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Class 2013 presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Class 2013 presentation

  1. 1. Cloud-IDE for non-developers Androklis Mavridis Product Manager B-Open SA
  2. 2. • The company (b-Open S.A) • Aim • Approach • Architecture • JPlaton • Tools • Work Schedule • Summary Agenda
  3. 3. b.Open • b.Open founded in 2004 with the aim to invest in Multi-Layered Programming – MLP software development technologies and methods. • As a result, jPlaton the proprietary development platform for distributed applications based on Java, introduced in 2005. • This new technology, made possible for the end user to obtain really open solutions with complete independence from the initial vendor. • jPlaton is offered worldwide, as an independent Integrated development platform that enables rapid software development.
  4. 4. b.Open – Cloud Solutions • Since 2007, B.Open focused on Cloud Computing, migrating its expertise and solutions to this new technology. • Comidor Cloud Application is such a solution. • Comidor is an integrated operational and management suite that offers Collaboration, Project management and CRM capabilities in a single and simple to use cloud application, ( • B.Open also undertakes complex projects that include high level analysis, counseling, and development of information systems (i.e. Healthcare, Public Administration, Telecommunications, etc.
  5. 5. Aim • We envisage a "multi-tenant" cloud-IDE that will facilitate the design, modeling, composition, configuration of new and/or pre-existing applications. • The fundamental idea is to hide the implementation and deployment details, while allowing designers to focus primarily on the applications’ domain logic. • To achieve this goal our proposed IDE will fully exploit model driven development (MDD) to simplify the design and implementation and to accelerate the platform’s adoption.
  6. 6. Approach • Our architecture is composed of the following four major conceptual components. These are: • Repository of Programmable Units (Elementary and Complex) • Modeling and Designing Suite. • Application synthesis and development environment. • Jplaton Application Server interchange component.
  7. 7. Architecture Insert Caption Here Application synthesis and development environment Modeling and Designing Suite Connection with JPlaton Programming units Repository Models Transformation Sequence and collaboration diagrams UML Automatic Code generation of new units Cloud Deployment Reuse Reuse
  8. 8. JPlaton Application Server system Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package4 group 1 jPlaton group x user x jPlaton Platform System Package Group User Layers Platform
  9. 9. JPlaton Tools Open applications Multi Layer Architecture
  10. 10. JPlaton Tools jPlaton Unit Modeling – Data Manager (defining the data of your application) jPlaton Unit Modeling – Procedure Manager (create procedures and connect them with certain events) jPlaton Unit Modeling – Presentation Manager (create the application’s layout)
  11. 11. Comidor SaaS Application Suite built on JPlaton Comidor Units : Collaboration and Project Management Due to its inherent extendibility and openness, Jplaton allowed the creation of Comidor SaaS Application Suite.
  12. 12. Cloud IDE Work Schedule • A years project: • Implementation till July of 2015 • JPlaton IDE transformation into full cloud-based IDE already started. • We are currently researching UML tools and offered solutions to clarify functionality.
  13. 13. Thank You Androklis Mavridis B-Open +302310402522