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Presentation about South Korea. To be used in class to introduce about South Korea to children.

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South korea

  1. 1. Republic ofSOUTH KOREA
  2. 2. South Korea is a country in Eastern Asia
  3. 3. Introduction Area: 100,210 km2 (1/4 of Sumatera island) Population: 50,004,441 (1/5 of Indonesia) The name Korea is derived from Goryeo, a dynasty which ruled Korea in the middle age Its neighbors are China in the west, Japan in the east, and north Korea in the north It lies in the north temperate zone which is cold, and has a lot of mountain terrain Capital: Seoul. It’s the largest city with almost 1/5 of population 9,794,304. Language: Korea. Scripts: Hangul Currency: South Korea Won Religion: No religion (47%), Christian (29%), Buddhism (18%), Islam (2%), and the rest are others Jeungism, Cheondoism, and Wonbuddhism
  4. 4. The Flag The white represents peace and purity. The Yin-Yang symbol represents opposites; it is the belief that all things in the universe have two, opposite aspects that cannot exist without the other. The kwae trigrams (The lines):  Heaven (three unbroken bars),  The Earth (three broken bars),  Water (one unbroken line between two broken bars)  Fire (one broken bar between two unbroken bars).
  5. 5. KOREA BEFORE Before, South Korea and North Korea are ONE In the ancient history, it has been ruled by Chinese and Japanese. Russia also tried to control Korea. Japanese took over Korea from China. But when Japan lost the World War II, many countries tried to take over Korea. Russia took over North Korea, and US took over South Korea. On 1950, the communist army tried to take over South Korea, they were fighting in Korea War until 1953 and the war killed 2,500,000 people. Until today the war has never ended and they are still divided. The South Korea wants to stay to be communist, and the South wants democracy. Korea closed itself from other country for many years. No foreigner can come, until 19th century when they finally opened for free trade. However, North Korea has remained as it is. But even today, in the minds of most citizen, Korea is still undivided
  6. 6. The people
  7. 7. The people Lives in Korea are influenced by Confucianism from Chinese culture that teaches respects and morality. South Korea is one of the richest country in East Asia. Many people work in manufacturing and banking. Although Korea people has many religion, they respect each other and live in harmony. Although many Korean young people are very modern, they still maintain their traditional lives and their culture.
  8. 8. South Korea, the industrial GIANT! After the war, South Korean government invested a lot in education. Therefore now they become a leader in economic and industry! South Korea is one of the world leading industrial city. Chemical, clothing, cosmetics, electronic, engineering, weapon, ship building (largest in the world), tractors, etc. Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, Kia is few of South Korean products. They even have Aerospace Industry. They make their own planes, for military and commercial. LG Factory Hyundai Factory Korean Aerospace Industry (KAI) Tractors factory Fashion factory Indonesian worker in Samsung Factory
  9. 9. SEOUL The largest city and the capital. It is one of the top ten finance and commercial center in the world. It is known as a high-tech city. The internet is very fast, the tap water is safe to drink, people use GPS to find direction in the car, their transportation system is very good.
  10. 10. Best Public Transport in the world Electric car Bullet train around KoreaSubway train around Korea Electric bus
  11. 11. No Traffic Jam! Although the road is very crowded, not like Jakarta, traffic jam is very rare in Seoul. They have good system and good public transport. Drivers can see in GPS when traffic is full, can go to other road. There are many alternative roads in Seoul. All information about traffic is updated by the busy Traffic Controller
  12. 12. Places to go in South Korea Daejon. Busy but relaxing city. Tourist who are tired of the city, can come here to relax in this lovely city. Daegu. Feels like old town,famous for beautiful clothes and apples!
  13. 13. Jeju Island Island who still live their traditional live. The women go fishing and diving for oyster. The man mostly fishing and farming.BusanManufacturing and commercial city.Also famous for cotton and silk.
  14. 14. Gwangju Commercial center with large markets, Famous for KimChi, special traditional food of Korea.Songnisan National ParkForest in the mountains.Famous for tourist destination.It has Buddhist temple andbeautiful plants and flowers.
  15. 15. K – POP Also known as Korean Pop. Boy band or girl band with many members. Known as Kayo in Korea, it is a combination between dance, electro-pop, RnB and Hip-hop. It has been a new favorite among teenagers in many parts of the world, including US, Lation America, and many parts of Asia. In Asia, including Indonesia, K-POP members are like an idol for many young teenagers.
  16. 16. DO YOU KNOW? Taekwondo comes from Korea. Other martial art including Hapkido and Kuk sul woon. Almost all Koreans has smart phone, with internet. They use technology in their daily life. Korean people are the healthiest in the world, keeping htem healthy and slim. Their food BIBIMBAP is famous and now become one of the menu in America. Korean food is rich in vegetables, mushroom, spices, and herbs. Korea is in the process of making railway system. The first ever to connect Asia and Europe! Korean students has the highest IQ in the world in mathematics, science, problem solving and reading. Korean people is superstitious. Every 1 January, everybody will hide their shoes. They believe that a ghost will take their shoes and they will be in bad luck. Korean taxis have different colors. White and grey are beginner drivers. Yellow is good drivers. South Korea created first cloned dog in the world called Snuppy. Writing someone’s name in RED color is very bad. It means that you wish they are dead!
  17. 17. Lets learn about SouthKorean dress (Hanbok)