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Alt c 13 getting the most out of (y)our vle


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Alt c 13 getting the most out of (y)our vle

  1. 1. Getting the most out of your VLE: Maximising Moodle Suzanne Wright, Andy Beggan and Indre Petrauskaite Learning Technologies Section University of Nottingham
  2. 2. Moodle.Nottingham • Start of session 2012 – Out of the box look and feel – Few integrations at the start – University-wide – Performance initially the main area for improvement
  3. 3. Moodle.Nottingham 57606 active users 19000+ modules
  4. 4. Moodle.Nottingham • Current situation for start of session 2013: – Student Records for enrolments – Echo 360 – Equella – Kaltura – Xerte online Toolkits – Rogō • Plus over 40 extensions & plugins from the community and homegrown Rogō E-Assessment Management System
  5. 5. Maximising Moodle
  6. 6. Resourcing • Successfully bid for a Graduate Trainee from the University’s GT programme • Specific consultancy from a focus group expert to shape the focus groups • Funding gained from Leadership Foundation for HE for some consultancy
  7. 7. What we did • Focus Groups with students – 20 focus groups in the UK – 4 focus groups on the China Campus – 4 focus groups on the Malaysia Campus • Student survey • Students Union
  8. 8. Main themes • Extent of usage across schools • Materials in one place • Organisation of materials within modules • Features and functionalities not known • Navigation • Look and Feel
  9. 9. Feedback from Students
  10. 10. Feedback from Students
  11. 11. Quotes from students ''I didn't know wikis even existed. I think it would be useful to an extent.'' “If my course mates hadn't told me that past papers are on Portal, maybe I would not have found them at all.'' “Out of six teachers we have, only one of them uses Moodle. If they just knew how, I am sure they would use it very well. With it being optional they just refuse to get a go on it. They don't realise the impact that it has.” “All of them have module resources that are clearly structured and easy to use” “Discussion forums are really helpful for coursework” “Our … lecturer puts everything up in advance. It makes you feel calm about the modules; you know what to expect”
  12. 12. Staff Feedback so far • Very small sample as yet – 1-1 conversations with UK staff • Staff survey has not yet gone live • Overall, positive attitudes • Praised for its flexibility, being intuitive to use, liked by students • Comments around the linear approach (scroll of death) • Still felt to be used as a document store • Confirmed extensive use of turnitin across the University
  13. 13. Moving on with Moodle • Selling the benefits to academic staff • Promoting best practice within staff and student user communities • More advanced training now most people have got the basics • More consistent approach
  14. 14. Now and the future • Improvements to various aspects of Moodle • Training • Moodle Inspiration Sessions • Moodle Magic • Input into the new strategies that are being written at the moment • Working closely with the Students Union with a view to a Students as Change Agents programme
  15. 15. Any questions? Thank you for listening.