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LED Technology Earthcare


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LED Lighting technology that replaces traditional fluorescent lamps without any additional electric work. World's only patented DLC approved direct replacement LED technology for saving energy all across the Globe. Just snap it in!

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LED Technology Earthcare

  1. 1. EarthcareTM LED T8 Direct Replacement Technology Lowering Energy & Lowering Cost of LED Retrofitting
  3. 3. 40% $675M ENERGY & COST Energy savings from LEDs in 2012 was about 71 tBtu, equivalent to anannual energy cost savings of about $675 million1 LED lighting on average saves more than 40% of lighting utility costs2 2 yrs EarthcareTM technology reduces average project cost by 50%, reducing Payback to less than 2 years or less
  4. 4. Less Energy Consumption Fast payback rate Lower Maintanence Costs Minimum Heat Generation Lower cooling costs LEDs are used Everywhere Street lights to traffic signals, sinage, displays, automobile lighting systems. LEDs Plastic Construction More durable and less prone to shattering compared to glass fluorescent tubes. DURABILITY EFFICIENCY Longer Life Span 50,000 HRS = 6 years when used 24/7
  5. 5. PERFORMANCE Lighting systems have tremendous impact on employees & staff. Air quality, acoustics, levels of thermal comfort and levels of daylight affect the stress levels, health and well-being of occupants. AIR QUALITY ACOUSTICS LEVELS OF THERMAL COMFORT DAYLIGHT AFFECT THE STRESS LEVELS, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF OCCUPANTS IN SCHOOLS LEDs have a natural feel and over superior performance over all conventional illumination devices. 3
  6. 6. ENVIRONMENT & HEATH No Mercury Vapor A broken fluorescent may leak up to 100 times the federal limit for mercurychronic exposure No UV Exposure UV exposure from sitting under flouorescent light for 8+ hours equals one minute of sun exposure. No Flickering Light flickering has been associate with headaches, eye strain & general eye discomfort.
  7. 7. LED Lighting Challenges In order to replace existing fluorescent lamps with LED lamps, it is necessary to change lamp fixtures, modify the ballast, or to additionally install a power supply exclusive for LED lamps. Extra COST of LABOR ($29.79 ave. cost per troffer) Extra COST of new fixtures and parts Extra TIME of installation time (30mins ave. time per troffer) Hazardous When somone unwittingly replaces LED tube with a fluorescent tube
  8. 8. About Kumho Electric Kumho Electric, established in 1935, is a subsidiary company of Kumho Asiana Group, which includes subsidiaries in automotive, industry, leisure, logistic, chemical and airline fields. Kumho Electric Inc. has a 78 year history as an electrical engineering and component manufacturer started by president Myung-Gu Park, who also invented the electronic ballast in 1979, acquiring the world’s first patent of itskind. Kumho Electric Inc. has established businesses worldwide, especially in Japan where Kumho Electric Inc. controls 40% of the LED tube market. Kumho Electric subsidiary and affiliate companies Kumho Changshu Kumho Electric VINA, Vietnam Kumho Shenzen Kumho Electric, USA Kumho Shanhai Kumho Electric, Japan Kumho Dongguan Lumimicro Kumho Changshu THLEDS
  9. 9. LED Lighting Products Earthcare™ Direct Replacement LED T8 U.S. patented technology that allows “Direct replacement” of existing fluorescent lamp with electronic ballasts and easy installation in two minutes or less. NO Extra Labor Ballast work Rewiring NO Extra part or fixtures NO Extra installation time Works with existing fixtures and electronic instant start ballasts. Patent acquisition U.S. of circuit technology 5 Year warranty
  10. 10. LED Lighting Products Earthcare™ Direct Replacement LED T8 Product Safety and Quality Certifications UL is a global independent safety science company, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. UL has been testing products for public safety for more than a century. The ETL Listed Mark from Intertek is the fastest growing product certification mark in North America with more than 80,000 product listings. The ETL Listed Mark is proof of product compliance (electrical, gas and other safety standards) to North American safety standards. DLC serves efficiency programs and the lighting industry by maintaining the leading public list of high quality, high efficiency LED products for the commercial sectors.
  11. 11. LED Lighting Products Earthcare™ Direct Replacement LED T8 Classification Ballast Factor (existing) Power Consumption Luminous Flux Luminous Efficacy* Input-Voltage Power-Factor Color Temperature Rated Life Color Rendering Index Operating Temperature Diameter Total Length Material Weight 4 Foot 18W 22W 3 Foot 14W BF N(88%) N(88%) N(88%) N(88%) P 18 22 14 9 W F 1,900 2,200 1540 990 lm 105 100 110 110 lm/W Symbol 2 Foot 9W Units Vin PF 110-277v (to IS ballast) 0.9 V CCT 3500/4100/5000 (other options available) Kelvin Lt 50,000 Ra CRI 80+ Ra (90+ available special order) Hrs Temp. -20 ~ 45 °C ф25 1,198 AL,PC 500 mm mm g Payback of 2 years or less! Rebates upto 50% of project cost $60 per LED lamp *varies by each rebate program and state.
  12. 12. References 1 Navigant, Energy Savings Potential of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications, January 2012, 2 Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications, April 2013, 3. Baker, L. & Berstein, H. (2012). The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance. [e-book] Available through: [Accessed: 22 Dec 2013].