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10 ways to use Twitter more effectively for social recruiting


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A presentation that asks the 10 questions that you should be asking yourself to help you use Twitter more effectively for your social recruiting.
Social recruiting is all about using social media tools like Twitter effectively in your recruitment strategy. For more information visit

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10 ways to use Twitter more effectively for social recruiting

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Use Twitter More Effectively for Social Recruiting TextPresented byAndy HeadworthSirona ConsultingAugust 2012
  2. 2. Hi,I am Andy Headworth from SironaConsulting. Before you read these slideson, I just wanted to remind you that atSirona Consulting we specialise in helpingcompanies integrate social media intotheir recruitment strategy.This is what we call social recruiting.
  3. 3. The 10 questions that youshould be asking yourselfto help you use Twittermore effectively for yoursocial recruiting Presented by Andy Headworth Sirona Consulting August 2012
  4. 4. What is your Twitter objective? You cant measure your level of success on Twitter without first setting out what#1 you want to achieve from your Twitter account(s).  Build a following of active job seekers in your particular sector/vertical  Use Twitter as a pure customer services channel  Using Twitter to help build your brand in your industry  Use Twitter just to post jobs [there is nothing wrong with a separate jobs channel on Twitter - it can work if you are transparent with it] © @andyheadworth
  5. 5. Who is your audience? Such a simple question, but one that#2 many people on Twitter just cant even answer! Who are you trying to reach with your tweets?  Job seekers  Clients  Industry commentators  Influencers  Passive job seekers © @andyheadworth
  6. 6. What is in it for them? Why should people follow you on Twitter?#3  What are they going to get out of following you? Great content? Latest jobs?  Have you told them? Managing expectations is key.  Is your bio succinct and descriptive? Has is got the relevant keywords from your industry in it so people can understand really quickly?  Does your Tweet stream (timeline) back up your bio? © @andyheadworth
  7. 7. Is your content on topic? Is, it really?  Are you sharing content specific to your intended#4 audience?  Is it interesting content or boring press releases and company updates?  Are you Tweeting hardcore industry content or just Mashable or Techcrunch posts (they are good quality but everyone shares them!)  Are people reading, sharing, RTing and commenting on the content you are Tweeting © @andyheadworth
  8. 8. You are measuring and monitoring your Twitter account, right?#5  Do you reply to every @mention?  Are you using Google Alerts / Social Mention or Topsy to track any mentions of your @twittername?  Are you joining in the debate when people comment on your Tweets?  Do you use Hootsuite / SocialBro / Crowdbooster to monitor your Tweets weekly to understand which types of content get the most reach and visibility? (So you can change / improve accordingly)  Are your Follower numbers increasing? If so, are you monitoring the types of the Followers using SocialBro, to ensure they are in line with your audience objectives? Wrong content = wrong followers. © @andyheadworth
  9. 9. Are you posting content regularly EVERY day?#6  How many times a day are you posting content? Considering a Tweet has a half-life of 2.8 hours, you need to be posting regularly to ensure your content remains visible.  Are you using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to help manage your time, by scheduling Tweets?  Do you know when the best time to Tweet is for your audience? Easy, use Tweriod.  Did you know Tweeting between 7am - 8pm will give you a 30% better level of engagement? © @andyheadworth
  10. 10. How long are your Tweets?#7  You know you only have 140 characters - how many are you using?  Are you allowing space for people to Retweet your content with the addition of their own @twittername?  Did you know that Tweets that have less than 100 characters in them have a 17% higher rate of engagement than ones with more characters in them? © @andyheadworth
  11. 11. Are your Tweets engaging your audience with #hashtags?#8  Are you using #hashtags to engage your audience in specific conversation?  Do you join Twitter conversations on subject/industry/keyword #hashtags?  Did you know that Tweets with one or two hashtags (no more) have a 21% increase in engagement? © @andyheadworth
  12. 12. Do you encourage people to share your content?#9  How many people share your content with their Twitter networks? Is the content good enough to be shared?  Do you reach out to influencers on Twitter to help spread the word about your content?  Did you know that asking specifically for a Retweet on your tweets increases your Twitter Retweet rate 23 times (a RT increases rate 10 times)? © @andyheadworth
  13. 13. Have you now realised that Twitter needs a little work to# 10 make it work for you?  Have you got the right strategy in place to ensure you maximise your Twitter activity?  Do you have the right people managing Twitter for your company?  Have you given up on Twitter already? Dont - it is a brilliant tool for recruiting, it really is! © @andyheadworth
  14. 14. Thank You and don’t forget to follow me +44 1903 206249 | +44 7788 726019