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Less leads, more revenue: full-funnel B2B marketing


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How to create a predictable and scalable B2B lead generation and sales system with full-funnel marketing.

63% of B2B marketers report that their biggest marketing challenge is to generate traffic and leads (according to the State Of Inbound report by HubSpot).

40% report that they struggle to provide the ROI of their marketing activities.


Here are the most common reasons.

Operating as one-size-fits-all / absence of unique value proposition. Marketing runs generic marketing campaigns trying to cover maximum market segments with a universal marketing message while sales run the same generic outbound campaigns, playing the game of numbers and hoping to get the meeting.
Marketing and Sales teams aren't aligned around revenue. Marketing focuses only on the awareness activities and ads, and don’t help sales to close more deals or hit the revenue quota.
Focus on the decision-makers only. Marketing and sales focus solely on the decision-makers and don't engage with other people who influence the decision-making process. They lose momentum and ignore the fact that usually 5-7 people influence the deal.
Absence of client success program. Instead of focusing on retention and expansion marketing and sales switch their focus on generating new leads.
The sales process is company-centric. Marketing and SDRs try to generate meetings with paid acquisition and cold outreach ignoring the readiness to buy and the way how do customers usually buy the same products.
The same approach to all prospects. If one company can generate 10x, 25x or 50x more revenue, why they “deserve” the same approach? Lots of B2B marketing and sales teams ignore this and deliver the same message to the entire market.
Absence of warm-up and nurturing programs.

It took us 10 years to develop the twelve-step framework to create a predictable, scalable, and efficient lead generation and sales system we are sharing in this presentation.

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Less leads, more revenue: full-funnel B2B marketing

  1. 1. Less Leads, More Revenue Andrei Zinkevich Vladimir Blagojevic How to predictably fill your pipeline with qualified sales opportunities from your dream list of clients — without mass outreach or paying for ads.
  2. 2. #1 TARGET Case study Case Software to manage drone businesses Challenge Free trial users not converting to paid customers, long Solution Target a more profitable market segment; update product positioning based on interviews with prospects from the segment Result 2 months after shifting their focus to a more profitable segment, they easily won 5 new deals — each worth 5X than customers they were struggling to close before. They also won a new investment round, and found a new drive in their team. Process Focus on the 20% of your best clients who generate 80% of results, referrals and revenue.
  3. 3. #2 STAND OUT Make your ideal clients aware of your products and unique benefits they can get from you. Process Case study Case Software for manufacturing operation management in the process industry Challenge After 14 years of product development and slow growth through referrals, finding ways to scale beyond own network and geography in a niche market Solution Narrowing the value proposition around specific benefits and results of a narrow target audience of quality and production managers and directors in the food industry Result Lift in lead conversion rate of 90,02%, expanding to 2 new countries Lemlist grew from 0 to $1m ARR in less than 2 years — without external funding — in a cut-throat competitive cold-email market (decimated by GDPR) by focusing on unique personalization features.
  4. 4. #3 ATTRACT your ideal clients and generate demand - even when they are not buying. Process Case study Case B2B marketing consulting company Challenge Get into a new, highly-competitive market, without any connections, marketing budget or a marketing team Solution Building a community and personal brand via LinkedIn inbound marketing Result Becoming a recognized thought leader, and doubling revenue year after year based solely on inbound inquiries
  5. 5. #4 CONNECT to your best clients and build a relationship at scale. Connect Funnels Case study Case Customer software development company Challenge Generate leads in a commodity market. They've never done marketing, worked as a "one size fits all" vendor, and grew by referrals and roadshows. Miserable response rates on email and LinkedIn outreach, a massive drop-off after investing a lot of time and money in roadshows(5% reply to after-event follow-ups). Solution 1-1 campaign for the “tier 1” accounts (high end of the market) Result $300k in sales opportunities from one campaign (read the complete case-study)
  6. 6. #5 QUALIFY Avoid wasting time on low-quality leads and make personalized offers aligning the benefits of your product with the needs and challenges of your prospects. Connect & Qualify Funnels Case study Case B2B technology provider of cloud services Challenge Generate leads in a highly competitive, commodity market. Solution Niche podcast targeting a specific Result 80% contact to conversation rate, 30% conversation to sales-qualified opportunity rate
  7. 7. #6 NURTURE Shorten your sales cycles by making timely personalized follow ups and arming your champions to sell your product inside their companies. Companies that excel at lead-nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. (Invespcro) 8) Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. (Invespcro) Process
  8. 8. #7 EXPAND Retain, expand and generate new business opportunities increasing LTV of each customer with a client success process. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. The success rate of selling to a existing vs new customer 60-70% vs 5-20%. Process
  9. 9. We partner with B2B tech and service-based companies, by joining the team as external marketing advisors to help them developing a predictable growth engine — with an ROI from the start.
  10. 10. Process to get you focused Marketing audit is a systematic, in-depth review of your sales and marketing activities and your online presence that helps you: ● Identify and fix the big leaks in your sales funnel, instead of finding ways to pour more water into a leaking bucket ● Know exactly what to do, instead of having to test lots of channels and tactics to find what works for your business Step #1: Marketing Audit Step #2: Individual step-by step plan Consisting of 20% of actions that will bring you 80% of results Step #3: Build momentum w/ sprints Each sprint will be short (2-4 weeks), concentrated effort to reach a certain milestone (see the next slide for example)
  11. 11. Marketing Audit The goal of the audit is to identify all the possible bottlenecks that block your business growth.
  12. 12. Done for you marketing plan Plan is created according to your growth stage and available resources.
  13. 13. Individual Sprints Sprint: start Deep Conversations With 80% of Top-Tier Accounts Sprint #1 Per month Audience 10-15 targeted ICPs* 15-20 targeted ICPs # Deep conversations 5-10 10-16 # Sales qualified opportunities 1-3 3-5 Other results Original weekly content piece for social media and website, with ±1-2h of Investment 10h to prepare 2-3h per week to prepare, do the work and follow up with prospects External costs: 200-500€ per month in tooling, freelance fees and promotional materials Expected ROI Sprints include detailed steps on how to execute a particular campaign
  14. 14. Educational platform Instead of telling you the basics during our call, we’ve created a platform describing in details how to implement every campaign Platform includes: • Playbooks • Scripts • Videos
  15. 15. Consulting calls every week On our calls we discuss practical cases like: ● How to tackle the challenges you’ve faced ● How to improve your copy, outreach, message, ads or whatever you need ● How to improve your campaigns ● What should be the next steps, etc...
  16. 16. About your coaches
  17. 17. Andrei Zinkevich • Founder (Full-funnel B2B marketing for Tech and service-based companies) • Founder @ROIplan (marketing planning platform that helps marketing teams to align marketing with sales, business goals and focus on the experiments which can generate the highest possible ROI) • Author @LinkedIn B2B Marketing Inbound book (awarded as the best B2B marketing ebook and was included to 100 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time by Bookauthority). • Founder of B2B Marketers & Founders community • 14 years in B2B Marketing and Sales
  18. 18. Vladimir Blagojevic • Founder, full-funnel B2B marketing for high-value tech and service-based companies • 14 years of experience selling and marketing B2B services and products • Helped 100+ B2B companies with marketing challenges • Rated 4,74/5 by 50 verified B2B companies over the last 5 years
  19. 19. What recent clients are saying SOME OF OUR CLIENTS