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Joomla! Day UK 2009 Event Guide


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The PDF file for the Event Guide for this year's event, presented to delegates in their custom Joomla! conference folders.

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Joomla! Day UK 2009 Event Guide

  1. 1. Joomla! Day UK 2009 Sponsors Joomla! Day UK 2009 www, Web Host Media Supporters Conference and Event Prizes Workshops 13th & 14th March 2009
  2. 2. Index Welcome Message 2 Speakers & Facilitators 3-4 Which sessions do I attend? 5 Prize Draws 6 Coordinators Comment 7 Event Sponsors 8 Welcome to Joomla! Day UK 2009 Over the course of these two days you will be treated to presentations by some of the leading lights in the Joomla! Project including Core Team Members, OSM Board Members, Development Team WG Members, and a number of experi- enced Joomla! Community Members from here in the UK. Event Organiser’s Comments: Not only are there the scheduled presentations but there is also an opportunity for you to create a breakout group of like-minded people and quiz any one of the I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people — in particular Chris Adams of presentation team (provided they do not have a scheduled session already). Rochen Performance Hosting, who have been the lead sponsors for this event, and Michel van Agtmaal of the Open Source Support Desk without whose support this event Please inform us as soon as possible if you want to breakout so that appropriate would not have taken place. space can be allocated—the Courtyard Bar is fine for small informal or 1-2-1 ses- sions but just let us know so we don't lose you! I would like to single out Andy Gaskell — community member and Aberdeen JUG organ- iser — for his help in setting up the ticket shop for the event using VirtueMart and, whilst We know you cannot attend everything you might want so we will be working with it had some problems — not having been designed for Event Management, its use saved all the presenters and utilising our own sound and video recordings to put as a considerable amount of money that otherwise would have been spent on other more much of the content of the event onto a post-event CD. commercial options. At the moment we do not have a timescale for the production of this, but — in tra- A few other supporters have helped out in one way or another: Ruth Cheesley, Sadiq ditional Joomla! fashion —”it will be ready when it is ready” but as soon after the Datoo, Amy Stephen, Pete Coutts, and Waseem Sadiq. event as possible is the intention. A big thank you goes to the Oakwood House Event Centre and in particular Events Man- There will be plenty of photograph-snapping going on as well, so don’t be too shy. ager Bev Palmer for an extremely flexible and supportive approach to their hosting of this If you are uploading photographs then make sure to cross-link to the Joomla! Day event. UK pages too Thank you also to all the sponsors mentioned on the back page for all their support of  Twitter Open Source and Joomla! in general and this Joomla! Day UK event in particular.  Linkedin We cannot forget the array of presenters who have assembled to make this the most  Flickr “knowledge full” event to have been hosted — it is just a shame the rest of the UK com-  munity did not step forward and take up the opportunities offered to them. Facebook Finally, thank you to all of you — the delegates — who have made the trip and I hope See the vCard sent to you and the poster at the event with all the connection and you leave better informed and more in tune with Joomla! and the people involved with it. contact details Andy Wallace Please make sure your session preference form is completed as quickly as possi- Event Coordinator ble to enable appropriate room allocation to be made but no later than 09:30 (the same day ;) ) please. See page 5 for more details. 2 7
  3. 3. Speakers & Facilitators of Joomla! Day UK Prize Draws WJ Wilco Jansen There will be prize draws running with business card drop-ins at the registration desk each morning. Well known and experienced Joomla! Developer, former Core Team member, and OSM Board member. Just keeps going. Very popular voice of Joomla! CD Chris Davenport Chris was invited to join the Joomla Core Team in November 2006 as Documenta- tion Working Group Coordinator with responsibility for developer documenta- We are pleased to say that Rochen Performance Hosting will have a pot on their tion. From May 2007 this role was expanded to include all documentation. stand for a separate draw. LL Louis Landry Core Team member and Communications Team Leader. A man with many hats— and they all seem to fit quite well too! ...and