Are you listening? Real Time Measurement and Monitoring


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Presentation delivered by Andrew Walker at Making Social Part of Your DNA, a conference held during Social Media Week 2012 in London.

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Are you listening? Real Time Measurement and Monitoring

  1. 1. Tweetminster : relevant content and datafiltered by networks of expertsHello I’m @killdozer from@tweetminster 1
  2. 2. Shopping Chatting Reviewing Checking-in Sharing links Consuming Commenting2
  3. 3. The most valuable things youcan do with social media?•Work out what you’re good at•Work out how your audience consumes content•Get better ROE from social (thanks @jedi_roach)3
  4. 4. “it’s dominated by lefties in Islington” “It could all be the same person” “that’s just what people on twitter think” “you can’t do serious analysis on twitter”94% accurate - Twitter beats YouGov4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Traction & trends show how to tuneyour marketing strategy6
  7. 7. Use social to sanity check your strategySocial Placement uses data to enhanceproduct placement strategies 7
  8. 8. Audience sub-sampling sanity checkTracking the #spooks hashtag for mentions ofSamsung VS Apple on Episode 1, Season 10. #Spooks Tweets – 7674 100sec vs. 300sec on screen 16 tweets vs. 113 0.02% vs. 0.14% (Across TV audience) 9,600 vs 64,000 Sentiment: 3.5 vs 3.3 Prime time BBC bad for tech placement 8
  9. 9. Network intelligence:There’s too much stuffonline to find what youwant without humansfiltering it for you.
  10. 10. Curate communities to make sense of the sheer volume of data Network intelligence… There’s too much stuff online to find what you want without humans filtering it for you.10
  11. 11. A data insight case study:What’s the best kind of newscontent to reach politicalinfluencers?
  12. 12. News media vs. newcomers content mix News Media Newcomers Curation Blogs Blogs Data Live Blog Downloads Data Events Video Interactive Journalism Journalism Petitions
  13. 13. Average shares per URL1009080706050 News Media40 Others302010 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
  14. 14. Sources Actual Shares Average Shares (this is not a Pepsi advert)News Media vs. Newcomers
  15. 15. The trend is consumption favours Newcomers overNews MediaReasons:1. News Media produces too much content (overload)2. Newcomers offer user benefits (curation, specialisation, verticals, authenticity, new formats)3. Newcomers more agile, better social engagement strategies, lower risk if experiments fail
  16. 16. Integrated strategic marketing: recycling valuefrom one campaign to another Tracking hard IDs to curate community and grow insight Campaign & CRM activity Social interventions Spin-off activity 16
  17. 17. It all starts with measurement – trythis excellent resource by RichardPentin @ifonlyblog
  18. 18. the simple opt-in privacy solution.
  19. 19. The future? Data and measurement is content? Open source privacy regulation for business? Social and useful…
  20. 20. Thanks  Social media issocial, innit, so if you want to chat… @killdozer