Engaging your audience; building long term relationships with brand advocates for measurable success


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Presentation delivered by Fergus Boyd at Making Social Part of Your DNA, a conference held during Social Media Week 2012 in London.

For more information visit http://www.socialmediadna.co.uk

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Engaging your audience; building long term relationships with brand advocates for measurable success

  1. 1. Social Media &engaging with our audience Fergus Boyd eBusiness Strategy Virgin Atlantic
  2. 2. Anon
  3. 3. Engaging your audience; building long term relationships with brand advocates for measurable successGoing beyond Facebook and Twitter to really get to theheart of engagementBlogger outreach – daily efforts to build love for thepersonalities behind the brandWhen the chips are down, who will fight your corner andbe your brand advocates?Measuring online engagement next to clearly definedgoals; the metrics Virgin Atlantic have used
  4. 4. Why is Social Media right for us?We are a naturally open, honest and chatty brand and sociability is inour DNAIt’s very Virgin – we stand up for the people and we want to be in tunewith global trends and behavioursCustomers listen to other customers (especially when it comes totravel)
  5. 5. Our original strategy remains Sell Serve Socialise
  6. 6. How we interact
  7. 7. The science bit - social media signals drive rankingsSource: iCrossing
  8. 8. The only way toinfluence review ratingsis to take part indiscussions on thevarious forums
  9. 9. Our social properties rank wellEarned media
  10. 10. Altimeter’s social maturity self-assessment 11 or 12 18 Source: Altimetergroup.com
  11. 11. Forresters Socialmaturity scale Source: Forrester
  12. 12. Social audience versus flown passengers Sociability versus Audience 10.0% 9.0% 8.0% 7.0% 6.0% 5.0% 4.0% 3.0% 2.0% 1.0% 0.0%Source: IATA, 2011
  13. 13. ^K ^G ^H & friends
  14. 14. We must be doing something right• 250% Fan growth on Facebook.• 250% Follower growth on Twitter.• Beaten tracked revenue target• Highly Commended in Best use of Social Media category at both Travolution and eCommerce Excellence awards.• Maintained average of 94% favourable sentiment in social spaces.• Generated 316,000 interactions for Miami 25th Anniversary activity, including 24,000 YouTube views.• Economy Meal Service video 40,000 YouTube views.• Successfully managed customer service during numerous periods of severe disruption, including ash, snow * 3, Japan earthquake, hurricane Irene, …• Worked to socially support 30+ internal and group stakeholders.
  15. 15. Time to scale
  16. 16. We’ve had some fun along the way Plus: Visit Britain, Gu Puds, Virgin Group social day etc
  17. 17. #Red Hot Reporter― User generated content extends reach and involves fans more closely― Total Interactions = 312,000
  18. 18. “30 second love” Mrs Kitahara, aged 52, special thanks to her husband Mr Hayashi, aged 25, proposing to his girlfriendhttps://www.facebook.com/30sec.love
  19. 19. “Swap The Blues”• January 2012 sales promotion• Sponsored stories & ads• +17k fans
  20. 20. Social Mediathroughout
  21. 21. Top Influencers
  22. 22. Blogger Influencers
  23. 23. Simple, inclusivestories work best
  24. 24. Simple, inclusivestories work best
  25. 25. Having a bit of fun helps
  26. 26. Having a bit of fun helps
  27. 27. You can’t please all of the people all of the time
  28. 28. Silence is not an option ...
  29. 29. @VAAinfo tweet botSource: Mashable, Nov 2011
  30. 30. Engaging your audience; building long termrelationships with brand advocates formeasurable success?• Social media is about being social - duh!• Socialise with your customers, extend your brand personality and they will become engaged• Service your customers and they will trust you and will stay close• Don’t sell via Social - your customers will tell you when they are ready to buy• Customers are for life. They are not just campaign outcomes.
  31. 31. “Like us, follow us and watch us• www.facebook.com/virginatlantic• www.twitter.com/virginatlantic @VirginAtlantic, @VAAInfo• www.youtube.com/thisisvirginatlantic• blog.vtravelled.com @vtravelled