European Logistics Operator "Brevarex Ukraine" LTD


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The short details about mission and function of the European Logistics Operator "Brevarex Ukraine" LTD

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European Logistics Operator "Brevarex Ukraine" LTD

  1. 1. European Logistics OperatorBrevarex Ukraine, Ltd
  2. 2. Our missionWe see ourselves as following company:• Oriented to satisfy clients’ demands and on high level ofprovided services.• Created reliable base for development of client’sbusiness in Ukraine.• Innovator, who extends the boundaries of the market.• Transparent and oriented to meet foreign standards.
  3. 3. Our services• Bonded warehouse. Storage of consignments under customs control and theirsubsequent delivery to distributors under manufacturer’s order.• Pharmaceutical warehouse. Storage and delivery of consignments to partnersfor the national currency under manufacturer’s order.• Provision of services similar to services of registered limited liabilitycompany (Ltd). Usage of the services of our company Brevarex Ukraine, Ltdmakes it possible to obtain same advantages as in the opening LTD on theterritory of Ukraine, but with cost optimization.• Getting the conclusion on certificates of quality for each imported batch ofmedicines in State organization of medicines of Ukraine.• Repackaging, labeling, insertion of instructions.• Consulting services for clients in the sphere of Customs Legislation of Ukraine.• Legal and complete product utilization on the territory of Ukraine.• Daily reports on movements of goods on the territory of Ukraine: frommanufactures to retail network.
  4. 4. Company LocationKyiv Region, Stari Petrivtsi
  5. 5. Warehouse premises• Warehouse Complex of company Brevarex Ukraine, Ltd consists of two phases ofconstruction.• First phase has been put into operation. There are two parts in this phase: bondedwarehouse – total area of 2417,7 sq. m., pharmaceutical warehouse – total area of1663,3 sq. m. Total quantity of address pallet places is 6648.• Second phase is going to be put into operation in October 2013. Total area ofwarehouse premises is 3900 sq. m. with total address pallet places 5600.
  6. 6. Control of storage conditions• Complex is equipped with modern system ofsupply and exhaust ventilation.• Equipment makes it possible to maintainautomatically year-round temperature in therange of 15-24 C º.Warehouse premises are equippedwith automatic system of temperatureand humidity control. This systemallows to implement remote onlinemonitoring of storage conditions atany time. The data on the current levelof temperature and humidity isdisplayed on the companys corporatewebsite.
  7. 7. Cold rooms• There are four cold rooms equipped in thestock for storage of the drugs.• Pharmaceutical warehouse cold room withan area 34 m² - 36 pallets, temperaturecontrol up to 8 Cº and cold room with an areaof 77 m²- 66 pallets, temperature control up to15 Cº.• Bonded warehouse cold room with an area34 m² - 36 pallets, temperature control up to 8Cº and cold room with an area of 77 m²- 66pallets, temperature control up to 15 Cº.• Total 204 pallets Monitoring of drug storageconditions in cold rooms ismade with automatic resultregistration to a computerdatabase.
  8. 8. • The instructions aredesigned in the Companyfor employees in order tomeet fire alarmrequirements and toestablish course of fireactions.Fire alarm system• Warehouse premises areequipped with modern fire alarmsystem and automatic fire-extinguishing system.
  9. 9. Corporate website of the Company (login, password)The analytical module based on 4PL allows You to control and analyze supplychain: from the manufacturer to retailers.It can also provide a mechanism for the annual supply planning.
  10. 10. Report on movement of goods based on 4PL
  11. 11. Partner in all legal matters of“Brevarex Ukraine” is aspecialized law firm “LegalAlliance”!uditors certified by thePartner in all audit services of“Brevarex Ukraine” is aninternational audit company“Aksonova & Associates”Our partners
  12. 12. Full range of logistics services provided by thecompany Brevarex Ukraine, LtdBonded warehouse:1. Responsible storage of goods in customs regime “Bonded warehouse”,stickering, marking, repackaging.2. The ability to store medicines and medical products on bondedwarehouse.3. Registration of products in any customs regimes in accordance withCustoms Code of Ukraine.4. Handling of cargo in accordance with the requirements specified by theclient on the basis of the principle of FEFO.5. Technology of storage and handling of goods in any format - trade item,box, pallet.6. Making the necessary customs documentation (CCD, PM, PD, DCV).7. Preparation of the necessary storage, the primary accounting, and theaccompanying transport documentation.8. Providing services of a customs terminal.9. Optimization of risk for clients with redundant storage space.
  13. 13. Full range of logistics services provided by the company BrevarexUkraine, LtdPharmaceutical warehouse:1. Responsible storage at pharmaceutical warehouse and sale to distributors fornational currency under client’s order:1.1. Responsible storage at pharmaceutical warehouse;1.2. Unloading – loading works (mechanical, manual work, the formation of aconsignment).1.3. Making the necessary documentation (orders, invoices, tax invoices).1.4. Selection and collection of orders.1.5. Report on storage and fulfilled operation.1.6. Getting conclusions on quality for each batch of medicines, which are stored inpharmaceutical warehouse (registration, organization, support).2. Provision of services of legal entity (LLC) for a non-resident manufacturer.3. Integrated planning of the consignment and warehouse stock on the 4PL basis andon the basis of the sales of retail chains data.
  14. 14. Contact informationBrevarex Ukraine LTDTel: +38044-4981331Fax: +38044-4981330Email: 8-A, Dubrivska Str.,Starye Petrovtsy, Vyshgorodskyarea, Kiev region, 07353, Ukraine
  15. 15. Thank you for attention!