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Androscoggin County Regional Image

A slide show put together by the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce Regional Image Committee to foster growth and advocacy from our community and community leaders and acknowledge the economic impact of L/A's tourism attractions.

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Androscoggin County Regional Image

  1. 39. Lodging facilities estimate bringing in close to $8 million Eating establishments account for almost $2.5 million from non-residents. Balloon Festival alone brings us approximately $800,000. 6 out of our 20 arts and cultural organizations are responsible for over $2 million infused into our economy plus an additional $400,000 from the Bates Dance Festival. Museum L-A and the Franco-American Heritage Center bring in well over a half million dollars annually.
  2. 40. To urism dollars – just the figures we’re presenting here – Total $14,200,000!
  3. 41. We call upon you, as our elected leaders, to realize and acknowledge the incredible assets we have and to be advocates for our community and all it has to offer. <ul><li>Speak positively about the L/A area </li></ul>
  4. 42. <ul><li>Expand your collaborative efforts </li></ul><ul><li>Attend events </li></ul>The economic impact of L/A’s tourism attractions demands your attention . . . we challenge you to embrace those things that make L/A a destination and be a part of them. <ul><li>Support tourism assets </li></ul>