhoarewebecoming?
  9. 9. AreWebecomingthekindofcompany... -peopleareproudtoworkforandassociatewith? -thatputspurposebeforeprofits? -thatvaluestherelationshipofourcustomers? -thatisleadingthewayforwardinourindustry? -thatismakingameaningfulimpactinpeople’slives?
  10. 10. canabrandworkshophelpyou? tohelpanswerthisquestion,letmeaskyou... Ifyoucouldcommunicateasinglemessageaboutyour brand,whatwoulditbe?and,canyouwriteitdownin 10wordsorless?Yes/No ifyouweretoaskthesamequestiontoyourpartners, yourpeople,andyourcustomers...wouldtheybeable towriteitdowntoo?Yes/No
  11. 11. #brandworkshop IFtheanswerisnotoeitheroftheabove,abrand workshopwillcertainlyhelp.Abrandworkshopisa timesetapartfromyourbusinessforyouandyour teamtofocusonyourbrand’svision,values,purpose. Ifyouwouldlikehelptosetup,runandfacilitateaworkshopforyourteam, pleasegivemeacallon07989087133 AndyCogdon-BrandConsultant@CCTCreative