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Enterprise Content Management


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ECM is the strategies, methods and tools to capture,manage, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

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Enterprise Content Management

  1. 1. What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? “Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ” Source: AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) Enterprise Content Management it I 3 677% Document Records Business Process Capture and Management Management Management Scanning
  2. 2. Agenda - Trends » Enterprise Content Management challenges ~ I-IP solutions which solve these challenges it Business value case * Customer success examples ‘L s Competitive overview ‘ ' Summary and resources
  3. 3. ECM: How did we get here? Iniii_m: Ie"Iim . in:1:Iliar: t;‘mu '1-. '>: i_= nsr: |“Iaii ill] L~ : "'. |‘§v- . I' lilik‘ shite . ' I l L: - Client server - Industry - Recognition that computing acquisitions by human tagging 3 Eariy Systems to and metadata 0penText, HP produce poor results - Explosive growth in human information silos - Unclear legal environment as courts redefine e- discovery rules - ECM with borders manage work product 5(: llrvI: JIlfi"I II; N92, has 3. : -'I fanny New media types and content sources Mobile access across platforms Intelligence as a competitive differentiator ECM without borders
  4. 4. Major trends transforming ECM . ('53 y‘ n Q’ Q Content Regulatory Mobility Explosion Pressures Human information Through 2016, 60% By 201 5, at least has "OW 9"°W" t0 0f entefnrises 60% of information 90% of business With°Ut information workers will interact data, and is 9°V9"‘? "C9 _ with their content increasing at a rate 5t'at9_9'95 W'” applications via a of 50%, , annually experience data loss mobile device Source: Gartnei — Strategic Road Map for Enter prise Content Management Q Cloud By 2015, 70% of enterprises will include cloud file- sharing and sync capabilities when implementing or upgrading ECM applications
  5. 5. 3 Customer concerns CIO LOB Executives CCO or CRO How do I manage silos of How can I improve business How do I reduce risk 8 ensure information? How do I enable processes which are slow, compliance with the increasing secure information sharing? costly and error prone? How do volume and complexity of I promote collaboration? regulatory requirements? Content Explosion - Cloud - Mobility - Regulatory Pressures
  6. 6. Manual and paper-based processes Problematic, increases risks, increases costs Unsecured Slow : <!E. 'i{ Hard to audit ’ ‘~ v Costly ":4 n I -= ' Error prone Inconsistent OVER 4 TRILLION PAPER DOCUMENTS IN THE U. S. ALONE Growing at a rate of 22%, or roughly 880 billion paper documents a year
  7. 7. Silos of information 3 - No single view of business critical data - Teams are geographically dispersed - Unable to access information from anywhere using any device - Need to comply with security policies - Leads to inability to find and re-use information 1 in 4 organizations see unofficial use of cloud file-sharing sites SU| ”(Dr-‘l ii i l l i ii lliliiilalli 1‘
  8. 8. Governance challenges 3 - Increasing volume and complexity of laws and regulations - Proliferation of amount of data types, data volume and uses for data - Tougher sanctions for failure to comply (including jail time) - Reputational risk for high-profile breaches - Regulators and legislators understand what technology can achieve
  9. 9. Our vision: ECM without borders Enable Productivity, Access and Control - Across Repositories - Across File Formats - Across Devices - Across Organizations - Across Geographies i l D I D D I a D I To reduce cost, reduce risk and gain insight and responsiveness to market changes COD-‘OD-'9-OD
  10. 10. Business Process Mgmt. Document & Email Mgmt. Search, KM and Analytics Records & Policy Mgmt. 0 HP Process HP TeleF°rm Automation fi HP WorkSite Q HP Universal Search for WorkSite HP Records Manager & HP ControlPoint 518:8) HP IDOL — Content Integration & Enterprise Search
  11. 11. Advanced capture 3 - Captures paper and electronic documents - Automates classification and content extraction - Eliminates manual sorting and data entry - Identifies sensitive information - Releases documents to process or repositor » 52% report that their organization would be a third or more productive if processes were work-flowed using scanned forms and data capture. Source: Allivl Iiicliisiiy, -‘ Watch: Pmcnss Rm<'iliitir')i1
  12. 12. Process automation - Automates business processes - Integrates tasks, people and content - Content aware workflow powered by HP IDOL - Tracks outstanding actions - Optimizes business outcomes - Provides visibility and metrics Automating manual processes results in “30% to 50% process productivity gains and 3 to 10 times reduction in turnaround times” Source: /| |M Industry Watrh: Process Revolution
  13. 13. X-centric document management 3 - Legal-centric, Insurance-centric. .. - Manages all electronic documents and email ° Organizes into relevant folder structure - Automatically applies metadata and security - Enables secure collaboration - Enables mobile access - Facilitates search and re-use - Available on premise or in cloud
