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Chesters Associates EW CV

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Chesters Associates EW CV

  1. 1. CHESTERS ASSOCIATES 100 Bathurst Rd, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0LJ Tel: 01580 895389 Principal: Andy Chesters BAMA ACII Mobile: 07909963536 PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: 11/12/1963 Educated: Dr Challoner’sGrammarSchool,Universityof EastAngliaandRegent’sUniversity Marital Status: Divorced Children: One son QUALIFICATIONS BA (Hons) Universityof EastAnglia(EnglishHistoryandDrama – 2.2) MA RegentsUniversity,London (WritingforStage andScreen – 2.1) CharteredInsurance Practitioner(CIP) Associate of the CharteredInsurance Institute (ACII) MEMBERSHIP PractisingAssociate Memberof The Academyof Experts EXPERT WITNESS – GBRW Independentinsurance expertwitness. SENIOR CONSULTANT – FLAXMANS Independentinsurance claimsadvocates,strategicriskanddispute resolutionconsultants:advisers to insurance broker’sclients;solicitors( aslitigationsupport) professional firms;Listedandunlisted companies,professional bodies,trade associations,charitiesandnotforprofitorganisations. Insurance consultantandindependentinsurance expertadviser/witness. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Over25 yearsexperiencemanagingmotorinsurance underwritingdepartmentsinthe London Composite Insurance Companymarketandat Lloyd’s.
  2. 2. CHESTERS ASSOCIATES 100 Bathurst Rd, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0LJ Tel: 01580 895389 Principal: Andy Chesters BAMA ACII Mobile: 07909963536 KEY SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS  Insurance: Expertinall aspectsof motorinsurance,includingcomplex arrangements and delegatedauthorities.Goodworkingknowledgeof the insurance industrygenerally.Experience of negotiatingcapacityandsettingandmanagingstrategicdirection  BusinessDevelopment:Identifiedtargetsforbusinessdevelopment,managedprocessesand strategyfor implementation,resourcingandexecution.  Leadership:Responsible forrecruiting,trainingandleadingkeypersonnel.  RelationshipManagement:Managingand developingstrategicrelationshipswithintermediary producersandkeyclients.  Expert Witness:TrainedbyThe Academyof Expertsingivingoral evidence inCourtandpractical experience of doingso.  Expert Witness:NominatedbyLawyerMonthlymagazine fortheirExpertWitnessAwards,2016, for fieldof expertise(resultpending). CAREER HIGHLIGHTS 2014; SeniorConsultant – Flaxmans 2013; Expert Witness – GBRW Expert Witnessand ChestersAssociates 2013: Consultant Offeringadvisoryservicesinthe motorinsurance marketincludingexpertwitness,peerreview and training. 2008 – 2012: Head of Motor Insurance – Novae Substantial wholesale insurance underwriter;c£600m for all classesof insurance andwith230 employees  Invitedbythe Chief Underwritertosetupa Fleetbusinessata time whenthere were signsof a marketupturnafterthe problemsoutlinedunderChaucer(see below).  Wrote £5m businessinfirstyearhavingassembledahandpickedteamof three people. Sustainedasmall lossandit became apparentthe marketwasnot pickingup.  Premier,aprivate car underwriter,decided totransferitsbusinesstoNovae fromChaucer.  Wrote £20m of veryprofitable delegatedprivate carbusinessin2010 and justunder£30m of Fleetandbindingauthorityprivatecar/commercialpremiumincome withfive staff.  Managed Brokerrelationshipsand the placingof reinsurance,inconjunctionwithBrokers,and maintainedsubsequentReinsurerrelationships.  Howeverthe Chief Underwriterhadmovedonandthe Financial Directortookthe decisionto save fourstaff by closingdownthe Fleetbusiness,part of a package of cuts.
  3. 3. CHESTERS ASSOCIATES 100 Bathurst Rd, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0LJ Tel: 01580 895389 Principal: Andy Chesters BAMA ACII Mobile: 07909963536  Negotiatedanexitdeal tostayonfor a suitable recompense inordertorun off the Fleet businessandthenmake acareer decisionforthe future. 2000 – 2008: Deputy thenFleetUnderwriter– Chaucer General insurance underwriter basedinLondonandWhitstable,withover400 employeesandtwo overseasoffices;total motoraccountwas over£100m outof £600m forall insurance classes  Approachedtotake overand reinvigorate the £23m Fleetaccountwhichwasunprofitable.  Rapidlyidentifiedandcutthe unprofitableparts,reducingthe accountto£18m before then buildingittoa highlyprofitable£35m accountby 2005 and £42m in 2006.  Introducedexcellentsystemsandbusinessdisciplineswhichprovidedtransparentonscreendata for rapidquotes,tightadministration,goodclaimsmanagementandtimelyprofitabilitydata.  Developedvariousdealstosuitdifferentclientgroupssuchasa Non-Conventional dealfor ThamesWater anda retrodeal for the BritishRedCross.  Due to the successof Chaucerand othercompaniesthere wasa substantial numberof new entriesintothe marketwhose cheapunderwritingcausedamarketdownturn.  Reducedgrowthwhichreducedthe accountto a still profitable £30mbut ledto considerable concernsinthe annual battle forcapacityacross the company. Hence the move toNovae. 1988 – 2000: Motor FleetUnderwritingManager– Royal & Royal Sun Alliance  Reportedtothe overall FleetManagerasthe deputyheadof the combinedFleetoffice responsible for£8m outof £18m premiumincome.  Playedakeyrole inmanagingthe Fleetpartof a verydifficultmergerin1996/7.  Promotedsuccessivelyover12 yearshavingjoinedRoyal asa DevelopmentUnderwriter.  Excellentexperience workingtoveryhighstandardsandtransparentprocesses. 1985 – 1988: Trainee then Inspector– GuardianRoyal Exchange  Useful insurance groundingbutthentookdecisiontobecome anunderwriter.
  4. 4. CHESTERS ASSOCIATES 100 Bathurst Rd, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0LJ Tel: 01580 895389 Principal: Andy Chesters BAMA ACII Mobile: 07909963536

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