now back as a Development Coordi- nator Open Source Support Desk will also be running a card draw. The prize in their case will be a 4 hour Prepaid Support Bundle, this has a value of RO $320 (approx £227). Ryan Ozimek OSM Board Member, and principally involved with NGO, NPO groups. Energetic and some might say manic supporter of Joomla! Likes penguins! (You’ll see) AK Alex Kempkens Alex is a Joomla! Core Team member and currently he is the Event Team Coordi- Packt Publishing have kindly donated a set of their Joomla! range of guides for nator and Communications Team Leader. Alex is also a part of the JoomFish each of the two days. These will be included in the main prize draws. translation extension project AF Anthony Ferrara Core Team member and Documentation Work Group Coordinator. Chris is one of a band of community members who work (often quietly) in the dark room that is Rockettheme have offered all delegates at the event the opportunity to get a 20% Joomla! Documentation. discount off a new subscription to their Template club. This offer lasts until 15th May, 2009. There will also be various other prizes or draws at different stages during the two CA Chris Adams days incorporating the many other special prizes and deals that a multitude of spon- Chris Adams is the Founder and CEO of Rochen Ltd. Rochen is a major sors have put forward. sponsor of Joomla! and Chris has been involved with providing the Don’t panic if you do not have your own business card as blank cards will be avail- hosting support to Joomla! from the very beginning. able for you to add your details and enter the various prize draws. Check out the Info Wall and the various sponsor stands and tables for other deals HG Hagen Graf or to discuss their software or server products. Hagen Graf is one of the most prominent and prolific authors currently working on print publications dealing with Joomla! as well as many other topics. 3 6
  4. 4. Speakers & Facilitators...continued AZ Arno Zijlstra Arno was a late starter on computers since. He has since developed a passion for Andrew Rose computers and especially Internet programming and has been into web designing Andrew has been working AR with Joomla! from the start. Experienced in for some years now, and yet he says he is still learning every single day. He was hosting, installing and developing for Joomla! Inch do custom tem- one of the founder Core Team member responsible for Joomla! plates, eCommerce sites and Joomla! components with his business . Which sessions do I attend? PM Peter Martin Peter Martin lives in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He is one of the Global Modera- In basic terms whichever ones you want to! tors at Joomla! Forum. He has experience with Joomla! Implementation and sup- At the morning registration desk you will have picked up a response sheet with tick port, as well as extension development. Uses Joomla! professionally with his com- boxes to identify which of the sessions in the days schedule you want to attend. pany . These are different for each day and will be restricted to the day they relate to. AG There may be sessions which ultimately have to be changed from the published Andy Gaskell schedule but this is not anticipated to be a major occurrence unless something dra- Andy has been using Joomla! for his customers for several years. Andy recently matic and unforeseen happens. started the Aberdeen JUG one of the first in the UK. Andy stepped forward and set up the Ticket Shop for the Joomla! Day UK Web site. Many thanks go to him for The schedule is as published on the Web site and distributed in the colour PDF via this. e-mail. Please get these forms back to us before the end of the Welcome Coffee Break at AW2 Allan Walker 09:30 Allan was a late volunteer as a presenter—well his boss volunteered him whilst he was on holiday! Many thanks to Allan and Novena Ltd for their support. AW1 Andy Wallace Andy is the coordinator for the J! Day UK event. Also known for his work on the forums, and author of a number of the Official Joomla! Guides and the 1.0.x Help Screens, amongst other things. RC Ruth Cheesley Ruth has helped the event team by spreading the word about Joomla! Day and helping out with the Web site. She has her own training and Web development in Norfolk, HB Hugh Boyes Hugh is another community member he will talk about a project man- agement tool his company Bodvoc Ltd have created that integrates with Joomla! and commercial use of Joomla! in general. HP Hannes Papenberg Hannes is a former participant of the Google Summer of Code and is currently a member of the Joomla! Development Work Group. He brings a lot of new innova- tion and ideas to the project and hopefully to the event as well 5 4