  14. 14. Linksite: Enterprise secure file sharing - Control business assets in a ‘drop box’ world - Enterprise class file sharing solution -i - Maintain audit, security and control around ' [ clil3 content shared with external parties ‘CO/ ’< C 3 , ,,, ,.~. HP FLiJW(M ‘ "-" . . I ‘I ° Robust and secure integration with WorkSite - Utilizes HP Flow CM cloud services ° Maintains single audit trail in WorkSite _ . ' - Supports many interfaces — web, tablet etc. ' “ "
  15. 15. Govern unstructured data 3 - Centralized policy control - Automates consistent application of policies across records and non-records - Manage in place or in a secure records repository ° Take action on ROT with legacy data clean-up , Analyze , Rea". Know what information . clad” . “chin you have , uh am” , "and Know where the information . ma“. is located Know your information is Hp Hp secure 3,", ‘§’, ‘,', ,,°‘, ‘,‘s'§fl, ,,_, ,, E E Contr0lP0int Records Manager Know the information is managed appropriately
  16. 16. Business value case According to industry analyst IDC, the costs to the enterprise of various manual information management tasks can be broken down as follows: HP is unique in being able to offer a range of tangible benefits to all organizations by automating the processing of unstructured, semi- structured and structured information. On average, modern ECM delivers $7.50 for every dollar spent
  17. 17. Business value case Reduced costs Electronic-only filing would halve the storage space needed for paper in 5 years. The average proportion of office space taken up by paper is now 15.3%, and it would drop to 7.4% with an all-electronic filing policy. <l1IIfID'. ‘¥l'-‘ 'l»J. ii. « awe": It» ilkrllli we Improved efficiency On average, it improves the speed of response to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff by 6- times or more. 70% estimate an improvement of at least 3-times, and nearly a third (29%) see an improvement of 10- times or more. Return on investment 42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less from their scanning and capture investments.57% are posting a payback of 18- months or less.
  18. 18. Colgate-Palmolive Corporate Legal Department ‘Pb : : 2: . W sea ‘('5 - Storing too much paper - Convert paper to electronic - Capture and extract documents information with HP TeleForm - Spending $100,000 per month _ on Manhattan real estate! ' Ea5'ly Searchable ° Store in the cloud with HP - Worldwide access to content W0rkSite online, from anywhere Saved $100,00 per month on rent, plus time to find documents 41
  19. 19. Word & Brown Companies g Insurance group streamlines processes W B "0 : ::: . In = -= Ira - Five distinct companies with - Replace many individual - Scan all physical content with different processes systems with a single HP TeleForm enterprise-level document and ' Manual IJ| '0C€55€5 time content management solution ' D°C“m9“t mallagement With consuming and expensive HP WorkSite - Automate workflow with HP Process Automation Able to produce documents in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes
  20. 20. 2: 13:. Government of New Brunswick 5 HP Records Manager helps Department of Finance improve efficiency B? "finsN€i'v"i’c"k c A N A o A .03 . _._ . ._. _ Ill = -= Ira - Labor intensive paper-based - Single electronic document & - HP Records Manager processes records repository _ _ _ - Information accessible in ° Customer service levels ° ! "5ta"t 39°55 t° Vital seconds rather than hours or severely impacted '"f°""at'°" days - Improved customer service 30% increase in end user productivity
  21. 21. Differentiator: HP IDOL HP IDOL offers the first practical strategy for managing content enterprise—wide Because HP IDOL has the ability to: - Ingest and understand all content (structured and unstructured) from any open system Enterprises can now: - Leave content stored in existing systems - Search across all enterprise content for knowledge / operational efficiency - Lock d_own, archive and manage content compliance across disparate repositories Delivering the primary value of enterprise- wide content management
  22. 22. Recognised Leader in lM&G Gortner recognizes HP E CM '5 “deep experience in the legal sector, financial sector, and other professional services" mi-o-can-o-Ihvauiuvue-an may i D°¢$VM ! ‘ii ’ I HD0194‘ than . 'I~i hull . ... ..m, .,T. . _. _l_yEl )nMo<, ' __ C-0 0- . ... — O i$. ... ..~' ‘$ A in . '—. O > °'P"“"L i. ;:. ,_ . g —r 3:: :—-n—anho. . intranet" “I-‘I. cnnu: O u“"h. * : —‘ 3'. unmn. ’ ! I n—-1. Con harder I 2 ‘*9 l ; I;tlI’IIso! «u'- - MIMI’-“-I ‘I-"”°"‘W mane--aura Nucleus ECM Value Matrix 2014 Forrester Enterprise Cement Management wave 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant Enterprise Search 2014 I-
  23. 23. ECM competitor summary In-II ill)‘ II II Oi’i-; N'i‘i-; .“i' EMC’ 0 Repository integration Support for content formats Enterprise search Email management Cloud options Hardware integrations Mobility Conceptual understanding Multichannel (manage in place) 00000000o$ 000000000 00000000 000000000
  24. 24. Our vision: ECM without borders Enable Productivity, Access and Control - Across Repositories , ,,, , M, , _ ' 1010 won 0 - Across File Formats 31:: (1,353 1 - Across Devices 133333 3 0111 (Jim I - Across Organizations 1°” 1°°° ° D10!) 1010 I . DIII Olin I - Across Geographies 1000 cm a 1010 1010 0 . . . . iii: 3%. ‘. To reduce cost, reduce risk and gain insight and mm mm » responsiveness to market changes llllll 1010 0
  25. 25. Our solutions solve key customer challenges Policy-driven Information Management Records management Document Management Business Process Management Legal Content Management HP’s extensive ECM portfolio can be combined to solve multiple challenges