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B2B Sales Prospecting Methods


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Find out how sales people can find new prospects and potential clients. There are 8 main methods that can be applied. Read more about sales prospecting methods:

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B2B Sales Prospecting Methods

  1. 1. B2BSALES PROSPECTING METHODS Discover new B2B prospecting methods and get more prospects to your sales pipeline
  2. 2. 01REFERRALS
  3. 3. B2B prospects are almost 50% more likely to accept your communications if someone referred them to you or your company.01 Ask your clients for a referral after a sell has occurred
  4. 4. 02NETWORKING
  5. 5. Networking can take a lot of your time because you need to find where your prospects meet and communicate and to show up to the meetings. 02 Recommend your products when networking
  6. 6. 03SEMINARS
  7. 7. To organize a seminar you need to choose a venue, get some facilitators for help, organize food and logistics. 03 Find prospects by showing the benefits of your products
  8. 8. 04TRADE SHOWS
  9. 9. Get contact details of all people who showed interest to your company and follow up after the show. 04 Meet your target audience and present products
  10. 10. 05CONTENT
  11. 11. If your content is not engaging enough all your efforts will be wasted and you will not get more prospects. 05 Find more prospects by creating a blog Hello!
  12. 12. 06SOCIAL MEDIA
  13. 13. You should try to answer questions and help your prospects to find information they are looking for. 06 This is the best way to get closer to your prospects
  14. 14. 07COLD CALLING
  15. 15. You should be ready to that only 1-3% of your calls will be successful. 07 Prepare and make less calls with higher success rate
  16. 16. 08ADVERTISING
  17. 17. The trick is that once you roll up your advertising activities all your efforts and investments will stop working. 08 It is powerful. Use it if you are not budget conscious
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