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Personalisation packages in Umbraco


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Slides from talk given at Codegarden 2016 Umbraco festival by Theo Paraskevopoulos and Andy Butland on personalisation with Umbraco.

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Personalisation packages in Umbraco

  1. 1. Umbraco Personalisation Packages Andy Butland Zone @andybutland Theo Paraskevopoulos GrowCreate @theotron
  2. 2. Umbraco Personalisation Packages Personalisation Groups Pipeline CRM
  3. 3. Andy Butland • Blog (sporadically) at • Find here a copy of slides and links to various resources • Contact: @andybutland • I work for Zone – - a digital agency where I’m head of .NET development • We’ve been Umbraco gold partners for a number of years • We’re based in London, Bristol and Cologne • With a few outliers like myself, living in Italy
  4. 4. Theo Paraskevopoulos • Tech Director for GrowCreate • Digital agency near Oxford • Umbraco Gold Partner for last 4 years • Documento, Pipeline CRM packages @theotron
  5. 5. Personalisation?
  6. 6. Examples
  7. 7. Examples
  8. 8. Influences, website features and CMS selection • Requests for “personalisation” come from website RFPs and stakeholder requirements gathering sessions • Might fall into a class of feature “we think we need”/”would be nice to have” • Might be something quite specific that will always require custom development • Often though comes down to a genuine need for a general purpose, editorially controlled means of selectively promoting content
  9. 9. The HubSpot appoach • Marketing first, then Website • In-bound: SEO, Social, Blogging • Conversions: CTAs, Landing pages, Forms, Analytics • Post-conversion: Personalisation, Automation, Email • Approach resonates with clients • CRM underpins everything (free!) • Personalisation is first major use case
  10. 10. Personalisation Groups
  11. 11. Controlled by editors not developers CONTENT PERSONALISATION FEATURES EDITOR DEVELOPER
  12. 12. Is personalisation a core CMS feature? • Umbraco has a focus on delivering an excellent CMS with no barriers for extensibility • Community packages provide non-core features such as e-commerce, CRM, newsletter management, split testing, themes… and currently, personalisation • This focus shouldn’t change… • … but does mean the product can suffer in “out of the box” comparisons • Might be that personalisation features do need to be considered as something for core
  13. 13. Options for personalisation with Umbraco now • A number of community packages have been developed to offer these types of features • Footprint • Spindoctor • Personalisation Groups • Pipeline CRM
  14. 14. Introducing Personalisation Groups • Free and open-source package for Umbraco providing: • Various options for common personalisation criteria: • Day of week, time of day, Umbraco membership, session, cookie, pages viewed, geo- location • Extensible for development of custom criteria • Property editors for: • Creation of groups matching one or more criteria • Assigning groups to content • An API for use in templates or controllers for determining if the current user should view a piece of content • Find it at: • •
  15. 15. Group creation A group can be created that matches any or all of a set of criteria. Criteria can be chosen from the set of built-in ones, plus any custom ones. This group would match all “weekday morning visitors”
  16. 16. Group creation (2) When adding or editing a criteria in a group, the definition is provided via a custom dialog.
  17. 17. Associated groups with content Via a picker, one or more groups can be associated with a content item.
  18. 18. Customising content display @foreach (var post in Model.Content.Children .Where(x => x.ShowToVisitor())) { <h2>@post.Name</h2> } An extension method on IPublishedContent named ShowToVisitor() allows for content to be shown or hidden to the current visitor. ShowToVisitor(bool) will: • Look for groups associated with the content: • If none found, indicate show or hide based on the passed boolean parameter • If any found, return true if the current visitor matches any one of them according to the criteria definitions
  19. 19. Creating custom criteria • The Personalisation Groups package may not provide every criteria you need • Custom criteria can be created in other packages or in the website solution • Create class, implementing IPersonalisationGroupCriteria’s single method MatchesVisitor() • Provide angularjs assets: • View for the definition editor • Controller for the definition editor • Service component to translate the stored definition into something human readable for display • On start-up, all loaded dlls are scanned for classes implementing IPersonalisationGroupCriteria, the criteria are loaded and made available for selection • Shortly Theo will demonstrate how this can be done in creating a criteria integrated with Pipeline CRM
  20. 20. Demo • Personalising the content items in a list: • What’s included and what’s not • What’s promoted to the top • Custom presentation of each element • Personalising a single content page using sub-nodes • Matching based on day of week and time of day • Matching based on cookie values • Personalising a single content page using Nested Content • Nested Content is a list editing property editor defined by document types • Content is still represented using IPublishedContent hence our extension method is available • Find it at:
  21. 21. Pipeline CRM
  22. 22. What is Pipeline CRM? • Custom Relationship Management • Embedded in Umbraco back-office • Opportunities and Tasks • Contacts and Organisations • Integration and Extension API
  23. 23. Reaction “Hi X, special offers for Y users” CRM offers a new dimension in personalisation Basis Users who has visited page X Reaction “”You may like Y” Basis User X works for Company Y No CRM CRM-enabled
  24. 24. Use case Brief Personalise the homepage for known customers: • Named CTA • Message for B2B • Personal message How it works 1. User submits form > Pipeline Contact 2. Track with cookie 3. Retrieve Contact, display Name
  25. 25. Use case Brief Personalise the homepage for known customers: • Named CTA • Message for B2B • Personal message How it works 1. Automate Contact > B2B group 2. Use Pipeline Bridge to match criteria 3. Display alt content on page
  26. 26. Use case Brief Personalise the homepage for known customers: • Named CTA • Message for B2B • Personal message How it works 1. Custom Pipeline property “message” 2. Retrieve Contact from cookie 3. Display message on page
  27. 27. Toolkit Pipeline CRM • • • Pipeline Bridge + Demo site •
  28. 28. Wrapping up…
  29. 29. Wrapping up… • Personalisation is a HOT topic and BIG subject • We focused on 2 ways to do it with Umbraco • Personalisation Groups – power to the Editor • Pipeline CRM – an individual dimension • Go and make wonderful things!
  30. 30. Thanks, y’all. Andy Butland @andybutland Theo Paraskevopoulos @theotron