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China presentation


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Presentation about China. Used in class for kids to understand more about China

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China presentation

  1. 1. People’s Republic of CHINA
  2. 2. • China is also called Zhong Guo, means Middle Country. Not because their location, but in the ancient Chinese they think they are the center of the universe• 4th largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada, and US with area of 9.6 million km2• Highest population in the world of 1,344,130,000• Government: Communist• Capital: Beijing• Official Language: Mandarin
  3. 3. The weather
  4. 4. • Chinese culture is one of the most ancient in the world, and the most intelligent. Some of their invention is Compass, Gun powder, Calendar, Paper, Printing, Porcelain, and even Ice Cream!• Chinese are very smart and hard working. That is why they often succeed in business and in study• Chinese family like to live together in one house• In China, students study from 7.30 in the morning to 5.30 in the afternoon. They study 7 days a week, and only have total 2 weeks holiday in a year!• Great Wall can be seen from space• Indonesian food are influenced by Chinese food also Bakso, Bakmi, Bakwan, Bakpau, Bakpia, Nasi Tim, Siomay, Lumpia, Tahu, Cap Cay DO YOU KNOW?
  5. 5. • Great Wall was built over 2000 years ago (221 BC), and is the longest man-made structure• Built by many Dynasty. But the most famous one was the one built in Ming Dynasty• It is about 6000 km long, but if you were to measure the remains of walls that no longer exist, it could be up to 50,000 km• Previously, individual states had built their own wall defenses, but Emperor Qin sought to connect the walls to provide defenses against northern invaders. He ordered the building of the “Wan Li Chang Cheng" as it was known in China. This translates as "the ten thousand li Great Wall". A "li" is a Chinese length unit. 2 li are equal to 1 km.• It is estimated that up to 1 million people died while constructing the Great Wall! The Great Wall of China
  6. 6. • Chinese Year is based on the moon, like the Islamic year• Chinese calendar is the oldest in the world. Started from 2600 BC• This year is year Metal-Dragon 4710• A complete cycle of Chinese calendar takes 60 years• The tradition includes fire crackers and angpao to give away to those who are not yet marriedChinese New Year
  7. 7. Number is Chinese
  8. 8. Ni Hao! Hello! Ni Hao Ma? How are you? Wo I Ni You Xie Xie Thank you Bu Yao I don’t want it Zai Jian Good byeUseful words
  9. 9. Chinese Zodiac
  10. 10. • Also known as Jianzhi• Used in mostly festivals and wedding celebration• Normally in red color and symmetricalChinese Paper Cutting Art
  11. 11. Lets try to makePaper Cutting Art!